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China's AI of the year 2019 is announced!

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Finally, based on the real data, combined with the actual interviews, research and analysis of hundreds of AI companies since 2019, and selected and recommended by dozens of industry experts, we believe this result:

It has been able to provide an annual reference for AI followers, as well as the year-end awards for the hard-working AI companies, and it can also become the historical mark of China's AI 2019!

King of AI in 2019

The wave of artificial intelligence and technology in 2019 is not calm.

China's artificial intelligence industry is booming,

But this year, the AI industry is still facing challenges and doubts. AI's landing progress, AI's large-scale profitability, and AI's further development and growth prospects all face new challenges, and the outside world still has doubts about AI's development.

In such a background, eliminating the false and preserving the truth, and eliminating bubbles, it is more clear that there are bright shining subjects, including companies, products, and individuals who are good and full of stories.

Top 50 Chinese AI navigation enterprises in 2019The company's business revenue ability, technological development, capital ability and comprehensive strength are taken into account in the selection;

Top 10 AI business breakthrough figures in 2019It combines the candidate's commercial ability, technical ability, personal background, industry / organization influence and management ability;

Top 10 most innovative products of China's artificial intelligence in 2019It is related to the functional innovation, application scenario, landing situation and word-of-mouth impact of major AI products.

In the last year's selection in 2018, we selected 10 leading enterprises, 50 start-ups and 10 major investment institutions, and received dozens of media reports across the network, covering millions of practitioners, which has become a benchmark for the AI industry.

This year, we believe that this list will add a profound footnote to the turbulent 2019 of the AI industry, and will also be an important reference for investors, entrepreneurs and practitioners in the field of AI in 2020.

Next, let's see who is on the top three lists.

Top 50 Chinese AI navigation enterprises in 2019

This list of AI leading enterprises is composed of 50 companies with good capital, customer trust, hard core technology and commercial success. It is the mainstream player in the field of AI in China.

In terms of technology, it covers computer vision, speech, AI chip and other technical dimensions;

From the perspective of scenarios, current mainstream AI application fields such as automatic driving, security, finance, translation, e-commerce, education, content community, etc. are included.

The list includes not only a few long-term leading companies, but also a number of top competitors on the core track, as well as hard core players who have been established but have achieved rapid business success.

It is they that push AI technology to mainstream industries and thousands of households, which constitute the center of China's AI industry. There are also intersections, connections and competitions between them, which interweave a commercial map of China's AI.

These companies are the core forces of the early generation of AI in China.


Top 10 AI business breakthrough figures in 2019

In our candidate list of business breakthrough figures, there are dozens of famous university doctors and influential industry figures. They are all respected time heroes. It's really a difficult task to pick out 10 outstanding figures from this group of tasks.

Overlooking all AI application fields, we can combine their technical capabilities, social influence, industry voice, and business success into a picture, and disassemble every field that has great changes in 2019. We find that under the coordinates of those shining light of achievement, they are all souls of judgment, creativity and leadership.

They are the actual promoters behind the change, and the schemers who aim at the harmony of time, place and people.

We don't argue about whether it's the masses or the geniuses who make history, but we believe that these people and the teams behind them are changing the way technology and business interact, rewriting the rules of the game in the age of AI.


Top 10 most innovative products of China's artificial intelligence in 2019

When we review the AI products that have appeared in this year, we can only use these eight words to describe their richness and landing:

All things are connected.

Carefully combed, the context appears:

As the foundation, there are basic algorithm R & D and development tools and powerful hardware platform;

For application, there are commercial solutions and intelligent products for the public.

From the bottom to the application, it means that the whole chain of AI from academic theory to practical application is becoming mature; it also means that the opportunity for AI to change more scenarios is coming, and the emergence of a larger market scale.


2019 China artificial intelligence annual list

Finally, we send a complete list of enterprises, people and products, hoping to use this list to engrave the changes and achievements of AI in this year.

Sincerely hope: the more brave the fighter is, the more brave the Beatles are, and the more determined the AI believers are.

AI landing is just beginning, AI well-being has no boundary.

2020 has come, let's make further efforts together~

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