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Does your iPhone also use a lot of electricity? Teach you these 9 skills

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For a long time, we often hear iPhone users complain that their phones consume too much power, and they dare not go out without an electric treasure.

In fact, it's not all about mobile phones. For example, each person uses different apps, and the power consumption is naturally different.

Today, I'll take you to learn some tips on how to save power for iPhone, so that your iPhone can save power without affecting the use!


I. understand the power consumption culprit of your iPhone

There are many misunderstandings about the power consumption of mobile phones. We think that the power consumption of mobile phones is actually the power consumption of the app you use.

Therefore, it is necessary to understand the power consumption of the app we normally use. We can find the settings.


2. Turn on the automatic brightness adjustment function

As we all know, the screen is one of the most power consuming components. If the iPhone is often in a high brightness state, it consumes a lot of power, and if you look at the screen too bright in a dark environment, it will also cause damage to your eyes.

Therefore, we might as well turn on the automatic brightness adjustment function, so as to save power and protect the eyes. The specific operation needs to find the settings


III. turn off the function of auto download app

Many apps are updated very fast, so many people are afraid that they will start the function of downloading apps automatically.

However, this kind of operation also consumes a lot of power. In addition, many apps will have a lot of strange bugs after automatic update, which will affect the use. It's better to turn off automatic download and decide when to update.

Specifically, you can go to the settings.


IV. power consumption of push notifications

Today's apps push notifications every day. Some even have many in a day. The mobile phone is there and the notifications ring constantly.

But a lot of people are used to it. However, these notifications from time to time are also very power consuming.

Common wechat messages and other notifications are not included. For example, some games, even the notifications of apps that are not normally available, keep informing you all day long, and even power up, which is not cost-effective.

Why don't you turn on the settings?

V. sharing iPhone analysis also consumes power

When the iPhone is initially set up, you will be asked if you want to share analysis data.

Most people think it won't affect their agreement. It's also a way for apple to collect everyone's information as a reference for improving iPhone in the future.

However, if you share data, it means that your mobile data needs to be sent to the server, which will consume power. If it is closed, it will not affect the use.

Specifically, you can go to the settings.

Vi. for OLED iPhone, dark mode saves power

OLED iPhone model refers to: iPhone x, iPhone XS / XS Max and iPhone 11 Pro / 11 Pro max.

Black on the OLED screen represents non-luminous, so it saves electricity. Specific settings can be set to the settings

VII. Automatic locking time also affects power consumption

You can find the settings here.

Before someone Tucao iPhone did not use several times, the phone was put out overnight.

In fact, his screen is not set to lock automatically. If you don't turn off the screen manually when you sleep, the screen of iPhone will be on all night, and the phone will be out of power.

VIII. Power consumption for real-time data update

Some users may bind some emails, calendars and so on. If they add a new itinerary on the computer, the itinerary will be automatically synchronized to the iPhone, which is very convenient.

That's not necessary for users who don't use this feature frequently. They can either choose to be out of sync or extend the time of data retrieval.

Specific operations can be set in the

9. Battery failure may also be the cause of power consumption

Battery failure is the most direct and basic reason for power consumption.

If you want to see how healthy the battery is, you can set the

If the battery needs to be replaced as soon as possible when it is below 80%, it needs to be replaced when it is below 90%, and it needs to be replaced when it is above 90%.

The above are some power saving tips for iPhone. Most of them are very practical and will not affect the normal use of the phone. Can you wait to try them here?


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