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Huawei sound X: cooperate with tivarre to create 60W subwoofer with excellent sound quality

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At the Huawei Conference on November 25 this year, we finally met the sound x speaker that worked with Tivoli.

The official price of sound x is 1999 yuan, which is a high-end position in the field of smart speakers.

If you are not familiar with Tivoli, you can simply understand that this is the world's top audio brand. The idea is to use new technology to let more people experience high fidelity sound quality.

All the friends who know about their home sound system know that the cheap ones are often worth tens of thousands of yuan or even hundreds of thousands of yuan, so after having the tivare holding on the sound x, they feel that there is still a price performance ratio.


If you pay attention to it, you will find that there are few mobile phone manufacturers who dare to be smart speakers at this price. They are basically big people in the traditional speaker industry. They dare not mix in the high-end field without two brushes?

So with the exploration of Xiaoyi speakers in the field of smart speakers last year, what kind of answers will the big brother sound x give?

Industrial Design: a big heart hidden in Sven's appearance


The biggest feeling when I just took it into my hand is that it's really heavy and weighs 3.5kg. I thought I picked up a dumbbell.


At present, there is only black in color matching, so the overall temperament is different from that of many smart speakers. Sound x is full of mysterious and stable temperament.

Even so, in terms of material, the lower part of the speaker still uses a very Nordic woven fabric, which is integrated into the concept of home furnishing. The upper part uses a glaze that is easy to show a bright texture. In the middle of the glaze, there are two subwoofers with a total of 60W.

The whole style is like a gentle family man hiding a wild heart. When the subwoofer vibrates, it's like taking off the coat and showing sexy muscles.

The top touch button can adjust the increase and decrease of volume and the switch of microphone. RGB color halo can visualize the volume and add a sense of technology.

Sound quality: how shocking is the 60W double subwoofer?

Well, I'm still buying speakers to listen to songs. What kind of speaker can I buy for two thousand yuan?

Before I received this Huawei sound x, I didn't care. After all, my family's sound system of more than 100000 can push my ears.

But it's not me. It's really cowhide. I actually cooperated with the French high-end audio brand divaret to customize a pair of bass speakers with a total power of up to 60W.

What is the concept of the total power 60W of double woofer? The total power of 10000 TV speakers can reach 60W, not to mention the total power of double bass speakers.


Of course, Tivoli technology can't run away: Sam bass enhancement technology and push push balance acoustic design.

The former can make the lower frequency sound more stable, and provide a sound pressure intensity of up to 93dB, which is simply that the sound is loud enough; the latter is to cancel the interference when two speakers make sound, and bring a more extreme sound effect experience. If you understand everything, you can understand it if you don't understand it. Believe it.

Oh, there is also hi res mark on the packing box, and the small gold mark is added. It's full of sincerity.


After a few days of experience, I was poisoned and poisoned by this speaker. Such a metaphysical experience of sound quality was embodied by it: deep and powerful dive at low frequency, delicate and full-bodied and magnetic voice at intermediate frequency, and complete details at high frequency.

For example, in terms of human voice, I selected the Japanese singer Lisa's "unlasting" and the "breathing pain" by Leong Shizui.

Both songs are a great test of Huawei sound X's voice resolution: the mid-frequency part fully demonstrates the magnetic sound of the two singers, with a full sense of three-dimensional.


The most surprising thing is that after entering the sub song, the voice and soundtrack give me a direct shock.

For example, when "unlasting" enters the chorus, the vocal and soundtrack are separated clearly, but they are quite compact. When the last erhu appears, the details of the high and low frequency transient conversion are completely preserved, which has the flavor of divaret. I can hear my body shaking.

For example, in terms of sound field resolution, I tried to listen to eagles' Hotel California live version.

In the prelude, the rhythm of guitar and hand drum beating is very strong, and the sound field is very wide. The clear sound of guitar strings is clearly expressed. At the same time, the audience's cheers and other environmental sounds also bring a sense of immersive.


For another example, in the low-frequency part, when listening to two steps from hell orchestras like star sky, the magnificent orchestras are from weak to strong together with the drumbeats. Sound x can show the low-frequency atmosphere and impact. The dynamic fluctuation is obvious. My ears tell me that it is not listening to songs at all, right? It is receiving massage.

Features: it's very convenient to transmit sound at a touch, and it can also sense its position intelligently

There is a saying that Bluetooth speakers remove the trouble of cable connection, however, I have to say that.

Don't you think Bluetooth connection is troublesome? Turn on the Bluetooth switch - wait for the search device - select Click to connect from multiple devices, not including the situation of not connecting. Smart Bluetooth speaker?

It supports NFC direct connection playback. As long as our mobile phone supports NFC connection, tap the back of the mobile phone into the NFC area, swish, and the music will start to play. Not fast, it will take two seconds, which is more convenient.


But after the ordinary speaker moves, if you still sit in the same position, you will doubt whether the speaker is broken.

Huawei sound x is endowed with a kind of small wisdom, that is, it can use space intelligence perception technology at any time to determine its position and automatically adjust the sound effect.

On the tea table, it will create a 360 degree uniform sound field; on the wall TV cabinet, it can simulate the 5.1 home theater effect, which can be said to hear the surging music everywhere.


To be honest, it's amazing. I always think that the speaker can enjoy the ultimate sound effect only when it is placed in a stable position. Sound x tells me that's not the case.

Other speakers only sell sound effects, while Huawei sound x not only has the ultimate sound effect, but also provides high-quality massive sound sources together with Huawei music and cool dog music platforms.





Finally, some purchase suggestions: first, the official price of sound x is 1999 yuan, which is also a high-end positioning in the smart speaker.

So here I will first recommend it to the friends of the heavy fans who need high volume and bass. Then the design of the surface bright glaze is also good. It's also very convenient to transmit sound when touching. Friends who like the appearance or whose main engine is Android mobile phone may also want to consider it.

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