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Experience 5g Huawei 5g with WiFi Pro without switching

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On October 31 this year, the three major domestic operators launched 5g business package simultaneously. Consumers of 5g network in China can directly experience 5g network without changing card or number in the area covered by 5g signal after purchasing 5g mobile phone.

Up to now, in less than two months, there are more than ten 5g mobile phone styles available for consumers to choose.

However, for many consumers, if they want to experience 5g network, they have to change their mobile phones and tariff packages. The threshold is relatively high.

Maybe now many friends are just changing non 5g new mobile phones. If you want to experience 5g network, it's not cost-effective to eliminate the new phone in a short time and then change to a new one that supports 5g.

For now,In the early stage, the price of 5g mobile phones is generally on the high side. For some friends with limited budget, they may not consider replacing them. Many consumers will buy them after the equivalent price is reduced.

There are also some consumers who are worried about the maturity of 5g mobile phones, such as the previously mentioned SA / NSA network support problem. Before many technologies are mature, there may not be too many users to consider selling in the short term.

However, the replacement of 5g mobile phones is not the only choice for the current experience of 5g. Huawei's 5g accompanying WiFi series is also a very good choice.


5g technology has the characteristics of high bandwidth, low delay and large connection, which enables the connected equipment to enjoy a higher quality and more flexible wireless network solution.

As the world's leading provider of information and communication facilities and smart terminals, Huawei has a variety of core technologies in the 5g field. At present, Huawei has launched a number of terminal products supporting 5g, including smart phones.

These products are compatible with 5g dual-mode (NSA and SA) to ensure that they will not be prematurely eliminated due to 5g network upgrade.

Huawei's 5g accompanying WiFi series fully realizes 5g and 4G all network connectivity of three major domestic operators,It can also cover 5g / 4G frequency bands in more than 150 countries and regions. Even if you go abroad to most parts of the world, this accompanying WiFi can still provide users with 5g high-speed wireless network connection.

Huawei5G accompanying WiFi Pro mainly provides high-speed 5G Internet access to users and is capable of


In terms of appearance,The size of Huawei 5g accompanying WiFi series is not much different from that of ordinary mobile power supply. The integrated design style is very simple. A 1.45 inch LCD screen is installed on the front of the body to display the connected network and provide data changes during the operation of the device.

When 5g SIM is inserted into the device, 5g signal sign will appear, operator name will be marked in the upper left corner, and WiFi icon will be displayed.


Huawei's 5g accompanying WiFi series can transmit 5g signals to the accessed terminal equipment through usb3.0type-c and WiFi, and supports simultaneous access of up to 16 devices.

Huawei's 5g accompanying WiFi series is equivalent to adding a 5g external baseband for terminal equipment. Especially for Apple mobile phones and most other 4G mobile phone users who have not launched 5g service this year, Huawei's 5g accompanying WiFi series can provide users with high-quality and stable 5g network.


Compared with 5g mobile phones, Huawei's 5g accompanying WiFi has a long-lasting advantage.

Working in 5g network will increase the power consumption of 5g mobile phone. If the hot spot sharing is opened again, the power consumption will be further increased, resulting in the acceleration of hot and power loss of mobile phone.

For Huawei's 5g accompanying WiFi, the standard version and high configuration version have built-in 4000mAh and 8000mah batteries, respectively, with 5-hour and 10-hour endurance performance under 5g high load environment, and can also serve as mobile power supply to charge other devices in case of emergency.

Compared with the mobile phone products, 5g accompanying WiFi does not have too many complex functions and large-scale screens, and its internal structure and heat dissipation are also very good.

Huawei's 5g accompanying WiFi series has the world's leading 5g peak download / upload speed.

Under the NSA / SA network,The theoretical peak download speed is as high as 1.65gbps, and the measured value of laptop through usb3.0type-c connection is as high as 1.6gbps. The theoretical peak upload speed of SA network is as high as 250mbps.


Huawei 5g mobile wifi with Baron 5000 chip and Lingxiao dual frequency WiFi is compatible with wireless or wired connection.

If users need faster and more stable connection speed, they can use USB3.0 type-C interface for wired connection. The peak speed of 5g uplink and downlink can reach 180mbps and 1.65gbps respectively, and the peak speed of wireless downlink is 867mbps.

With the 5g peak speed of Gigabit level, users can use Huawei 5g accompanying WiFi to support 4k60fps HD live broadcast.

For WiFi connection, Huawei 5g mobile wifi also provides a game mode, which can preferentially forward game packages, reduce the delay and jam in the game process. With the low delay of 5g network and the optimization of game mode, users can have a better experience by connecting Huawei 5g mobile wifi to play games.

It is worth mentioning that if the user chooses the pro version of Huawei 5g accompanying WiFi, its unique AI high-speed rail mode can increase the average speed of equipment connection by 20% in the corresponding scenarios, and the drop rate, delay and Caton rate can be reduced by as much as 30%.


As Huawei's product, the function of directly scanning the Internet without password is also reflected in this product. The intimate design of Huawei's router product has been highly praised by users. The standard 18W fast charging and the pro version up to 40W super fast charging provide a strong guarantee for the endurance.

The huge battery capacity also allows Huawei 5g to accompany WiFi as a temporary power bank. The pro version supports 22.5w external wired charging and 15W reverse wireless charging, which can charge wireless charging devices such as mobile phones, wireless headphones, electric toothbrushes, electric razors, etc. users can save the trouble of carrying all kinds of charging wires when they go out.


At present, the first year of 5g is coming to an end. China's 5g development will enter the fast lane from 2020. In the process of 5g rapid growth, the demand for 5g mobile phones, 5g WiFi and other terminal products will increase rapidly.

As a pioneer in 5g mobile routing category, Huawei 5g accompanying WiFi has lower price and use threshold, high portability, high stability and other characteristics, which enables more users to experience 5g network through it, and plays a certain role in accelerating the popularity of 5g.

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