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Gigabit net Two-way Super Fast Charge Huawei5G accompanying WiFi gives 5G another fire

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Domestic 5G network has been officially commercial for 2 months, it is reported that the number of users is expected to reach 10 million this year, how many people are upgraded to 5G mobile phone 5G network? Obviously, 5G phones are still very few, especially Apple users, and it will take months to use the 5G network.

In addition,5G is not just a smartphone change, there are many areas that need high-speed networks but not 5G phones, such as fast-paced urban life, many people rent short-rental apartments, public WiFi is not safe, and it is not worth pulling the cable alone, when the Huawei launched the Huawei5G accompanying WiFi series, which fills the gap outside the 5G phone, giving users a home


From one-to-one to one to many: simple, high-speed shared Gigabit Network

5g mobile phone is the best carrier of 5g network, and it can also share 5g mobile phone as a hot spot to other people, but this is not a good choice, because 5g hot spot will lead to a sharp decline in mobile phone endurance, temperature rise, and poor experience, while Huawei 5g accompanying WiFi series is the real mobile network sharing expert.

Huawei's 5g accompanying WiFi series integrates multiple self-developed wireless chips, among which Lingxiao dual frequency Wi Fi chip can convert 5g into Wi Fi signal, support 5g / 4G all network communication of three major domestic operators, and have network everywhere. It also supports NSA / SA 5g dual-mode networking, even if the 5g network is upgraded, there is no worry. Huawei's 5g accompanying WiFi series has the world's leading 5g peak download / upload speed. In NSA / SA network, the theoretical peak download speed is as high as 1.65gbps, and in SA network, the theoretical peak upload speed is as high as 250mbps.

With Huawei's 5g accompanying WiFi series, as long as there is 5g network, it can turn a one-to-one network into a one to many Gigabit shared network,It can connect up to 16 devices, enough for family members and even small companies to use. Young people with short rent can no longer be afraid of moving without Internet,When outdoor sports or tourism, one person has a network and the whole team shares it. Don't worry about the lack of signal from different operators.

For business elites who often need to travel,Huawei's 5g accompanying WiFi Pro also launched AI high-speed rail modeIt integrates Huawei's self-developed algorithm and AI learning function. It can intelligently locate the current trunk line, and switch the better signal area in advance when the signal is poor. As a result, the network speed has been increased by 20%, and the dropout rate has been reduced by 30%. It can also stabilize the connection, video and voice lines on the high-speed rail at 350 km / h.


Especially for Apple fans who can't use 5g iPhone in a short period of time, Huawei's 5g accompanying WiFi series is the only way for them to experience 5g network, and there are many white-collar and executive users.

It is worth mentioning that even if 5g package is not used, the speed of 4G package with Huawei 5g accompanying WiFi series will be faster. The speed limit of operators is 300mbps, which is still much faster than 100Mbps of 4G mobile phones.

5g dual-mode all Netcom 1.65gbps network speed: business trip, tourism, all-round 4K live broadcast

In addition to Lingxiao's skinny dual-frequency Wi-Fi chip, the Huawei5G accompanying WiFi series also has a more important core

In terms of network speed, Huawei 5g accompanying WiFi series supports 1.65gbps down and 250mbps up. At present, the 5g network speed opened by domestic operators is mainly 500mbps and 1000Mbps, which means that the upper limit of network speed of Huawei 5g accompanying WiFi series is far higher than the current level, and there is enough room for upgrading in the future, as long as operators open higher network speed.

Compared with 4G, 5g networks with more than 1000Mbps will change our network habits. Ultra high bandwidth is just so willful. 1080p HD video is a piece of cake,4K film and television and streaming media live broadcast can make you feel better. Now many live broadcast platforms are mainly super clear and blue light level picture quality, it's really hard without gigabit network support.

4K live broadcast is not the strongest strength of Huawei's 5g accompanying WiFi series. At present, the bottleneck is the maximum 1000Mbps of 5g network of the operator. If more networks continue to be opened in the future, the 1.65gbps potential of Huawei's 5g accompanying WiFi will be released. At that time, 8K live broadcast will be OK. Think how shocking that picture will be.

Not only has the net but also the electricity: maximum 8000mAh battery and 40W quick charge Playing games

Huawei5 G network is not only fast, ultra - low latency also suitable to play games,Huawei5 G WiFi series for e - game gamers also provide special BUFF.


After the 5g network is turned into Wi Fi sharing, the quality of WiFi will inevitably be affected when many people are connected to the network, and the bandwidth will be robbed when playing games. However, the AI mobile game mode of Huawei's 5g accompanying WiFi series can automatically detect the status of the mobile phone, and it will preferentially forward the data packets of the game, so thatGet VIP treatment in WiFi network, significantly reduce the game delay, the measured data shows that the delay can be effectively reduced by more than 30%, and multi player group battle will not be stuck

Not only can accelerate the mobile phone and Huawei5 G accompanying WiFi between the series.

The second auxiliary function of Huawei 5g accompanying WiFi series for the game is the endurance. The game requires a high endurance for the mobile phone. However, Huawei 5g accompanying WiFi Pro is still a mobile power supply, equipped with 8000mah battery, and also supports 40W wired fast charging, 22.5w reverse wired fast charging and 15W reverse wired fast charging. The charging mode is flexible and fast, and the mobile phone or other numbers can be obtained without long waiting Code device is full of blood and revived in place.

Promote 5g landing to fill the market gap beyond 5g mobile phones

For 5G, the advantages of ultra-high bandwidth and ultra-low latency make 4K video, live broadcast, cloud games and other applications accelerate landing, while 5G has another advantage

According to GSMA's prediction, in 2025, the number of 5g connections will reach 460 million, and the number of Internet of things connections will reach 1.9 billion. In the future, it is the general trend that large and small devices will be connected through 5g.

The problem is that 5g mobile phones are not needed in all occasions. 5g mobile routing is needed in these fields. For example, Huawei's 5g accompanying WiFi series is much cheaper than 5g mobile phones. It can also convert 5g networks into a more convenient high-speed Wi Fi network. With Huawei's own technical support, Huawei 5g accompanying WiFi has been transformed into a multi-functional 5g terminal. Wi Fi network is just one of them, and it also has the functions of mobile power, fast charging, 4K live broadcast, business partner, etc. to support Huawei's Smart Life app, and more functions will be developed in the future.


Compared with the purchase of a new 5g mobile phone, the cost of Huawei's 5g WiFi access to 5g is also much lower. It has two versions: Standard Version and pro version. The former is 4000mAh battery, 18W fast charging, with a price of 1699 yuan. The latter is 8000ma battery, supporting 40W super fast charging and reverse charging, with stronger endurance, with a price of 2199 yuan.

If you want to experience the pleasure of 5g network without changing the phone, Huawei's 5g accompanying WiFi series is currently the lowest cost, the most flexible and the most functional choice, not one of them.

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