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AI architecture upgrading, 600 million investment in Yuxin technology, baidu AI to B strategic determination?

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Qianming from the temple of aofei

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Just after the new year, 600 million yuan was spent to directly stimulate the one word trading of A-share listed companies.

When Baidu thought it was the latest layout in the field of industrial artificial intelligence, Baidu announced yet another upgrade in its AI architecture.

After the upgrade, the original AIG (AI Technology Platform System), TG (Basic Technology System), ACG (Baidu Smart Cloud Business Group) integrated into Baidu artificial intelligence system

At the same time, the four business sectors of smart government, smart medical, smart finance, smart customer service and marketing have been upgraded to four business divisions, and more investment has been made in the fields of industrial Internet, video, Internet of things, industrial quality inspection, logistics map, etc. Relevant persons in charge continue to report to Wang Haifeng.

Baidu believes that further integration of resources, will give play to the value of technology in Taiwan, improve the efficiency of business support, Baidu's leading technology ability to export more efficiently to the industry, further accelerate the pace of industrial intelligence.

Behind the strategic investment and structure upgrading is Baidu's firm investment and determination on the Ai Road. Baidu is investing more resources for the AI to B campaign.

Layout plus code of internal and external repair

On january 7th yuxin announced its strategic investment from baidu, accounting for 5.71% of the stock.

As soon as the announcement was issued, Yuxin technology immediately increased the limit, and the potential behind it could be imagined.

In Baidu's case, this is also the first shot it launched in 2020.

But this isn't just an investment. The two sides have a collaborative business layout

People can't help wondering, who is Yuxin technology?

Founded in November 2006, Yuxin technology is a company focusing on financial IT solutions. Its core business is to provide banks with full value chain services such as consulting planning, software products, application development, technical services, operation and maintenance, system integration, etc.

According to Yuxin Technology's Half-Year Report 2019, its main business includes three categories: software development and services, system integration sales and services, and other main business.

Providing software development and services to bank customers is the main source of revenue, reaching 780 million yuan, accounting for 73% of the total revenue. The growth rate of system integration sales and services is the fastest, with a year-on-year growth of 183.07% in the first half of 2019.

Behind such revenue, Yuxin technology has developed for more than ten years and accumulated a large number of customer resources in the industry.

According to the 2018 annual report of Yuxin technology, it has provided products and services for the people's Bank of China, China Development Bank, two policy banks, six large state-owned commercial banks, twelve joint-stock commercial banks, more than ten foreign banks, more than 100 regional commercial banks and rural credit cooperatives.

Since 2010, Yuxin technology has been leading the IT solution Market in China's banking industry for many years, especially in the network banking, credit management, business intelligence, risk management and other subdivisions.

The latest reference report comes from IDC. According to the report "market share of IT solutions for China banking industry" released in July 2019, Yuxin technology's market share in 2018 is 4.8%, which is only 0.1% different from wensihaihui, the No. 1 market share.

According to the announcement on signing business cooperation agreement issued by Yuxin technology, behind Baidu's strategic investment, the corresponding cooperation between the two parties is as follows:

On the one hand, product development cooperation, co-construction includes financial industry cloud, Internet finance core overall products and solutions, database, big data intelligent analysis platform, block chain and trusted computing and other products.

On the other hand, business cooperation, baidu Intelligent Cloud provides relevant product technology capabilities, Yuxin technology provides and guarantees quality sales leads and facilitates the implementation of relevant projects for cooperation between the two sides.

In the field of financial cloud, Baidu gets more potential energy for development, in addition to investment layout, more important or practice

In fact, Baidu has a long-term layout in the financial field itself. Before that, Baidu has completed the layout of financial business fields including banking (Baixin), third-party payment (duxiaoman), fund sales, insurance, credit investigation, exchange, etc.

As a leading AI platform company in the world, baidu intelligent cloud is an important carrier and exporter of Baidu AI to B business. It promotes AI industrialization with technology and realizes intelligent upgrading of industries in all walks of life.

The latest report "China Financial cloud solution market tracking research" released by IDC, a US market research institution, ranks China's financial cloud services for the first time. The top three are Alibaba, Sinosoft and Tencent respectively. Baidu financial cloud, which entered the market later, has the fastest growth rate. At present, it ranks fourth and has become the top player in the field of financial cloud solutions.

In the financial field, based on Baidu's forward-looking AI strategy and achievements, the financial cloud has always maintained rapid development. ABC (AI Artificial Intelligence, big data, Cloud Computing) has become the biggest advantage of Baidu financial cloud.

Cloud computing isn't a new species, but cloud computing services combined with AI show unexpected explosive power.

And after the financial word of mouth started, the AI technology brand resounding Baidu in industry, agriculture, telecommunications, health care, education and other industries to replicate, gradually found decode

Firm AI to B strategic investment and form

Baidu AI architecture upgrade, on the one hand means Baidu in the AI road firm investment and determination, Baidu is investing more resources for the AI to B campaign. At the same time, it also shows that the intelligent track of Baidu industry is more clearly focused and increases the strategic investment of key industries.

In his email, Mr Wang said:

Baidu began to lay out AI in 2010, and it has been ten years since 2020. Baidu AI ranks first in the industry in terms of patent number, in-depth learning and open-source platform, daily AI usage, ecological scale of developers, AI cloud, etc.

Just in the past 2019, baidu AI has entered the stage of industrial mass production. Throughout this year, the theme words appearing in Baidu AI areIndustrial intelligence

Whether it's the AI developer conference or a series of AI landing progress, the core is to promote the industrial intelligence, and Baidu hopes to become a base provider in this wave of industrial upgrading.

So the question is, facing the era of industrial intelligence, what is Baidu's strategy and tactics?

First of all, we need to know what is industrial intelligence? Industrial intelligence is to enable all walks of life to use AI technology to process big data in the cloud.

Baidu's AI transformation in recent years is undoubtedly to work in this direction again.

And the entry of giants, holding high, quietly has formed a platform mode, platform effect and platform play.

In the latest Boston Consulting Report, a technology company like Baidu Google is not only regarded as the leader of AI technology, but also as the base company and platform company in the era of industrial intelligence.

AI technology is not only a company's ability to drive its own business, but also enables more industries to complete upgrading.

In fact, it's not difficult to understand Baidu's previous series of to B investments if we can see clearly Baidu's thinking in this regard and connect points into lines.

In March 2019, baidu invested RMB 550 million in hande information;

14.43 billion yuan invested in Neusoft holdings in September 2019;

Now,$600 million investment bank IT program provider Yuxin Technology;

In recent years, they are all technical solution integrators in the vertical field of investment, but none of them is a company that wins in the IT era.

Baidu's investment, perhaps, will help the company transform into an AI-era programme integrator.

After that, they will further help more traditional fields and companies complete the AI transformation.

Previous investment in capital markets has often been used

But the old

Now, it's time to understand leverage in terms of technology.

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