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People are used to it. One day at the end of December, wechat will release a big version update, indicating the main content that will be mentioned in the next year's wechat open course pro. After two years of writing the article "small program graduated", it's wechat's turn to search for its "adult gift".

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Shuhang sent to Beijing on January 9

People have been used to it. One day at the end of December, wechat released a big version update to put some new thematic functions together, which indicates the main content that will be mentioned in the wechat open course pro on January 9 of the next year at Pazhou poly World Trade Expo.

At the end of December 2017, wechat games were launched, and most of the main capabilities of small programs were opened.

At hang Tong"Small program graduated"After two years of writing, this time it's wechat's search function - Search and search to welcome its "adult gift".

Three major updates of search and search

December 26, wechat search online health search service. Before long, WeChat officials announced that WeChat search officially upgraded to "search a search ", and in the public number backstage to provide a new visual material.

At the same time, the search results can be directly accessed in the latest version of wechat 7.0.10; and the "circle" function of the original name "good circle" is located on the separate homepage.

Medical searches by established search engines weren't perfect, so at one point, from long-standing domestic competitors to fledgling start-ups, better medical searches were set as a starting point for David's challenge to giant Goliath.

However, after everyone's medical search has been done one after another, after a period of time, it is basically relapsed, and no one is particularly strong.

Search forMedical SearchIt includes the Tencent's medical code, Tencent health, the three service providers such as clove doctor and good doctor, and the hospital official number that provides small programs and public numbers.


Search results directly point to the internal pages of these applets, without the need for users to find their own way.

Compared with almost any other search engine, wechat has the largest number of medical institutions, and public hospitals, in particular, regard wechat as an important achievement of medical informatization.


The direct result is that you can use wechat to directly complete the last step from consultation to payment, without any step jumping out of wechat. To achieve this degree, it can be said that other medical search is out of reach.

Search forDirect resultWhen searching for a public number, brand or small program, hitting the keyword will directly show the most relevant result. This is the search engine's "good luck".

In terms of concrete presentation, it deliberately weakens the way to display all search results - it's hard for you to even realize that the words "search and search" directly above the results can be clicked.
In the past, when other platforms were not directly available to provide WeChat 2D code directly, the public numbers could only be broadcast as "WeChat search: air links". Limited by the tedious search steps at that time, users will see more than one search result when they click in, and some fake numbers may be clicked by users by mistake.
Searching for a set of direct results can enable more public operators and merchants to use their WeChat search keywords to advertise their products.
Search for "circles"Its predecessor is the "good circle" function of gray scale test in the "wechat laboratory" in some regions. This time, it settled down on the first screen of search, and determined that its design purpose is to provide more rich content for search service.
The good circle of things was originally entered by invitation. It revolves around different themes, such as paster bar and Douban group, where you can post your own purchased products, or share the short text of microblog for other users to comment.
Wechat 7.0.10 began to have official entry "circle" open registration, but the threshold is still high.
Anyone who continuously publishes high-quality content in the now public circle can obtain the "circle creation card". After using the "circle creation card", it needs to be strictly reviewed, indicating the purpose of creation to be successful.
In order to obtain the "circle creation card", some early circles let their members "punch" water points, but in addition, it is difficult to say that the circle has gained popularity commensurate with its promotion resources.
Hangtong society tried it not long after it came out of the "good circle of things", but it was not sticky and felt nothing new.
Because it is not well coupled with wechat's function points, such as the circle of friends, it looks like a separate plug-in, so it is not much better than other third-party small programs in the community. It still has a great resistance to evolve into a search version of the post bar.
Needless to say, some nouns of the circle may be deliberately designed to be distinguished. For example, the function of "like" or "looking" is called "optimistic". The circle has its own "circle to look at", which is puzzling.
The core of search is applet search
The launch of medical search is an obvious model, which can be quickly copied to other vertical fields. It also shows that the core competitiveness of WeChat search is also the core competitiveness. It is not the public number and circle of friends that we may also use before.Applet search, especially searches that go directly to the internal pages of the applet.
Wechat applets are purely in wechat's internal ecology, so they are the most manageable and controllable. Once you want to search like this, you can define the deepest part of each app at will and tear it apart. Developers have nothing to say about it.
Users don't need to worry as before. Sometimes they just want to do one thing, but they have to open the permissions of the whole app. Accordingly, users' brand awareness, stickiness and repeated opening rate of function providers are weaker than that of direct guidance to app.
With Chinese characteristics, search and search has solved a problem that general search has faced for more than ten years in the era of mobile InternetUltimate Puzzle: more and more content is no longer transmitted through open Internet protocol, but is enclosed in one app after another. How can search reach them?

The first to try to solve this problem with a kind of geek thinking is the pea pod led by Wang Junyu.I interviewed him a long time ago At that time, they were going to do an "in app search", that is to talk with one app manufacturer to open their search function in the app and give some results to Peapod.


They only have one version to try to do this, but the final result is a kind of "commit to people" full of compromise and flexibility.
As mentioned above, this kind of effort is full of hardships, and it turns out to be unsustainable in the end.
Pea pod used to be a neutral force for a short time. In app search is its ambition to become an independent pole. However, pea pods later went downhill and were acquired by Ali.
For a long time, having one's own faction basically means saying goodbye to the ecology of other factions. Basically, only Tencent, or wechat, can reasonably absorb the Internet content and service resources of any faction for its own use, and make people convinced.
So wechat did the same.
Although Sogou renewed the relevant cooperation agreement with Tencent, but now in the search, the content that can be seen is more from wechat, and the ranking is higher. The dominant position of applet search is to fundamentally marginalize the location of web search.
The cooperation agreement, which has greatly boosted Sogou's share price, is likely to fade out peacefully in a way that is increasingly ignored.
Facing the demands of wechat ecology, is it to embrace or keep?
It was written by Hangtong two years ago,At that time, most of the main capabilities of applets were fully open, and then there is the expansion of ecology.
When the app entered the third year, wechat provided a report card with daily users of more than 300 million and transaction volume of more than 800 billion. There is no doubt that its ecological status is stable.
Over the years, for businesses and Internet enterprises that own products or services, whether to operate wechat apps, how much emphasis should be placed on them, and whether apps are more important than their own channels, such as apps and websites, can be chosen by people.
Some enterprises willMove your full-featured website or app to an appletThey usually want to distribute their products to as many places as possible, and most of them are offline service providers.
The most typical cases are McDonald's and KFC's small programs, and the "China government service platform", no matter how complex the capabilities are, there are no cuts in all functions in WeChat, Alipay or anywhere else.


While othersOnly a part of the functions are moved to the applet, but this part of the function has been able to meet the needs of a specific group of people, so that they do not need to download the app. For example, "popular microblog" and "zhihuhot list".


Others just use the applet as an entry,Very limited functionality, cannot complete critical operations on applets.
The most typical example in this regard is railway 12306. Wechat can query the ticket and the reserved train number, but only can't buy the ticket.
No matter what you think about the function and positioning of the applet, what we have in common is that we all know that the only way is to let our products or services reach the users in wechat, so as to finally complete the transaction closed-loop.
There may also be some people who think that the limitations of various aspects of applets cause the freedom not to be as high as H5.At this time, we need to search for help
In the current search, there are too many small programs in the result, which are much more popular than those with only one public number. The weight of the applet is in the front because it can call some of the underlying functions of the system and reside in the background, which is more ideal for the end-user experience and more autonomous and controllable for wechat officials.
This is bound to catalyse more and more people to jump from H5 to applets, from partial migration to full migration, and even take applets as the main battlefield.
From this point of view, "go when you run out"? Does not exist.

Hidden worries under the prosperous age: how to "self-sufficiency" of short content

Search now is not only an independent function and page, but also its own brand logo. But this does not mean that it has evolved to be impeccable. The most obvious problem is that it does not take over all the search boxes of wechat.
The size of wechat mobile installation package has evolved to nearly 300MB, and there are many different search boxes in this giant. In the applet menu of the first screen drop-down, there is a search for exclusive applets. The search of facial expressions, music, friends, chat records, contacts and other pages are all independent, not unified under the banner of search and search.
All these separate search boxes are gathered in the only place, that is, the search box at the top of the first screen session list of the interface (Android version is called by the magnifying glass button at the top right corner).


Although the global search box now has a search direct function, it still separates the search results of friends, chat records, contacts and so on, and arranges them in front of the search.
You can say that this has its own logic, because the result that can't be merged into search and search is relatively private. Even if you have the ability to separate public and private technically, you can't merge them into the same search and search function, which gives a psychological hint of privacy disclosure.
But there is also a simpler and more reasonable explanation: This is purely a legacy of history.
Let's assume that after wechat search, chat records, contacts and group chat are not integrated at all, and only articles have been included in the current part. In this case, the user usually consumes the most is not necessarily a small program, but also contains the demand for content. Search needs to satisfy people's desire to obtain content actively besides passively accepting push.
In response to this demand, the discovery and exploration mechanism of WeChat public number has also been changed. In addition to inserting "related articles" and "topics" below the body of the article, we will take a look at the WeChat PC version and so on. The search related changes are a full-text search function on the details page of each public number.


You know that before this function is open, if you want to search for a long history article with public numbers, you must search through a summary page of historical information. You must pay attention to the number of the public first (only 10 historical articles are displayed), and then you must open it on WeChat mobile browser, because the computer version shows that this page has bug.
On this issue, the new list also launched a third-party "search within the number" function. Now WeChat has completely improved the full text search of the public number, making the function of the third party no longer needed.
The WeChat public number is an important moat in search of content layout. Although other search engines, because the distribution is "a source of water for the whole world", there will not be much loss, but the public number has some unique advantages.
Comment on public numbers can only be viewed and replies in WeChat's built-in browser. Since wechat public platform has been established for many years, it has an irreplaceable position. The vast majority of content entrepreneurs still regard wechat public platform as their first priority to launch original content.
There may be some numbers with special distributors who are responsible for copying and pasting them to Baijia number, headline number and Penguin number, but wechat is the first choice for most people. This also ensures that these contents can find the original source within the wechat platform.
On other platforms, you may see the content reprinted by others. The original author may only keep the updates from one place of wechat, but not stay in other places. These are the factors that lead to the significant improvement of the search quality of wechat search.
But the public number is not omnipotent. Its subject matter is greatly restricted by its form of expression. Most typically, it's a place that's completely prepared for long content, which is equivalent to opening blogs on the Internet. So wechat lacks its own microblog.
The short content of wechat can't be presented in a proper way. Of course, the most natural one is the circle of friends. However, the circle of friends is the "forbidden area" of wechat team. In Zhang Xiaolong's view, it has been "inherently deficient", so it can't be "deformed" and can't be used as content marketing.


Looking at it is a way to make up for this kind of defect, but it is not enough. It may need another way to generate some short content out of nothing and keep it running.
Obviously, the current attempt to see is the circle. The significance of the circle for searching is obvious, that is, we hope to create more exclusive, original and short contents that only exist within the WeChat ecosystem, and reproduce the glory of the public numbers in the long content.
But the problem of the circle is very obvious. As we just said, it is still a "helpless fighter".
For comment content, wechat has to rely on third-party services such as public comment, Zhihu, xiaohongshu and what is worth buying to supplement.
These applets share their own content with varying degrees of generosity. Some applets just give three or two examples of comment area. Would you like to see the details? No, because it's not allowed to jump to the app.
In fact, in the era of PC search engine, Taobao and other websites shut down their crawler visits to search engines.

From mobile phone to PC

In Zhang Xiaolong's video speech on the morning of September 9, he reiterated the deep-rooted idea that PC is just a dependency of mobile phone.
We see that wechat PC version has also been updated recently. This time, I added the PC version, which made the original clear left column look more like QQ and MSN more than ten years ago.


More importantly, the computer version runs wechat applet and can use wechat for payment.

Obviously, the small program must solve the problem of adaptation at the PC end. After that, search all the current search capabilities, will gradually have the conditions for seamless migration to the PC platform.

Just in the past 2019, the search engine market has become a battlefield again. This time there is a big premise, that is, starting from mobile phones, to "counter attack" all platform terminals including PC, tablet and voice.
This year, today's headline search function is independent, becoming a big news, and once again people think of Baidu. But in fact, because Baidu still maintains a certain user stickiness in many different terminals, especially the PC terminal, the headline search is limited to the mobile phone with the headline series products installed, so far, the impact is still very limited.
Baidu gives people the habit of directly being the default search engine of the browser. Maybe there is Google before, but no one after. Sogou, 360 and UC browsers support their own search engines, but some will switch back to Baidu manually. Sogou once wanted to use the input method to "hide and hide" to promote search, which also had great limitations.
But what's higher than Sogou input method and 360 security guard's coverage on people's computers is wechat PC client. Moreover, it is more natural to open the search box in the wechat search box, even more natural than that in the QQ computer version.
At the end of 2017, baidu changed the "Baidu once, you will know" in the era of PC Internet into "something to search, nothing to see".
"Search" and "look" are the function names of wechat - well, it's just a coincidence.
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