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AirPods website can be carved Why doesn't the iPhone do that?

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In fact, a prudent manufacturer has already achieved everything. New year's Day is coming. If you are going to give a gift to a friend, and you want to have face and force, what should you give? For some technology enthusiasts, buying a lettered Apple product as a gift may be a good choice. On Apple's official website, you can choose to engrave the intention you want to express on products such as airpods, apple pencil, iPad, iPod touch, etc. especially recently, apple officially opened the airpods Pro zodiac and facial expression engraving, which promoted a wave of strong sales growth.

Apple online store (China)

However, forIPhoneFor products like MacBook, the official website does not support engraved content. Why in the same wayAppleProducts, some can be engraved, some can't? Why can't iPhone, Apple's pillar product, enjoy the same treatment as airpods? If you are curious about this matter, today, you may as well look at the secret behind it with the Geek's choice (public number GeekChoice).

A careful account of process cost

Material and technology are two important issues to be considered in product engraving. If you try to open the official website and look at Apple's official digital products that can be engraved, you may find some special features, such as airpods and airpods pro, which are made of plastic,IPad,IPodThe touch case is metal.

For these two materials, the current laser carving technology can be very easy to carve, the technology is mature, fast and almost will not fail, at the same time, as long as the demand is large, it will hardly increase the cost.

Mobile phone material changes too fast, as shown in express.co.uk

Focus on the iPhone. From the iPhone generation to today's iPhone 11 Pro Series, the material of the back cover has used a variety of materials such as plastic, metal, glass, etc., which will change every few years, and the span of each change is not small, which brings a lot of problems to the back cover carving, that is, even if it can be carved, Apple needs to think about the new carving technology every few years, regardless of the time It's not very cost-effective in terms of money cost.

In terms of time, Apple needs to produce a large number of iPhones every day. Maybe you spend the time to buy an engraved iPhone. Apple can produce ten iPhones in a row, which is not cost-effective for apple. In terms of money cost, an iPhone with a price of more than ten thousand yuan, whether engraved or not, has less impact on your purchase decision. Therefore, apple is After calculating this account, we will make such a consideration.

Personalized back cover of moto x

An example of a moto x cell phone might prove that point. After the release of moto X in 2013, people were full of praise for the personalized back cover of this mobile phone. In addition to the common plastic materials at that time, moto official also provided a variety of customizable back covers, such as leather, bamboo, wood, etc. on this basis, Motorola official also plans to launch a customized carving Service on its official website, but after various tests, the official finally cancelled The reason for this service is that the technology used to engrave characters on different back cover materials is very different, and it is difficult to guarantee the strength of the back cover of the mobile phone and other indicators. Therefore, for apple, which has to change the material every few years, it is not so easy to engrave characters on the iPhone.

But when it comes to this, you may ask, the MacBook is made of metal materials, and the design hasn't changed much, so why hasn't the engraving option been added? Isn't it easy? What are the barriers to product customization beyond process and cost? At this time, we will distinguish the specific situation from the specific products.

Product category determines sales method

First of all, let's think about why Apple provides engraving services on airpods, apple pencil, iPad and iPod touch?

One obvious answer is to sell better. More specifically, these products are all digital products with high profit margin, but not everyone needs. If you listen to music and pursue sound quality, you may prefer headphones to airpods. If you already have an iPhone, iPod touch is not a necessary product. Therefore, if you can further improve sales through engraving, then Apple will naturally provide such a service.

On the other hand, this kind of products also have a very good feature. Because they are not as expensive as iPhones and macbooks, and their sizes are not large, they can also be given to relatives and friends in addition to their own use. From the perspective of gifts, providing engraved services is naturally another way to attract customers to buy.

But products like iPhone and MacBook belong to the productivity tools we use every day. It's not too much to call such products "just needed". Moreover, people have to go through various situations in use every day. Their tool properties are stronger. As an important product line of apple, the people who choose to buy them are a fixed and loyal group of users, making decisions At the time of policy making, people are more concerned about the performance upgrading and new function points of this kind of products. They will not give up buying because they can't be engraved. Apple will no longer promote the purchase of this kind of products in the form of gifts.

New opportunities for personality

Gifts to others always want to show their heart, so it's better to carve a paragraph to express their feelings, but there may be more questions later than you think. No matter what kind of products you type, it means more trouble when you want to produce second-hand products, which actually brings new opportunities to many manufacturers to some extent.

For example, in order to express their personality, the most favorite thing iPhone users do is to buy all kinds of interesting and novel mobile phone shells for their mobile phones. IPhone users are also the happiest group of people in all mobile phone brands. They can see all kinds of interesting brain holes appear on the back cover of their mobile phones in the long life cycle of their mobile phones. As the most popular brand in consumer electronics, there are countless The third-party manufacturers bring the personalized needs that can be satisfied without carving for the users who want to be personalized.

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In fact, macbook also has a similar situation, but in addition to the protective shell, macbook users prefer to paste various stickers on their laptops, and many creative designs highlight the brand of apple, so it's not necessarily a bad thing that Apple doesn't do engraving services on these devices, because it not only makes many third-party organizations more profitable, but also for many users Bring the choice of "regret medicine".

Looking back, it's not so bad that Apple didn't launch the engraving service for iPhone. After all, even if you have engraved words, you still need to take the mobile phone case. Nowadays, there are many ways to pursue personalization. No matter you give it to yourself or someone, it's a good choice to take the case and the sticker.

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