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Microsoft Windows 7 Officially Retired: Invaluable But look to the future

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Today (January 14, 2020), Microsoft announced that it has officially stopped supporting Windows 7 computer operating system, which means that Microsoft will not provide security patches for Windows 7 system in the future. "After 10 years, the support for Windows 7 is coming to an end - January 14, 2020.We understand that change can be difficult, so we will advise you on follow-up and answer questions about stopping support. " ——Microsoft official website.


Windows 7 is with a lot of people, many years of a good X86 operating system, but the times are growing, and it's time for Windows 7 to step down from the stage.

Today, 26% of users still stick to Windows 7: are you one of them

Microsoft's intention to stop updating Windows 7 is very obvious. That is to urge individual users who are still using Windows 7 system to upgrade windows 10 operating system as soon as possible. Not only that, but also the manpower of Windows 7 patch and update department can be transferred to windows 10 update and patch push.

According to the report released by netmarketshare in early January, in December 2019, the market share of windows 10 system reached 54.62%, while that of Windows 7 was the second, 26.64%. It can be seen that the proportion of users of Windows 7 is still very large. Because of the stability and ease of use of Windows 7, many people have been choosing Windows 7 as the operating system of personal computers. Even though Microsoft tries to induce users to upgrade to the new windows 10 operating system, most users are still unmoved.

Suddenly, Windows 7 has been in service for 10 years

As a senior computer player who has fully experienced the Windows XP Windows 7 life cycle, saying goodbye to XP seems to be just a short time ago, how to say goodbye to Windows 7 so quickly (cover your face and cry).

Windows 7 is the operating system released in 2009. It has been 11 years since now. It's quite old. Just as XP system is disappearing into people's eyes, it's only a matter of time before windows 7 exits.

It can be seen from many events that Windows 7 is no longer suitable to be the preferred operating system. For example, in the bitcoin blackmail virus event in 2017, most of the computers infected by the virus are windows 7 systems. Many pirated Windows 7 users don't know what the update supplement is, so the impact is even more serious, and windows 10 has been quietly absent in frequent updates The voice update patch can effectively avoid large area damage to windows 10 users.

Amway windows 10: it's not as hard as you think, and it supports many new functions

As the main operating system of Microsoft, windows 10 has many excellent new features, such as——

1. For the special optimization of multithreading, at present, the processor you buy is prone to 6 cores, 12 cores and 16 cores, and the call efficiency of Windows 7 is too low;

2. The interface is more flat and beautiful, more in line with the current mainstream aesthetic, and the start menu of magnetic paste is faster;

3. New addition of Microsoft voice assistant "Xiaona" to help search, optimization of touch screen and tablet mode, faster cold start than Windows 7 and so on.

In terms of game performance, support for the latest graphics API DirectX12(DX12), Windows 7 only supports DX11, DX11 performance is clearly not able to meet the continuous introduction of new games and new graphics card. In addition, most of the drivers of the major graphics board manufacturers are optimized for Windows 10, and some graphics cards have stopped launching Windows 7 drivers.

There are a lot of benefits that can't be listed. So most users have actively upgraded the windows 10 system and can't go back after a short period of time. In the future, it belongs to windows 10, and it's time for you to fight against windows 10 in an all-round way.

My Windows 10 first experience:

I've been using Windows 10 for a long time as a technology nerd. I don't think it's a bad impression of win8. Soon after windows 10 was launched, it won good reputation. Compared with Windows 7, the flat UI design of windows 10 and the centralized optimization and integration of various functions make me think that windows 10 is the future oriented personal electricity that can integrate desktop and mobile terminals Brain operating system.

One of the reasons why more people still don't want to upgrade windows 10 is that most people still have the impression of various compatibility and stability problems when Windows 10 was just launched, which made many users quit.

They also felt that windows 7 was less expensive to learn, simpler for computer-savvy users, better compatibility with various unusually professional software, and a deep impression of stable and easy-to-use, so many people didn't use windows 10 as an upgrade option after hearing about its poor compatibility in the early days of windows 10. But in fact, if you try it a little bit, you'll know it's the wrong impression, and soon you'll like / get used to this Windows 10.

So, whether it's security or other reasons why windows 10 is excellent, I also recommend that you upgrade to windows 10 immediately. Anyway, sooner or later, you'll learn to use the new system. It's better to start today.

Finally, let's remember Windows 7 and give it to windows 10 at this time of retirement.

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