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Huawei Cloud Major Change: Cloud

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On January 14, it was reported that,Huawei recently introduced a new overhaul of its internal organizational structure, involving the appointment of a number of key executives. Of these, the most notable was Cloud .

According to company documents issued by Mr Ren himself, Mr Hou served as Cloud

Until then, After this adjustment, Cloud

This also means that Ali, Tencent, Baidu and Huawei all use cloud AI as an integrated technology strategy and upgrade the cloud sector to a group-level division (or independent sub-group).

In the future, the war around the cloud will be more fierce.

华为云重大变革:Cloud&AI 升至华为第四大BG 火力全开

Hou Jin Long

It is understood that Zheng Yelai has completed the change of position several months ago, from President of cloud Bu to President of cloud business. Before he became president of Huawei cloud Bu, he was responsible for the IT product line. After Zheng Ye transferred to Huawei cloud Bu, Hou Jinlong became the president of the new IT product line, and then the president of cloud AI products and services.

Hou Jinlong becomes a new Cloud as business upgrades

Why Cloud

In Huawei, bg is a business group that is not part of the company's functional division. Huawei has always had BG, BG, BG, BG, consumer BG, and each BG has a number of BUs, or Business Unit, or business units.

Before that, cloud Bu was not responsible for sales. The specific sales were distributed between the operator BG and the enterprise BG. For the cloud business cooperated with the operator, for example, the operator BG is responsible for Tianyi cloud, and the enterprise BG is responsible for other enterprise level cloud business needs. Cloud Bu is similar to the original IT product line.

At present, Huawei cloud is facing a complex internal and external environment.

The internal environment is: first, the relationship between Huawei Cloud and enterprise bg is slightly complex; second,Huawei Cloud is referred to as unclear positioning.

The business's early positioning was to sell hardware boxes, but customer IT accounted for only a small portion of total spending and was price sensitive, and Huawei's internal strategy was to tease itself

Until 2014, Huawei BG transformed from selling products and services into a platform provider focusing on ICT infrastructure. According to the data, in 2018, Huawei's BG sales revenue is close to 11 billion US dollars, of which China's revenue is about 50 billion yuan. Yan Lida, President of Huawei's enterprise business, previously said that since its establishment in 2011, Huawei's enterprise business has grown 10 times in 8 years, with an average annual growth of 40%.

However, compared with 294 billion yuan of BG, a carrier, and 348.9 billion yuan of BG, a consumer, there is a big gap. BG fails to achieve Huawei's next growth point.

In addition, the end of 2018, a "Huawei Cloud: listen to your heart, do not ask the west east "article in the Huawei voice community screen. In the last four years,Huawei Cloud's

Later, the article had a large number of Huawei posts, most importantly by being forwarded by Ren Zhengfei e-mail. Previously, Ren Zhengfei also stressed the Huawei Cloud in internal mail or speech several times

It can be seen that within Huawei, there is a high expectation for Huawei cloud, which does not meet the existing industry status of cloud. According to Gartner's report, Huawei cloud temporarily ranks fifth in the domestic cloud market share.

Huawei to the Cloud

In China, cloud computing has become a market for technology giants to scramble for food; from an international perspective, Amazon's cloud computing business has become the company's fastest-growing fulcrum, dominating the world, followed by Microsoft and Google, and investing heavily in cloud business. The pressure on Huawei from bat side is not small:

1) On November 25, 2018, Alibaba cloud business group was upgraded to Alibaba cloud intelligent business group, which was later incorporated into Alibaba cloud;

2) Tencent after the end of 2018

3) Baidu also announced the integration of technical system architecture in December 2018. The Intelligent Cloud business unit (ACU) was upgraded to the Intelligent Cloud business group (ACG). Later, it was integrated into the baidu AI system on January 8, 2020, under the direct responsibility of the CTO.

As you can see,Huawei Cloud wants to be

However, judging from Huawei's achievements in the past year, it is also remarkable.

Huawei Cloud revenue rose by more than 300 per cent and Huawei Cloud PaaS market share by nearly 700 per cent, according to IDC's China Public Cloud Services Market (First Quarter 2019). In terms of the overall market share of IaaaS PaaS, the market share of Huawei Cloud was 5.2%, ranking fifth, and Huawei ranked fifth in terms of IaS alone.

In addition, by the end of 2019,Huawei had made a breakthrough in more than 500 production system-related projects in more than 20 industries, leading the chinese market, serving 580 government and public utilities,10 car companies,200 financial customers.

华为云重大变革:Cloud&AI 升至华为第四大BG 火力全开

Huawei's BG business groups are all responsible for the task of revenue. Previously, BG was considered as the next growth point. BG was founded in 2011, and was successively in the charge of Xu Wenwei and Yan Lida. Peng Zhongyang was the third president of BG. Before that, he was the head of the general cadre Department of Huawei. However, he was more close to the business as the president of Huawei China, who also worked in the front line Mr. Peng Zhongyang was placed in this position, which clearly shows that Huawei hopes to achieve further growth in BG's revenue.

Growth will always be a core corporate goal, with Huawei carriers BG, consumer BG, corporate BG and Cloud

The growth of BG, Huawei's operator, is affected by the industry cycle. 5g has just begun to invest in a large scale, and Huawei is affected by geopolitical factors. In the short term, even if BG can reverse the decline in revenue, the growth will not be too objective. About half of Huawei's revenue comes from overseas markets, of which BG is the leader.

Consumer bg is Huawei's current cash cow, with industry insiders saying Huawei's current revenue would have met the ceiling if it hadn't been for Huawei's consumer bg. But even so, consumer BG may not be enough to win the Huawei over the next decade, and on the end alone,Huawei has become the number one in the country, with little room for growth and little profit margins to reach Apple, as well as geopolitical influences, and consumer BG is not Huawei's

As mentioned above, the growth of Huawei's BG is stable, but not outstanding. Compared with the revenue of the other two BGS, the BG is only a quarter to a fifth of the scale. The BG is a slow business. Huawei hopes to develop new markets, and the business of Huawei cloud was originally placed in the BG. In fact, to raise the level of BG is to transfer the revenue to the new BG.

A Huawei insider told Lei Feng that there will be further adjustments in the future, and the BG level change will last for some time.

At the turning point in history,Huawei again

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