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Win7 Officially Retired Today Win7 Time Guarding Plan after Tencent's Safe Launch

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From today, Microsoft will officially stop supporting Windows 7 system. After that, Microsoft will no longer provide technical support, software update, security update or repair services, and users who continue to use Windows 7 will no longer have official security. However, up to now, the share of Windows 7 in the domestic market is still close to 60%, and the user group is still huge. How to ensure the security and stability of the system has become the focus of many users after the shutdown of Windows 7.


In the face of this situation, Tencent security officially launched the post win7 era guard plan: according to the business characteristics of users on the cloud, a multi-point three-dimensional defense system combining cloud, management, end and threat intelligence was built. The terminal security products for enterprises and individuals were also launched with the windows 7 reinforcement function with multiple protection capabilities to fully escort the network of users in the post Windows 7 era Safety. Recently, Tencent security's windows 7 reinforcement scheme has won the favor of a well-known international communication equipment manufacturer, whose tens of thousands of nodes have fully adopted Tencent security products.

Win7Stop,60% of corporate users will

At present, due to factors such as software maintenance, compatibility, budget and usage habits, most individual and government enterprise users are still using Windows 7 system. According to the market report of netmarketshare, as of November last year, the global users of Windows 7 system still accounted for 26.64% of the market share. In China, Windows 7 accounts for a higher proportion. At present, the proportion of Windows 7 in the network environment of domestic enterprises has reached 60%, and even more than 70% in government agencies, health education and other institutions.

When Windows 7 stops, Microsoft will stop supporting services such as security patches and updates, meaning that individual and government users who continue to use Windows 7 will be exposed to security threats. Experts caution that computer systems without technical support are equivalent to those in

Especially for enterprises, in the absence of official security, once they are attacked, information leakage will be caused, and business system will be shut down directly, causing huge economic losses. In recent years, due to the old version of the system, there are not a few security incidents in which the enterprise production system is attacked by blackmail virus. Last year, a well-known semiconductor company factory was infected with wannacry blackmail virus, enterprise data was controlled, production lines were paralyzed, and all factories were shut down with heavy losses.


It is understood that in addition to a small number of additional support services for the enterprise version of the outdoor, Windows 7 and Windows 7 sp1 system start-up, home version, home premium, professional version, flagship version of the users will face more security problems.

Win7Guardian program[体]high lines , triple protection and support system performance

Although Microsoft will no longer provide corresponding technical support after Windows 7 is stopped, Tencent security will relay the escort and build a strict security protection system for individuals and government and enterprise users. At present, Tencent security has taken the lead in creating a professional security solution to ensure the network security of users in the upgrading and transition stage in view of the possible security threats faced by enterprises and combined with the long-term mechanism of security operation.

The T-Sec Terminal Security Management System (Tencent Royal Point) has built-in Windows 7 reinforcement protection, and customizes the thermal repair, network defense, active defense triple protection system to ensure the security and stability of the terminal system in view of the most vulnerable security threats to enterprises such as remote code execution vulnerabilities, vulnerabilities and malicious attacks.


In case of a high-risk vulnerability, Microsoft will not continue to provide formal patches. Meanwhile, the business of the enterprise cannot be interrupted and the server cannot be restarted. Tencent security will provide hot patches to fix the vulnerability and timely block the security threat. The built-in network defense function of the t-sec terminal security management system (Tencent defense point) deployed in the enterprise client and server can effectively match the vulnerability signature and intercept the vulnerability attack by means of detecting and analyzing the network packets of the machine in and out of the stack.

Even if the hot patch and network defense fail, the active defense function can detect various behaviors of the system, and accurately intercept malicious behaviors from the file, process, registry and other links. Through the multi-level three-dimensional protection system, to maximize the security of the system.


Build cloud, management, end and threat intelligence system, and multi-point three-dimensional defense against new loopholes

For enterprise users on the cloud, Tencent security has also built a multi-layer, multi-point and three-dimensional defense system combining cloud, management, end and threat intelligence systems to help enterprise users comprehensively resist the threat of new vulnerabilities.

Establish a comprehensive and coordinated security operation management system through the enterprise private cloud or the system hosted by the enterprise in Tencent cloud. We can flexibly deploy t-sec advanced threat detection system, t-sec network intrusion prevention system and t-sec cloud firewall to detect network traffic and timely intercept various attacks, including vulnerability attacks against windows 7. Through the terminal security management system, the security policy is uniformly distributed, vulnerability detection and patch installation are uniformly carried out, and client-side vulnerability protection measures are implemented. At the same time, we should build a threat intelligence system, intelligently perceive security threats, timely synchronize the whole network with the threat protection capability of new vulnerabilities, and protect all nodes of enterprise network assets.


Currently, Tencent Security's web-security solutions for Windows 7 shutdowns have been highly recognized by several provincial and municipal government agencies, financial institutions, health insurance systems, the transportation and construction industry, the world's top 500 commercial companies, and manufacturing giants, most of which have more than 100,000 network terminals and have fully adopted Tencent Security's cyber-security solutions.

In addition to enterprises, Tencent security will continue to escort individual users. Tencent computer Steward will provide functional modules such as vulnerability repair, vulnerability intrusion protection, real-time virus protection, program malicious behavior interception, etc., which currently supports at least 20 kinds of common vulnerability attacks; for major high-risk vulnerabilities, Tencent computer Steward will timely release vulnerability hot patches to protect the system.


Meanwhile, Tencent's computer butler


Tencent security as a core member of microsoft's mapp program, the microsoft initiative defense program, can get the latest monthly vulnerability information. Several years ago, during the suspension of Windows XP, the relevant units of the state had organized several times

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