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Disassembly report: iPhone 11 Pro smart battery case smart battery case (a2184)

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Since 2015, Apple has provided iPhone 66S, 7 series have introduced the smart battery protection shell, which can provide the iPhone with additional endurance and reliable protection. In early 2019, apple restarted the project and continued to launchIPhone XS/iPhone XS Max/IPhone XRThe product line brings a new smart battery case. In November 2019, Apple launched an upgraded smart battery case for the same year's iPhone 11 series product line.

Apple online store (China)

The capacity of the three smart battery case smart battery cases is 143mah, which is higher than that of the previous generation. In addition to the White / black color version, the two Pro models have a pink color version. Like the previous generation, this product also supports usb-pd fast charging (input), and is compatible with Qi wireless charging standard (reception), which can charge both iPhone and battery protection shell. The difference is that this time, a camera button is added at the lower right side of the battery case, which is convenient for quick start of photo taking and video recording.

The series of new products have been launched in mainland China, and the prices of three smart battery shells are all 1071 yuan (RMB). The charging head network placed an order at the first time, bringing you detailed evaluation and disassembly. We've done it beforeIPhone 11 battery case,Disassembling the battery case of iPhone 11 Pro MaxAs well asEvaluation of iPhone 11 pro's smart battery shellToday's issue will bring you the unpacking of smart battery case of iPhone 11 pro.

1、 IPhone 11 Pro smart battery case

The product is still packaged with a white background and printed with a product appearance map of the same scale on it. As always, Apple's design style. The smart battery shell of iPhone 11 pro and pro Max models has three color versions: white, black and pink. Compared with the smart battery shell of iPhone 11 model, there is a pink color version choice. The iPhone 11 Pro model we choose is the pink version.

The box body is a rectangular paper box, without any printing information around, very simple.

There are hanging holes on the top of the package for retail display. One time seal with green arrow on the back hanging hole. We can follow the green arrow to tear the product package.

Product specifications are printed on the back.

Name: iPhone 11 Pro smart battery case

Model: a2184

Input: 5V or 5.2v or 9V or 14.5V or 15v3a max

Output: 8.7v0.7a

Note below: compatible with iPhone 11 pro, requires IOS 13.2 or later.

Tear the top seal along the small arrow. It can't be recovered after tearing, one-time operation.

Pull out the packing box, and place the back of the product in the inner box. The outer packaging diagram and the inner real picture look the same. The whole product occupies the inner part of the packing box.

Inside the battery case, there is a instructions for use. Inside the packing box, there are instructions and three guarantee certificates.

The manual and other data are embedded in it. The additional lifting handle on it can be easily taken out. It is easy to pull out the series of instructions by holding the handle.

Package content: smart battery shell, product manual, three guarantee certificate.

The iPhone 11 Pro smart battery case, as a whole, is presented in pink. The opening part of the camera on the top and the big protruding part on the bottom are the location of the battery. The classic logo of apple is printed on it.

On the right is the iPhone on / off button module. The color of the button is clearly distinguished from the surrounding area. It is slightly raised compared with other parts around. The user can easily touch the button position. The workmanship is very meticulous and there is no trace of burr.

There are two volume buttons of the same size on the side and the classic mute key of apple. There is no sign of burr. The opening part also has a special treatment of tilt angle, which looks less abrupt and mellow.

The most remarkable feature of this year's new iPhone is the update of the "Yuba" camera module. The huge square hole in the battery case camera position also has a special tilting treatment on the edge of the hole.

The lower part of the camera is raised in a large area, which is where the built-in lithium battery is located. The outer layer is made of silica gel, which is soft, smooth and comfortable.

Close up of the bottom of the battery case, with lightning input connector at the top of the middle, 6 iPhone speaker holes of the same size on the left, and 3 circular microphone holes on the right.

Inside the battery shell are some battery shell models and other relevant information. Designed by apple in california assembled, designed by apple in California, made in China. Model: a2184, emc3371, iPhone smart battery case. Rated energy: 10.9wh, 7.63v, rated capacity: 143mah. Apple, the largest input: 5V / 5.2v/9v/14.5v/15v3a, output: 8.7v0.7a.

Close up of lightning input connector, the terminal contact is silver, the lightning connector at the bottom is fixed and cannot be shaken, and the speaker hole, microphone hole and lightning male base are all provided with raised sealing silica gel.

The iPhone 11 Pro smart battery case is put together with the iPhone 11 pro. The camera position corresponds to the camera position and the recognition is very high.

The iPhone 11 Pro Smart Battery Case has a soft top design. When assembling, the top is bent backward, and then the phone is inserted directly into it. The soft and elastic frame design allows you to easily take or remove the protective shell.

The biggest update of the battery shell is the addition of the camera start button under the power key. This design is very convenient for users who like to take selfies.

The liquid silicone material used in the product is very soft, and it can return to the normal state even if it is released after bending. The flexibility is very good, and there is no need to worry about damaging the smart back clip battery shell after bending.

Internal close-up of volume key position, soft microfiber inner lining is used in the product, and silica gel surface layer is used outside, which makes the touch soft, smooth and comfortable. In order to ensure the touch of the key, the lining of microfiber material avoids the silent opening of the key and the position of two volume keys.

Soft microfiber lining close-up, clearly see the fluffy material inside, as well as the instructions printed on it, effectively prevent the back glass of the mobile phone from being scratched.

Microfiber lining design iPhone 11 Pro mobile phone will not be scratched when it is assembled, even if it is vibrated or dropped, it will not cause hard impact damage.

Close up of battery shell charging interface. Lightning input interface adopts metal frame design, with 8 pin pins inside, to realize the function of charging battery shell with intelligent back clip. The edge of metal frame is processed with inclined chamfer transition, which is convenient for charging plug insertion.

IPhone 11 Pro smart battery case is a customized product for iPhone 11 pro. We simply test whether the same 5.8-inch iPhone XS is also compatible.

The location of the original iPhone 11 Pro camera is completely wrapped around, and the camera module is exposed outside, which fits perfectly.

After the iPhone XS is installed into the smart battery case, a large area is left on the right side of the vertical camera. The vertical dual cameras are exposed in isolation. Although it can be installed in, it feels a little strange.

The mute key of the unique logo of the iPhone obviously deviates from the opening position of the iPhone XS here. It can be seen that the battery shell of the iPhone XS can be installed, but it doesn't fully fit the iPhone XS. Moreover, the three sides of the iPhone XS are about 1mm smaller. After being installed, it is loose and dynamic.

Plug in the data cable, the orange electricity indicator in the microfiber lining will be on, and the battery shell can be charged separately from the mobile phone.

The product is placed on the wireless charger, which can be conveniently used for wireless charging to supplement its own power. The smart battery case is compatible with all kinds of Qi certified chargers.

The weight of bare metal machine is 99.2g.

2、 IPhone 11 Pro smart battery case smart battery case disassembly

First remove the bottom cover, which covers the spot welding position of lightning plug. Spot welding is used to fix the lightning interface and the fixing plate.

Tear the inner fiber to expose the fiberglass cover. Below is the indicator light and interface steel plate.

The front of the glass fiber cover of the smart battery case in pink and white is white, while the glass fiber cover of the smart battery case in black is the same black. Fiberglass board is resistant to high temperature and flame, replacing the stainless steel plate in the first generation of products, lightweight design.

Remove the fiberglass cover plate, the other side is its original black color. The cover plate has an indicator light hole, and two batteries are under the cover plate.

There is a circle of black sealant around.

The bottom area is where the lightning connector and PCBA are located. The lightning fixing plate is fixed by three screws, and the fixing plate has an indicator light hole.

Two batteries are connected in series in the battery shell.

Nominal voltage and rated capacity: 7.63v, 10.9wh, 143mah lithium battery

Manufacturer: Xinpu Technology Co., Ltd

Battery model: a2177, secondary lithium battery pack

Remove the fixing screw of lightning terminal and open the cable arrangement.

Lightning terminal is fixed by two screws, silver pin, and there is two-dimensional code on the iron plate on the back of the flat plug.

The outgoing line at the back of lightning terminal is connected to PCB.

Close up of spot welding position, uniform and regular spot welding.

On the front of PCBA, there are battery interface, wireless charging coil interface, Photo button interface, and two metal shielding covers. Below are lightning terminal strip interface and lightning female connector.

The battery cable is connected with the upper left corner of PCBA through a connector.

The two lines of wireless charging coil are connected with the middle position of PCBA through the connector.

Take out the battery. There is a thin metal shield under the battery.

The battery is not fixed with the mobile phone's easy-to-pull adhesive, but with the double-sided adhesive. When it is taken out, it is easy to cause the battery to deform. The front disassembly is also destructive. It seems that no maintenance has been considered.

After removing the battery, the middle wireless charging coil cable and the right Photo button cable began to show.

Tear off the metal sheet used for shielding. Below is the wireless charging receiving coil.

Take out the wireless charging coil, and place the wireless charging coil and magnetic separator inside the shell.

In order to reduce the thickness of the coil, multi strand enameled wire flat winding is used. The black one is the magnetic separator.

The thickness of the spacer plus the coil is only 0.39mm. In the land and money of mobile phones, adding functions really requires some thought.

Remove the Photo button and the cable. Inside is a button switch welded to the cable.

Disassemble the lower PCB. According to the comparison of charging head net, the PCB size of iPhone 11 Pro is smaller than that of iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro max. This is because the body size of this version of smart battery shell product is smaller than the other two, so the size of PCB also needs to be adjusted due to volume limitation.

The chip is located under the front two shielding covers.

The pink and white versions of the smart battery shell lightning female are white, while the black version of the smart battery shell lightning female is the same black, with favorable details.

There is also a long shielding cover on the back of PCB, and copper foil is pasted on the surface of the shielding cover on the back.

Remove the copper foil to expose the shield body.

Close up of the front of the circuit board with the shield removed. The inner part of the left shield is the wireless charging receiving part, and the inner part of the right shield is the voltage rise and fall circuit.

Inside the left shield on the front of PCB is the wireless charging receiving part, which has a receiving chip and NPO resonance capacitor.

Ti tps715a01 details.

Wireless charging receiving chip: Broadcom bcm59358. It is consistent with the wireless charging chip model of the second generation Apple pencil.

The chip of the screen printing E9.

The chip of screen printing edu.

The right shield on the front of PCB is a voltage rise and fall circuit with an inductor and chip capacitance.

2r2 alloy inductance.

Ti tps62162 3.3V output synchronous step-down converter, screen printing quc.

Ti tps62162 details.

Screen printing 20nu switch buck chip, the following is the buck inductor.

The chip of screen printing 979i.

Two LED indicators of different colors are located in the middle of the PCB front.

Next, look inside the shielding cover on the back of PCB. Close up of the back of the circuit board with the shield removed.

St stm32l476mg single chip microcomputer is packaged with wlcsp81, which is used for the control and communication of the whole machine.

St stm32l476mg details.

IC of silk screen AGB.

Four MOS tubes for synchronous up and down pressure, silk screen SNA.

As3616a apple c94 terminal chip, welded on PCB. Compared with the previous use of multiple components combination C48, E75 terminal chip, c91, c94 chip design integration is higher and can support USB PD fast charging.

NXP 1612a1 customized material number is also used in iPhone.

Screen s9bc chip.

The chip of silk screen 98wi.

Silk screen WSM chip.

Screen printed aa9 chip.

The chip of screen printing 3uad0.

Ti tps70933dbv details.

Max77964 official no information.

Screen printed 952p chip.

Ti tps62163 5V output synchronous step-down converter, screen printing qud.

Ti tps62163 details.

Take apart the family.

3、 Disassembly summary of charging head network

IPhone 11 Pro smart battery case smart battery case, because the product volume is much smaller than iPhone 11 and 1 1pro max, so the internal PCBA size has been reduced, and the chip layout has been significantly adjusted, but the function and performance remain the same as the other two.

Compared with the previous version of the iPhone XS, the iPhone 11 Pro smart battery shell still carries two popular USB PD fast charging and Qi wireless charging technologies. With the addition of camera buttons, the battery capacity is larger and the function is stronger. So the internal structure is more complex than the previous versions, and the product workmanship still keeps the consistent manufacturing level of apple.

Apple's new smart battery shell adopts a two string battery structure, with a built-in synchronous voltage rise and fall circuit, which can obtain high conversion efficiency when charging the built-in battery and mobile phone. The built-in c94 terminal chip supports USB PD fast charging.

The receiving coil of wireless charging adopts the ultra-thin coil with multi strands of winding wires and thermal conductive materials, which are helpful to improve the charging efficiency and heat dissipation in the process of wireless charging.

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