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NetEase cloud music and station B could be the only two accidents

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Author: Cici

In 2020, let's talk about two issues worth discussing. One is where the young are surfing, the other is what products can rip a hole in the business that BAT excels in and compete with.

To answer the first question, it is easy to think of these key words: music, live broadcast, short/long video, chase drama, star pursuit. They are not independent of each other, but are related to each other, pointing to the field of pan-entertainment.

Answer the second question. Basically as long as BAT is good at things, other players are nothing. Some may mention the rise of headlines and fast hands, but in fact, the headlines and fast hands are good at the flow of information and short videos, BAT is not good at it.

A combination of two issues will point to only two accidents History of Romantic Death of Chinese Digital Music After that, with Tencent Music Entertainment Group (TME) to occupy the current music platform the first camp. The latter, which started as a quadratic element, has unique content support in both long and short videos, and becomes a Chinese Youtube with no less vitality than Ai Tengyou.

They are able to compete with the giants in their respective fields, simply by doing one thing together: a unique community culture. Unique community culture allows them to capture the hearts of the younger generation and attract countless loyal fans to follow. When the internet is in the hands of a new generation of young people, the energy of the community begins to show.


Where did the young people go to release their creativity?

Where do young people like to go first?

There's such a chart in the Mob Institute's September 2019 study," A Map of Generation Z College Students." the proportion of active users on the vertical axis is well understood, and the tgi of the horizontal axis refers to the target group index, that is, the proportion of active users of the app in college students / the proportion of active users of the app in the overall population) x 100.

The higher the TGI, the higher the proportion of college students among active users, and the more popular the app is among young people

As can be seen from the diagram, B station is closest to the NetEase cloud music position, and the TGI index is close to 1000, which is the two most popular applications in the Z generation.

Li Yin, vice president of NetEase cloud music, summed up the difference between the younger generation and the older generation at the 2019 NetEase Future Technology Conference: first, they are willing to pay for virtual products and are more comfortable with IP and data; second, they have superior material conditions and have stronger national self-confidence; and third, because they are a lonely generation of only children, they are willing to share feelings through the Internet and hope to find people with belonging and like-minded people through community platforms.

When the post-95 and post-00 Z generation became the new force and even the main user of the Internet, the "generation of net students" became positive, niche, personalized, trendy to replace the "non-mainstream" this quite sense of age, and implied derogatory words.

Generation Z is naturally quite recognizable to communities that represent individuality and novelty. Growing up with the internet means that they understand new things better, or that they see them as "native ".

With their excavations, some treasures emerged.

In 2016, five years after the sunset, China's Taiwan band released its new album," Jinji Kikko," with three songs centered around the lovely woman, Kikazi. One of them, My Jinji's NetEase cloud music commentary section, came up with the comment:" I wish you all the best of your life.

Mysterious, lyrical, romantic, sunset flying car with a unique style quickly beloved by young users. The phrase is becoming popular with a growing number of users, almost becoming the band's unofficial slogan, word of mouth among fans, and frequent courtship at concerts.

The user's spontaneous comments triggered mass communication, with more than ten thousand replies being "on your word" and "wishing you were ready to do so soon ".

More and more Taiwanese bands have been discovered because of the success of such bands in China. Known as "Three Thousand Taiwan Groups to China" in 2019, about 85 groups of Taiwanese musicians/musicians have come to the mainland to perform, according to a summary by Weibo blogger@Bay Bay Independent Music Express, with sunsets ranking fourth in total at 28 and more than 40 in 2018.

It can be said that the UGC interaction in Yuncun will even change the fate of a song and a band.

In station B, the user's creativity is shown in the second creation becomes the important content that the topic brushes the screen again, detonates.

First of all, Zhu Dan called the wrong star name many times at the awards ceremony, and one of the protagonists was Gullinaza, who happened to say "poor ha" at the end of the year MAMA Awards.

Station B users therefore made videos for them, and Gullinaza's "poor ha" combined with Zhu Dan's "concave Rui" into "Opera," which played more than 500w of ghost animals on Station B, and the two men's golden sentences were" carried forward," which was based on the "smell" content. Station B's ghost animal videos and barrages became an important node for entertainment time propagation.

So NetEase Cloud Music and Station B are essential for a new generation of young people surfing and jumping on the Internet.


What exactly does community atmosphere mean?

So the question is, why can NetEase Cloud Music and Station B catch these young people, and let them attract more young people, and they can constantly collide with each other to make sparks?

Through the development of NetEase cloud music and station B, we will find that the community atmosphere determined in their genes has a lot in common. These features constitute their barriers and moats, and are why they are able to impact on BAT's expertise in business.

One is the power of the niche and the long tail.

As we all know, the more niche groups are, the greater the organization and tightness within the group, the more attractive it is to users with similar love.

NetEase cloud music builds a similar community atmosphere to station B: respect for the user, no matter how much the user likes

Station B started in the subdivision of quadratic element, once a typical sub-culture of the Internet, is the back of mainstream value recognition. Netease cloud music initially focused on, attracted a large number of powerful but not yet widely popular folk bands and type music singers, to accommodate a number of rock, folk, electric, rap and other long-tailed music users.

But in the future, the minority and the public are relative, the broken wall and broken circle more and more things, once Yuncun and station B, the two former vertical products, are now becoming a national application.

The second is the interactive culture behind the "three companies ".

The community's unique paradigm of user-to-user interaction is nurtured by the community's atmosphere: it's common to tease fans that "live on station b "(the first time after up's main update video), then there's the same user who" nugget "in the netease cloud music (stop in the comments section of the niche, cool song).

If station B's likes, the coin, the collection is three companies, then listening to music in the NetEase cloud, watching comments, likes/responses have become the basic process.

Netease cloud music and b station, like a secret "tree hole." Here more free, can be self-expression, can be pretentious, can be humorous, can have a variety of interpretation of music, can tell their own stories without taking into account the eyes of others.

Some of the hit news events ended up falling silent, but when NetEase's cloud music was able to see the user's "wish" and real-life progress, these months or even years of comments would be consciously pushed to the top by some users, which is the unique atmosphere of NetEase's cloud music.

Therefore, when users think that NetEase cloud music is as unique as themselves, such as relying on big data to accurately recommend music that suits their tastes, or to let themselves follow the interest extension to discover a new world, the attachment to NetEase cloud music will become stronger and stronger.

The third is music Social, video An extension of society.

In the latest version of NetEase Cloud Music 7.0, we can especially see the meaning of "music social ". The circle of interest around music is a typical weak social link, the convergence of interest content for the introduction, to achieve the transfer of strong social relations, social pressure to a moderate degree.

The user we talked about above is an example of the "Sunset Flying Car" fashion created through UGC reviews. As a deep user of NetEase cloud music, I also found more users based on interest connections after constantly using and experiencing its features.

Two years ago, I set up a bgm song list for a niche drama, and a few months later, there were users who also liked the play to leave a special message of thanks, and when the play gradually became well-known, clicking on the comment area of these songs, some users actually expressed their love for the play and the actors. This is another extension of "music."

For station B, the screen is social. this is based on the extension of the video feature. Often see the user said, will first close the screen to watch the video, and then turn on to see the screen / screen, can see the appeal of the screen culture. The same video of interest, we see in B station interactive state richness, much higher than other video platforms.

It can be said that B station and NetEase cloud music, on their respective platforms, with interest as the magnetic force, connected one by one isolated island, each constitute the mainland. The two continents also show a tendency to appeal to each other and cherish each other.


The community itself is a commercial rich mine?

Of course, feelings alone is not enough to verify how far a product can go, grow into how big indicators, or ultimately commercialization. So, can community atmosphere really drive consumption transformation? In the past, the answer may have been no, but some subtle changes have quietly taken place.

In 2019, both mainstream singers and focus musicians on NetEase's cloud music set their own records.

On the 22nd day, NetEase's cloud music sales exceeded 11 million and sales exceeded 33 million yuan The record was maintained by Jay Chou's "Say No to Cry" and Wang Yibo's new song," No Feelings," went on the line for only 10 hours and 48 minutes, selling more than 10 million singles, setting a new record for the fastest sales of digital singles in China.

@newmusicindustrywatch statistics show that in 2019, China's mainland digital singles sales numbered Top10, with 15.68 million and 11.55 million in the top two. Netease cloud music data show that brilliance yu new single buyers more than 80% is after 95.

In addition to the head singers known to the chinese public," focus music "has also performed strongly, and some music from abroad has begun to" settle down in yuncun ".

For example, sales of more than 180,000 albums on the theme of xinhai cheng's director's animated theme song "tian shu er er son complete version" hit a record for japanese music digital album sales in china.

If you compare the sales of digital albums across the Internet (multi-platform), you can see several obvious features of NetEase cloud music: European and American music sales are not inferior to TME; Japanese music performance is outstanding; the musicians who have triggered the circle of craze are more advantageous, the pain Yang Yang, Rainbow Choir are typical.

Different music content brings different fans, but when each music content is sometimes, fans have the right to choose freely. From this point of view, copyright retired to the second place, the platform has become the most important choice. Can say, like which platform community, will pay the bill where.

Look at station B. Many may only notice taobao live broadcast and fast hand-shaking e-commerce transformation, but ignore the b-station up owner's ability to carry goods, many up owners have been able to achieve a million a year.

From the B platform point of view, the number of paying members is rising, Z generation is more willing to pay for quality original content.

So, community stickiness and community loyalty, how is the formation of a paid transformation?

According to the theory of interpersonal relationship in the direction of social psychology, scholars have studied the relationship between consumer-brand.

Similar to the relationship between people, consumers or users will also have feelings in the long-term contact with the brand, the higher the degree of user image and product image, the stronger the attachment to the brand, will occur strong willingness to buy, repeat purchase, recommend others to buy, even investment, join the brand for their work and so on.

After a long period of immersion in the community, the user will develop a corresponding positive emotion, that is, attachment to the brand to which the virtual community belongs, and a positive impact on its purchase intention. Ultimately, virtual community perception affects shopping value through two dimensions

We say that the establishment of a virtual community is the establishment of an online city, and infrastructure is a necessary condition for the city. And according to the consumer-brand relationship theory, it's only natural to let the residents love the city/community and be able to maintain it from the heart, love it, and even continue to contribute to it.

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