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Let's remember Windows 7: there were so many new changes in that year

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In 2001, Microsoft released the windows XP operating system, no matter how popular it was at that time, no matter how reluctant it was, until now it has gradually faded out of people's sight, only in the very old equipment can find its shadow. Vista, which was expected to succeed windows XP, fell into the awkward situation of windows me because of the poor user experience.

Time flies. Both Windows XP and windows 7 have accompanied Xiaobian for a long time. Although Xiaobian has already used windows 10, many of the computers around her still have windows 7 installed. Which operating system is installed on your computer? This time, I will follow Xiaobian to miss Windows 7 and see what innovative and useful functions it brought to people at that time.

Figure 1 classic windows 7 installation interface

Windows 7 innovation cool new desktop

Windows 7 brings users such a cool new interface that users were admiring the beauty of Windows 7. In the advanced version of the Windows 7 Home Edition and above, Aero provides users with a desktop visual experience. The Aero visual experience not only gives users a cool visual, but also brings users a very different quick operation and desktop management experience from the old version of the operating system. Aero Desktop features transparent frosted glass effects, sophisticated window animation and new window colors.

Figure 2 windows 7 transparent frosted glass window interface

Windows 7's interface is so good that users who get used to it find it so ugly to go to the old version of Windows 10? Fortunately, the new version of the Windows 10 interface has changed.

Figure 3 windows 10 first edition interface

There's also a desktop window transparency for use in Windows 7. When you're at work, someone else comes up to discuss other things with you, doesn't want him to see what you're doing, moves the cursor to the Display Desktop button, and all the windows become transparent for the time being, and they don't know what's in the window. Of course, when the mouse moves away, all the windows will automatically return to normal, which is Windows 7's Aero Desktop Perspective.

Figure 4 aero desktop Perspective

Windows 7 innovation -- Real-time taskbar thumbnail preview feature

Open n windows, how to quickly find what you need in this pile of windows? At this time, as long as the user moves the cursor to each program taskbar button in the taskbar, the corresponding program taskbar thumbnails will appear, through which you can quickly find the required windows, so you do not need to activate the windows one by one to find.

When the cursor moves to the top of a thumbnail, the contents of the window are immediately displayed on the screen. Don't worry that the thumbnail is too obscure. Clicking a thumbnail immediately activates the corresponding window of the corresponding program.

Figure 5 task bar thumbnail

In the taskbar thumbnail, more convenient control functions can be realized. For example, when using media player to play video and audio, you can directly play, pause, play the previous and next song in the taskbar thumbnail of media player without switching back to the software interface.

Figure 6 task bar thumbnail control

In addition, you can view the download/copy progress directly in the Taskbar icon when downloading or copying a file.

Figure 7 download progress at a glance

Improvements to Windows 7-- Visual Window Switching

the window/program switching feature commonly used in windows, is also strengthened in windows 7, and the more gorgeous wintab window cascades to display the switching effect with the alttab ’ s thumbnail arrangement switching window, making the window switching more intuitive and easy to use.

Fig. 8 Effect of cascade window switching

Figure 9 thumbnail arrangement switching effect

Innovation of Windows 7 -- aero touch shake function

To compare two documents, you need to display them side by side? In Windows 7, this operation is very simple. Users only need to drag the windows to be arranged, and then touch the left or right of the desktop, which will automatically display the half side of the window screen. Drag the window up and touch to maximize the window. Shake both sides of the window. The other windows are missing (minimized). Shake again. The other windows are back. This is the aero touch shake feature of Windows 7. Quick split screen is a very practical function for users who often use two windows.

Figure 10 window half screen display

2 quick taskbar

Windows 7 improvements - Custom notification area icons

Don't want icons for some programs to appear in the notification area? Don't want some notification icons to come out all the time annoying? The notification area icon management function of Windows 7 allows users to manage icons and notifications in the taskbar more flexibly.

Figure 11 custom notification area icon

Windows 7 Innovation -- Aero Desktop Slide Switch feature

Do you still need to manually set the desktop background map to keep it updated every day? Windows 7 has its own desktop background slide show tool. That is to say, Windows 7 can automatically change the desktop background every few minutes / hours / 1 day according to your settings to keep your desktop background fresh. In this mode, the user can quickly switch the next background by "next desktop background" in the right-click menu of the desktop. There is no need to install more Wallpaper software.

Figure 12 automatic wallpaper replacement settings

Windows 7 Innovation -- Desktop Thematic Features

Figure 13 desktop theme settings

Windows 7 Innovation Desktop gadget

Figure 14 desktop widget Library

Improvements to Windows 7 Lose or Show - Find Files Faster

The search function of Windows 7 adopts the way of "input and display", when the user enters in the search field, the relevant search results will be displayed and changed immediately with the user's input, and the file will not be searched again as in Windows XP.

Figure 15 Search Instant Display

The search bar of the start menu in Windows 7 has also been enhanced, which is also applicable to the way of "just in time" display. The search results include programs, control panel items, files, and setting options. For example, if you want to turn off the windows auto arrange function of Windows 7, you don't need to remember the location of the option. You just need to use the search function of the start menu when you need to set it. Because mouse operation is involved, you can even enter the option name directly and the option related to "mouse logo" will be found automatically, which is very intelligent and convenient.

Figure 16 start menu search bar improvement

Windows 7 Innovation -- jumplist feature

There are commonly used folders in the various disk partitions, each use of the file inside a layer of slowly to open, although creating a desktop shortcut is a good way, but the desktop is a lot of shortcuts, the desktop appears messy. In Windows 7, you can quickly open the commonly used files, folders, and by dragging them onto the taskbar and attaching them to the jump list. Small editor thinks this is also a very practical function, the commonly used folder fixed to jump list can improve a lot of operational efficiency.

Figure 17 task bar jump list

Also, when the program supports, the list of files that the program recently opened will be recorded and exhausted in the JumpList list of the program in the Start menu to facilitate the user to quickly re-open. You can also pull out the JumpList list on the program's taskbar icon, where you can fix the more commonly used items so they are not replaced by new items.

Figure 18 jumplist list of browsers

3. Significantly enhanced safety performance

Windows 7 innovation centralized management library function

A big change in Windows 7 is the library feature. "Library" is simply to include files of the same type into the same classification, which is convenient for user management and practical use. For example, there are scattered video / audio / pictures / working documents in the hard disk. How to manage them? Copy them to the same directory one by one. Although this method can achieve the goal, it is very troublesome. For example, the folders commonly used by users are located in different locations on the hard disk, and the levels of folders are different. For those folders with deep paths, it is also very difficult to locate each time.

This allows you to use the "library" features of Windows, place the same folders in the same library, such as the folder on the video file in the "video library," and manage and manipulate the video library centrally without moving the location of the original file. How to say, this function is very practical for some users, but not at all for some users.

Figure 19 include a folder in the picture library

Figure 20 centralized management effect of picture library

Windows 7 innovation - fast switching of projection function

In the demonstration or teaching process, the user will often use the projector, in Windows 7 switch screen display to the projector becomes very simple, the user only need to press the shortcut key winP, can achieve the screen display switching function, no need to go to the layers of settings menu to set.

Figure 21 quick switch

Windows 7 Innovation -- LAN Sharing Is That Simple

Sharing files, printers and other resources with LAN users in Windows 7 is also very simple. It only needs two simple steps to create a Homegroup. Other computers can easily share files and devices by joining the Homegroup. Compared with Windows XP, this operation is too simple.

Figure 22 creating a Homegroup

Windows 7 Innovation -- Improved User Account Control

As we all know, because XP permission design is not rigorous, it opens the door for viruses and Trojans, and XP has become a hotbed of Trojans. So Microsoft introduced the account control function in Vista, but because the design is not humanized enough, it makes the function more annoying. In Windows 7, the user account control (UAC controller) has been improved. Four levels of prompt mode ensure the system security without too many pop ups. However, some users will abandon their troubles and always shut down this function in the first time after reinstalling the system.

Figure 23 user account control settings

Windows 7 innovation close to professional windows firewall

Windows XP integrated firewall is often regarded as a weakness by users. In Windows 7, Microsoft has upgraded the firewall to a large extent and added many functions that only professional firewall has, so that ordinary users can resist ordinary attacks from the Internet without the help of other professional firewalls.

Figure 24 Windows Firewall

Windows 7 provides users with three different network locations. Users choose different network modes according to their own network environment, so as to easily obtain different levels of network firewall security protection.

Figure 25 network mode

Windows 7 innovation - Operations Center

The Windows 7 operations center checks multiple security and maintenance-related options on the computer in real time to help users fix these problems in a timely manner. When the status of the monitored item changes (e.g., the antivirus software expires), the operations center will publish a message in the notification area on the taskbar to notify the user, and the status color of the monitored item in the operations center will change to prompt the user for the seriousness of the message and give the relevant recommended action.

Figure 26 operation center

Windows 7 innovation - free antispyware and antivirus software

Windows 7 has built-in Windows Defender, a free anti spyware software from Microsoft. Users can also download free Microsoft Security Essentials to strengthen the security system of Windows 7. But in that case, it's a weak point for many users, who are used to installing third-party security software to ensure system security.

Figure 27 Windows Defender

Windows 7 Innovation -- System Backup and Restore Tool

Windows 7 not only has the system multi-point restore tool, but also has a system image backup and restore tool similar to ghost. With it, you can easily backup and restore the system.

Figure 28 System Backup Tool

Windows 7 Innovation -- parental control function

Children in the winter and summer to play computer day and night, parents to work, how to monitor the time children use the computer? Windows 7 has its own "parent control" tool to facilitate the user's management of the way/time children use the computer. For example, users can restrict the use of computer time periods, the types of games they can play, and the programs they can run.

Figure 29 time limit

Windows 7 improvements drive encryption

Of course Windows 7 also comes with a higher level of drive encryption, and BitLocker can help protect the security of all information, including documents and passwords, by encrypting Windows and the entire drive where your data resides. Unfortunately, the feature is available only in the Windows 7 flagship version.

4 Practical functions

Windows 7 improvements - easier picture manipulation

Do you need to use other image browsing tools when browsing? Browsing the image in windows 7 becomes easy, except for thumbnail displays that support multiple images. After selecting the folder, press the ctrl button and scroll through the mouse wheel to quickly zoom in and out. For this tool, small knitting or not very satisfied, so used to install a third-party view software, both can quickly see the picture, but also can simply handle the picture.

Figure 30 picture thumbnail

In addition, Windows 7's own photo-viewer has been able to replace the normal image browsing tool for everyday image browsing.

Figure 31 photo viewer

Windows 7 Innovation -- Separate Volume Adjuster

If you adjust the volume in Windows XP, you can only adjust the global volume. Windows 7 has a separate volume adjustment function for each video and audio program. Users can adjust the volume individually for a single video and audio program. This function is very practical. You can control the loud and the low voice flexibly.

Figure 32 individual volume adjustment

Windows 7 Innovation -- Windows DVD Maker Tool

With the windows DVD Maker tool of Windows 7, you can easily make videos or digital photos and burn them into a DVD disc that can be played by the DVD player, sharing with friends happily. Up to now, even optical drives are rarely used in home computers.

Figure 33 Windows DVD Maker

Windows 7 innovation - Windows Media Center

Figure 34 Windows Media Center

The back waves of the Yangtze River push the front waves and the front waves die on the beach

Although it's time for Windows 7 to retire, there are still many users who have installed it on their computers. According to the survey, as of December 2019, 26.64% of users are still using Windows 7, which is more than 57% in China. Why?

1、 Because of laziness, I'm too lazy to change the system. In the past, the computer installed Windows 7 by default. Where would ordinary users want to change windows 10? After all, the upgrade of windows is not as simple as the upgrade of mobile phones. Now many users of mobile phone system say that it is not easy to upgrade.

Second, because not used to, used to Windows 7, to Windows 10 to get used to again, some users will find this very annoying. Windows 10 is actually similar to Windows 7, compared to Windows 8.

3、 Because it costs money, upgrading to windows 10 costs money. Although there is another "free upgrade" way, for some enterprise users, upgrading to windows 10 can not be done in this way.

4、 Because of compatibility, it's true that 2020 is the year when some office systems are not compatible with windows 10. Some users bought a new computer and installed windows 10 by default. As a result, the office system was not compatible and had to be downgraded to Windows 7.

ng old hardware devices, yes, some old hardware devices do not have Windows 10 drivers, or drivers are not perfect.

So when Microsoft stops supporting Windows 7, will Windows 7 not work? No, no, Windows 7 can still be used, but there is no continuous software and security update, and there is no technical support for any problems. For ordinary users, it is necessary to pay attention to security issues at all times, and remember to install a reliable security software.

(分析研究经验做出结论) sum up

How about, do you think some of the windows 7 innovations above are just the practical features you are used to? No matter how excellent Windows 7 is, it has completed its historical mission, and it is time for windows 10 to take over. Windows 10 has higher operating efficiency, better security and better game experience, and only it can make the new hardware devices perform best. Windows 7 is old. Let's take it out of history.

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