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4K 144hz with dual SLI? ASUS DSC competitive display saves you 2080ti

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With the development of e-sports industry, especially after the popularity of FPS games such as "PUBG" and "CSGO ", the 2K resolution 144Hz refresh rate of e-sports display has become the standard mainstream standard standard standard standard for gamers. But for some enthusiasts who love the 3A blockbuster, the 4K 144Hz configuration will satisfy them

4K 144Hz还搭双路SLI?华硕DSC电竞显示器替你省下一张2080Ti的钱

In recent years, there have been several 4K144Hz pyramid cutting-edge e-sports display products on the market, the overall number is still limited, small editor open JingDong search

4K 144Hz还搭双路SLI?华硕DSC电竞显示器替你省下一张2080Ti的钱

4K144Hz player is the real one

How grandiose is the quality of the 4K 144Hz e-sports display? It is estimated that most gamers in front of the screen are unable to give answers. Not only is it because such a spec-configured display is very expensive on the market, but even if it can afford to pay for its ten thousand dollars, it doesn't necessarily have a strong enough computer configuration to carry such specs. The 4K resolution is typically 3840x2160, which is equivalent to about 144 refresh LED screens per second for about 8.3 million pixel arrays. This screen refresh requirement has far exceeded the hardware limit of the current graphics card, and early players usually chose the dual-channel graphics card SLI crossfire to experience the ultimate pleasure of the 4K144Hz e-sports screen.

4K 144Hz还搭双路SLI?华硕DSC电竞显示器替你省下一张2080Ti的钱

Bridge Technology of NVIDIA SLI multi video card

4K 144Hz还搭双路SLI?华硕DSC电竞显示器替你省下一张2080Ti的钱

Super exaggerated 4-piece RTX 2080ti video card sli

The goal of bridging a dual- or multi-channel graphics card is obvious: allowing multiple graphics cards to perform the task of rendering computing at the same time is like one person's unfinished work, and now the leader is hiring another person to assist. But because of the 4K 144Hz limit, even the dual-channel SLI's graphics card must be above the GeForce GTX 1080, sacrificing some chroma sampling to shut down the HDR. If the highest quality and HDR feature is turned on, it is at least above the GeForce RTX2080 series, and because the existing DP line bandwidth is insufficient, it cannot guarantee the lossless output of the picture calculated by the graphics card. In this way, the dual-channel graphics card with 4K144Hz display costs a lot.

4K 144Hz还搭双路SLI?华硕DSC电竞显示器替你省下一张2080Ti的钱

So, is there no real solution that can output 4K 144hz losslessly in the world? The answer is: finally!


4K 144Hz还搭双路SLI?华硕DSC电竞显示器替你省下一张2080Ti的钱

First DSC technology, ASUS ROGXG27UQ single channel graphics card

At present, there are very few e-sports displays with DSC technology, and from the products that have been put on the market, Xiaobian has only heard that the Asustek ROG player kingdom has released a ROG Strix XG27UQ called "absolute shadow ". The product is now online at JingDong, with a price tag of 7,999 yuan and sitting unscathed at 4K, which is largely flat compared to the price of the first-generation 4K144Hz display.

This DSC electronic competitive display was first unveiled at the game show in Cologne, Germany in 2019. The official propaganda does not need double DP connection or chroma sampling, only through a dp1.4 data line connection, it can present the extremely smooth 4K ultra clear image quality and 144hz refresh rate visual effect. From the recommended PC configuration given by the official, it can be seen that the graphics card requirements of this Rog xg27uq video game display are not very high. A geforce GTX 1080 or a radeon RX 5700 or above graphics card can easily turn on the DSC function, so that a large number of players can easily enjoy a smooth play experience.

4K 144Hz还搭双路SLI?华硕DSC电竞显示器替你省下一张2080Ti的钱

It has to be said that Asustek joined forces with AMD to achieve the real landing of the DSC e-sports display, is the second generation of 4K144Hz e-sports display, but also unscathed

After purchasing the DSC electronic competitive display, what interesting 4k144hz game works can be played on the market at present? In addition to FPS online games such as csgo and vanguard, such as call of duty 16, ancient sword fantasy 3 and subway: leaving are all very good single player choices! If you want to play 4K 144hz, try to start a DSC electronic competitive display quickly, and save money on a video card. It will definitely make you smell good!

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