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144hz screen is about to enter the era of high refresh rate

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Since last year's one plus 7 Pro with 90hz refresh rate screen was launched, many manufacturers have followed up and launched 90hz and 120Hz high refresh rate mobile phones.

Sharp even brought the product of 240Hz refresh rate, but it actually realized the display effect of 240Hz by inserting frame, the physical refresh rate of the display panel is 120Hz.

Compared with the traditional 60 hz screen, the high refresh rate screen can bring a better experience when brushing some information flow (weibo, etc.), playing games and watching movies, so it doesn't want to be replaced.

144Hz屏幕即将登场 手机屏幕步入高刷新率时代

Here also highlights the game, in the past, due to mobile phone hardware performance constraints, it is difficult to play games full of 60 frames, so 60 Hz screen is completely enough.

Nowadays, the performance of many flagship products fully supports 60 or more frames, so the high refresh rate screen works.

Especially in the FPS game, you can first see the enemy to kill, a high refresh rate screen phone is equivalent to a physical plug-in, and even have an impact on the game balance.

The game is also a high refresh rate screen in addition to daily use, a very important use scenario.

At the beginning of this year, Yijia took the lead in bringing 120 Hz OLED screen.

Refresh 120 images per second, each frame of the screen operation time as low as 8.3 milliseconds, a higher 120 Hz refresh rate screen will bring a better basic experience.

144Hz屏幕即将登场 手机屏幕步入高刷新率时代

On the same day, first, Nubian president Ni Fei said publicly on his microblog that the Red Devils 5g has completed the 144hz screen refresh rate debugging, and will have four refresh rates of 60 / 90 / 120 / 144hz to choose from.

Soon afterwards,possess

144Hz屏幕即将登场 手机屏幕步入高刷新率时代

144Hz屏幕即将登场 手机屏幕步入高刷新率时代

To be sure, the mobile phone market will begin to enter the era of high refresh rate screen in 2020, and the high refresh rate is now recognized by more and more users.

The ecosystem, including game end and third-party applications, is also being built, and will bring excellent experience to users in more scenarios in the future.

Besides flagship products,The red rice K30 series and the realm X50 also provide a sample for the high refresh rate screens of the mid-range products. This year, in addition to the flagship products, we should also be able to see more mid-range products with high refresh rate screens.

However, we have to think about one more question. Compared with 60Hz, 90hz refresh rate screen has a significant improvement in user experience. How much improvement does 120Hz and 144hz have compared with 90hz?

Is it the same as when we switch from 60Hz screen to 144hz competitive screen on our PC, but when we change from 144hz to 240Hz, we don't think it's greatly improved?

At present, it can be said that,120Hz and 144hz screens will definitely improve compared with 90hz screen experience, but there may not be a general leap in quality.

At present, whether the hardware performance of mobile phone can guarantee the continuous output of more than 120 frames in the game is also unknown. Of course, the first thing is to adapt the game.

When the 144hz screen refresh rate product is available, we will also verify the current problem through actual tests, hoping that 144hz is not a publicity stunt.

144Hz屏幕即将登场 手机屏幕步入高刷新率时代

In addition, the high refresh rate screen does have the advantage of experience, but it can also bring about an increase in power consumption.

Although manufacturers are also trying to alleviate this problem through system optimization, there is no doubt about the impact on cell phone endurance.

Now many mobile phones can switch their refresh rate to save some power. At the same time, not all applications support high refresh rate.

When we open some apps, the refresh rate will automatically return to 60Hz, passively saving power for us.

And the most direct solution to this problem is to increase the battery capacity, so that the phone will also increase in weight and thickness, so it is bound to make some choices.

In the future, if there is a revolutionary change in the cell phone battery, it will also provide a better growth space for the high refresh rate screen.

144Hz屏幕即将登场 手机屏幕步入高刷新率时代

What's more, there are two kinds of high refresh rate screens on the market at present, OLED and LCD. LCD screen is not as good as OLED in response time, so the same refresh rate, the high refresh rate fluency of LCD screen is weaker than OLED screen, and the actual experience will be discounted in a certain degree.

In addition, although it cannot be said that the LCD screen is certainly worse than the OLED screen, but at least the LCD screen used in the middle end of the product in the overall quality of the flagship product OLED, whether color gamut, brightness or contrast is much worse.

Therefore, in addition to the high refresh rate, we should also pay attention to other parameter information when purchasing mobile phones. A screen with good comprehensive quality can bring a better experience.

Write at the end

High refresh rate is definitely the development trend of mobile phones in the future. It is expected that the 90hz / 120Hz screen will be popularized soon this year and become an essential parameter in flagship products.

Although users don't necessarily use it, in order not to lag behind other vendors, so must have, more users will also enjoy the high refresh rate screen to bring the excellent perception.

As for whether the 144hz screen can really improve the user's daily use and game experience, I will draw a question mark here for the moment.

Especially in the game aspect, first of all, the application needs to adapt to the high refresh rate screen, and then whether the current processor performance can support the stable operation of the game at 144 frame rate, pay attention to the stable operation.

If you can only occasionally reach more than 144 frames, and may need to rely on lower quality, then the 144-hz screen doesn't seem to have the same significance, and the impact of high refresh rates on cell phone life needs to be addressed.

However, manufacturers also consider these problems, providing refresh rate of multiple gears, allowing users to choose according to their needs.

Finally, I'd like to remind you that before you choose a product with high refresh rate, you should also consider the overall quality of the screen, don't look at one thing or the other, and want to know whether you really need high refresh rate.

144Hz屏幕即将登场 手机屏幕步入高刷新率时代

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