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How to disinfect to prevent cell phone from being infected? The right way is here

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In the anti epidemic war, the frequency of people using mobile phones has greatly increased. According to the new coronavirus infection pneumonia treatment plan (trial version 5) issued by the national health and Health Commission, respiratory droplets and contact transmission are the main routes of transmission.

Therefore, when we play with the machine, inadvertently rub eyes and feel the nose are likely to let the virus in, to disinfect the phone is very necessary. How to disinfect the cell phone properly

According to the disinfection method in the new coronavirus infected pneumonia treatment plan (trial version 5):The virus is sensitive to UV and heat. The virus can be effectively inactivated by 56 ℃ for 30 minutes, ether, 75% ethanol (alcohol), chlorine containing disinfectant, peracetic acid and chloroform.

So many disinfection methods, which one is the most suitable for mobile phone disinfection?

Recently, Yijia mobile phone officially invited yinhongmei, the chief physician in general medicine department of the first hospital of Jilin University, to jointly write a mobile phone disinfection guide for your reference.

75% alcohol as disinfection method

Based on the commonness of life, when disinfecting mobile phones, we usually consider 84 disinfectant (containing chlorine disinfectant) and 75% alcohol.

As we all know, the mobile phone is basically made of four kinds of materials: plastic, metal, glass and ceramics, and the inside of the body is a variety of sophisticated metal parts.

Disinfectant is a high-efficiency disinfectant mainly sodium hypochlorite, which is corrosive to metal, and must be soaked in disinfectant for 10-15 minutes to achieve disinfection effect, not suitable for mobile phone disinfection.

Alcohol is milder than 84。 It is not corrosive, easy to volatilize, will not cause irreversible harm to the human body and mobile phone, and the concentration of 75% alcohol is also often used in medical disinfection, so it is more suitable to sterilize the mobile phone disinfectant.

How to disinfect mobile phone correctly?

Disinfection tool preparation

Tool 1: 75% medical alcohol.Mainly used for screen, back disinfection, killing virus bacteria, home conditions, can be equipped with a separate spray bottle;

Tool 2: Sanitary cotton balls It is not recommended to use a kind of abrasive material, such as rags, which may increase the loss of the screen / mobile phone protective film itself during cleaning.

Mobile phone disinfection steps

Step 1: pour 75% of the medical alcohol into the spray bottle and shake it up.

Step 2: Spray the medical alcohol in the spray bottle evenly on the sanitary cotton ball/sterile soft cloth;(No spray bottle can directly take the appropriate amount of alcohol poured on the cotton ball

Step 3: Use tampon/soft cloth from top to bottom in the same direction to wipe the phone screen, back, side, phone key gap

Step 4: leave the mobile phone for 5 minutes, wait for the alcohol on the surface of the mobile phone to evaporate, and complete the deep disinfection of the mobile phone;

Step 5: If the mobile phone wears a protective cover, it is necessary to wait for the mobile phone to volatilize and then wear the protective shell again.

Mobile phone disinfection frequency

Because of the volatile properties of alcohol, there is no guarantee of prolonged disinfection, If possible, disinfect 2-3 times a day;

After going home, it is suggested to disinfect the mobile phone once;

It's necessary to disinfect things that may come into contact with our face and lips, such as our mobile phone case and earphone products.

Precautions for Disinfection

Be sure to wash your hands clean and get used to daily alcohol disinfection Doctor lilac teaches you the seven step washing technique of not leaving dead angle)So as to avoid cross infection;

Take care to disinfect the tampons

Alcohol has a certain degree of oxidation, it will react with organic molecules, so we should try to wait for the alcohol to evaporate before wearing a protective shell for the mobile phone;

Alcohol is easy to volatilize. In the process of disinfection, avoid leakage, keep away from open fire, keep away from alcohol for smokers, and guard against fire;

If there is no bottle of alcohol, you can buy alcohol cotton for disinfection.


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