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Apple iPhone changes usb-c interface

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The recent news that the EU has asked the iPhone to replace type-C has caused a heated debate in the industry, but the facts are misunderstood. The European Union once again discussed unifying the standard charging ports of all smart phones and tablets, such as USB type-C, saying that some members are studying legislation and other means to force this matter, but it is still possible to implement it voluntarily.

The European Union unified charging cable standard was released a few years ago. Basically every year, the media will take it out to win an eye. Recently, it has been hyped again, causing a huge stir. From the current apple plan, appleMacBookandIPadIt will gradually switch to usb-c, and the iPhone will go as fast as 2022.

Here's a collection of recent eu unified charging cable standard events, a summary of the "apple iphone replacement usb-c interface in the innings ", to take a look at the apple interface.

1、 Apple on the European bar

According to the latest news, the EU legislature passed a resolution by an overwhelming majority of 582 votes to 40, aiming to promote the European Commission to take action to unify the charging solution (usb-c interface) of smart phones. That means Apple has to do something about product sales in Europe to solve the current interface dispute.

At present, the latest iPad Pro 11 inch and 12.9 inch tablet computers use usb-c interface, but Apple's iPhone still uses lightning input interface, the European Union's move is bound to affect the sales of Apple's devices in Europe, after all, Apple's user activity is not limited.

The European Commission report outlines six solutions for Apple's iPhone interface.

Today's mainstream charging interfaces for electronic devices are mainly Android based on usb-c and IOS based on lightning. The two interface types have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the evaluation is also different. After all, there are not a few devices using these two charging interfaces, but a recent event makes lightning based Apple Devices seem not peaceful.

2、 Apple's contribution to usb-c

When it comes to Apple's contribution to usb-c, we have to say three products: new MacBook, macbook pro 16 inch, and iPad pro.

Let's start with the new MacBook Air.

In 2015, Apple released the first new MacBook that supports 29w USB PD fast charging, which is also the first notebook computer on the market with usb-c interface. The screen of this product is only 12 inches, and it is positioned in the extremely light and thin version. A 29w usb-c charger is equipped as standard. Although the output only supports two voltage ranges of 5V 2.4a and 14.8V 2.0A, it was considered as "high power" at that time.

Apple's charger of this specification has only lasted for two years. In 2017, the new MacBook has been upgraded to 30W, and its output specifications are also enriched. It supports 5v3a, 9v3a, 15v2a and 20v1.5a, which can be said to be a comprehensive upgrade.

Next is the MacBook Pro 16 inch.

At the end of 2019, Apple released a new MacBook Pro 16 inch notebook computer. In order to meet the ultimate performance needs of users, the new MacBook Pro uses a more powerful processor, graphics card and 16 inch screen size. Of course, in order to make the ultimate performance play more incisively and vividly, the original 87W PD charger with the largest power can no longer meet the power supply needs of MacBook Pro 16 inch, so Apple has equipped the new MacBook Pro with a powerful 96w usb-c power adapter.

Finally, iPad pro.

On the iPad, apple currently uses the way of coexistence of usb-c and lightning interface. At the end of 2018, Apple's highest level iPad Pro uses usb-c interface, and the attached charger and charging cable are also usb-c interface. Some iPads that support fast charging are also equipped with 18W usb-c chargers as standard.

It can be seen from these three products that Apple has launched the first usb-c laptop, the first high-power usb-c charger, etc. it can be seen that apple is a giant eating crabs on usb-c. In addition to the iPhone, apple spare no effort to promote the development of usb-c on laptops and tablets, which shows that Apple plays an important role in the usb-c industry.

Not only that, apple is also one of the core members of usb-if, participating in the formulation of USB pd2.0, USB pd3.0 and other charging standards, and there is no separate encryption of usb-c accessories into the MFI (made for iPhone) system to avoid fragmentation of the fast charging standard.

Apple maintains the integrity of usb-c ecological chain, which is obvious to all in the industry.

3、 Apple family usb-c charger

The usb-c charger of apple family was released early and has a complete number, covering the charging requirements of three categories of digital products, namely mobile phones, tablets and laptops. Especially in terms of high power, Apple has launched 87W and 96w models.

Apple family currently has 7 USB PD chargers, namely, a1695 (18W), a1540 (29w), a1882 (30W), a1718 (61W old), a1947 (61W new), a1719 (87W), a2166 (96w). No matter the power of these chargers is large or small, they can be recharged downward compatible with iPhone through the measurement of charging head network.

Among them, Apple's a1540 (29w) and a1718 (61W) are early products on the market, which have been discontinued and no longer sold.

4、 Which devices support lightning

Looking back on the history, the first lightning device iPhone 5 came into the market, thus officially unveiling Apple's new connector form, with the corresponding cable supporting positive and negative plug-in, small connector and other features. This mobile phone was released in the United States in September 2012, nearly seven years ago. During this period, lightning connector is accompanied by many generations of Apple phones such as iPhone 5 to iPhone 11, and the quick charging function is also added in subsequent models.

Apple established MFI ecosystem around lightning interface, more than 800 members joined in and developed thousands of Apple peripherals.

According to the statistics of charging head network, at present, there are nine iPhone models that support USB PD fast charging. In September 2017, all iPhone models after iPhone 8 support USB PD fast charging function. In 2019, apple finally equipped PD accessories as standard for iPhone 11 pro and iPhone 11 Pro max. Apple began to form a strong camp on USB PD fast charging.

However, it should be noted that up to now, Apple has only won the bid for 18W PD charger and usb-c to lightning charging cable in iPhone 11 pro and iPhone 11 Pro max. other iPhone models need to purchase these accessories if they want to experience the fast charging.

The iPhone 11 needs to obtain the fast charging function. In addition to the device supporting USB PD fast charging, it also needs a PD charger and an official usb-c to lightning data cable. Both are indispensable. Apple has officially opened the authorization of usb-c to lightning cable, and the third-party usb-c to lightning cable on the market will develop in a diversified direction.

5、 IPhone interface change probability

The 2009 Mou expired in 2014, and despite a new one from the smartphone industry in 2018, the European Commission rejected the request as usb-c became more common. However, the 2009 generic specification focuses on the wording of the adapter.

In order to comply with the EU agreement, Apple launched the lightning to micro USB adapter in 2012. The adapter was launched in Europe at the same time as the iPhone 5, but the results were mixed.

According to Apple's previous solutions, there are two ways for iPhone to deal with the EU regulation in the future:

1. Attached conversion head, which has been done before;

2. Directly cancel the interface and make it completely non porous.

Prior to that, industry analysts said that Apple had plans to build 2021 iPhones into "wireless phones" aimed at providing "full wireless experience". It is reported that the iPhone will have no lightning and data interface, and the interface free design will make it more waterproof. WiFi and Bluetooth are both based on wireless transmission at present, and wireless fast charging for charging will become the preferred power supply mode for the iPhone without holes.

6、 Usb-c unified Jianghu

USB PD (USB power delivery) is one of the mainstream fast charging protocols at present. It is a fast charging specification developed by usb-if organization. The specification can achieve higher voltage and current, and the maximum power can be up to 100 watts (20V 5a), and can freely change the direction of power transmission.

Apple iPhone changes usb-c interface, which is the general trend. It's only a matter of time before it becomes popular.

Summary of charging head network

First of all, unlike in previous years, this EU discussion is not about cell phone data lines or interfaces, but about wall chargers. The vice president of the European Commission has said that there are more than 30 kinds of chargers in the EU, but since 2009, the number has dropped to three kinds, but even so, the annual waste chargers can bring 51000 tons of e-waste.

Second, Apple also expressed its views on the EU unified charging cable standard incident. Apple believed that forcing all smart phones to have the same type of connector in place would stifle innovation, rather than encourage innovation, and would harm European consumers and the overall economic benefits. Apple hopes that the European Commission will continue to seek a solution that does not limit the industry's ability to innovate and brings exciting new technologies to its customers.

Finally, on the discussion focus of Apple iPhone replacing usb-c interface, the EU, apple and users hold different views, saying that the public manager is reasonable, and what do you think of the Apple fans?

In addition, compared with the charging interface of mobile phones, the standard of DC power interface of notebook computers is not uniform, which is the disaster area. It is urgent to unify the usb-c power interface of laptop.

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