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Decrypt the "war epidemic" blowout cloud office industry! PK of Huawei Ali and other five giants

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Original title: Full analysis of cloud office industry

Author: Liu Gaochang

Current reference source: Guosheng securities


Epidemic driven rapid development of cloud Office

At present, with the spread of new coronavirus pneumonia in Wuhan, all industries are suffering a certain impact and the real economy of the country is affected. To fight against the epidemic, we should unite as one. At the time of the most serious epidemic, we should hope to win the war without gunpowder smoke and find a new turning point in the crisis.


SARS in 2003 promoted the rapid development of Internet giants in China

Similarly, this 2020 new pneumonia crisis or open new industry inflection point. With the continuous impact of coronavirus pneumonia, people advocate


Under the impact of the epidemic or bring new industry changes

Teleworking is 。 For the largest group of ordinary office workers, the remote office will become the rigid demand of most enterprises, and the online office software that can achieve office collaboration will be widely used in the near future. Once this way of working becomes a business habit, it will continue to be irreversible. At present, the development of office software SAAS and communication technology is entering the mature period of products. With the cultivation of product maturity combined with industry demand in a special background and dual drive, it is expected that the remote office market will usher in the outbreak period.

In order to fight against the epidemic, many remote office products are open for free. During the epidemic, a number of software service providers opened their remote office products free of charge to help reduce the flow of people to fight the epidemic. The products of major enterprises include Alibaba nail, welink provided by Huawei cloud, Tencent conference provided by Tencent cloud, flybook provided by byte beat, Tianyi cloud conference provided by China Telecom, etc.


Cloud office products provided free of charge during the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic in 2020

Generally speaking, the functions of cloud collaborative office software currently on the market can be divided into four categories, including instant messaging, document collaboration, task/person management, and design tools. In addition, for the nail,Huawei WeLink and other open platform cloud office software, but also provide customized interface services, software and hardware collaboration services. The announcement of the opening of free telecommuting software enterprises, mainly to provide instant messaging tools.


Cloud collaborative office software on the market can be divided into four categories

Industry leader

The products of some giant enterprises, such as Feishu, Jinshan document, welink and Tencent conference, were selected and compared one by one.


Function comparison table of cloud office products

1. Kingsoft WPS

Document cloud collaboration and voice conference: Taking ppt demonstration as an example, after logging in at Jinshan Document web site, you can see that the wechat applet of Jinshan document and the document of WPS office on the mobile terminal have been synchronized in the cloud. There are five functions in the upper right of the interface in turn: remote conference, play, historical version, share and cooperation.


Jinshan document remote collaboration function

Teleconference: the presenter can click Jinshan document to enter the conference mode, and invite the people who need to attend the conference through QR code or copy link. Both mobile phones and computers can attend the conference.

1. Log in to the official website of Jinshan document;

2. Open the presentation document required for the meeting and click on "Teleconferencing ";

3. Send the generated link or QR code to the participants via QQ, WeChat, etc. When you are ready, click on "Start Meeting" to see the presentation document you share and follow you to turn the page automatically. After the participants enter the meeting, the computer or mobile interface is exactly the same as the main interface of the presenter. Click on the

Sharing and collaboration: Kingsoft documents can be viewed and edited in real-time, a document, many people online modification at the same time. The sharing function restricts access for users who get links to view, download, save, and print; the collaboration allows anyone who gets a link to participate in the collaborative editing of a document and to record the history of a historical version as well as the history of the document.

need to be dealt with: use Jinshan to do to create a "shared task group" with members of your team. After creating tasks to be processed in the group, you can quickly assign them to each team member. Within the group, the task progress can be synchronized in real time between members. By setting task priority and reminding time, personnel participation can greatly reduce the cost of task supervision and progress follow-up.

WPS form: WPS forms send links / QR codes to friends by setting questions, collect and summarize the results of forms to forms, and support statistics, analysis, download and other operations of form data. The form can be used in various collection scenarios, such as student / parent data collection, order / performance statistics, activity / training enrollment, address book collection, sales details statistics, etc. The form supports a variety of question types: fill in blank, single choice, multiple choice, count, score, date, etc. To meet the needs of different types of information collection.

In the current situation of prevention and control of the epidemic, in order to facilitate the statistics of enterprises to return to the staff information table, WPS form launched

WPS calendar:WPS calendar can be arranged for daily management work, as long as the shared calendar to friends, you can arrange meetings, parties, team travel, class management and class appointments and other functions.

Take wechat group chat as an example to launch a gathering of multiple people. When wechat group chat is about a gathering of friends, it is always necessary to ask many times to determine the number of participants, place, time, and even the reminder time in advance. With the WPS calendar, wechat group chat about the gathering of friends on a page is all done.

1. Create a new schedule in the WPS calendar. Just fill in the title, party time, reminder time and place to create a party schedule.

Click on "share" to share the schedule to group chat friends, you can choose to copy the link to share, or wechat scan code directly through Mini Programs to share to WeChat friends.

3. Friends can view the details of the party by opening the link in the browser. Click "accept" to join the party. When using wechat code scanning to share, when it's time to remind the schedule, the [WPS calendar] applet will notify all applicants in wechat to avoid everyone forgetting the time.

2. Ali nails

29 January to safeguard business organizations, education, health and government institutions

Alibaba nail is a free communication and collaboration multi-terminal platform for small and medium-sized enterprises and teams. It supports four platforms: IOS, Android, windows and MAC. Messages from computers and mobile phones can be synchronized in real time and saved in the cloud for easy search at any time. Alibaba nail has powerful functions. In addition to group chat, red packet, Ding group call, attendance, payslip, cloud disk, etc., it has also developed into a powerful open platform, where tens of thousands of application service providers and customized service providers all over the world enter. In the interface, you can choose the industry solutions required by the enterprise or customize services.

The main functions of Alibaba pin include remote video conference, group live broadcast for the convenience of educational institutions and schools, ring function to ensure the accurate access of information during the epidemic, schedule sharing, task collaboration, online document collaboration, remote card printing function to ensure the decentralized office efficiency of the organization, as well as log reporting, office OA, approval, intelligent personnel, pin disk, pin mail, announcement The basic functions of online office, such as check-in and project group, are fully open for free, helping the normal operation of the whole society in the special period of the epidemic.


Built in function of Ali nail

Tencent Conference

Tencent's teleconferencing products on January 24

Tencent's conference style is similar to Tencent's earlier products, such as WeChat, which feature

Currently Tencent Conference supports mobile and desktop client launch sharing screens when you click

4, WeLink

During the outbreak, Huawei announced that from January 25 to June 1, Huawei cloud welink will provide free video conference for users. Units with less than 1000 users can open online free of charge and support 100 party real-time online conference.

Huawei cloud welink is an intelligent working platform under Huawei cloud, which was released on December 26, 2019. The functions and styles of welink are more similar to those of Alibaba pin. The basic functions include text chat, voice call, voice conference and video conference. In addition, there are attendance, approval, health punch, member management, cloud space functions. Similar to Alibaba pin, welink can be integrated in the application center, which is more suitable for the enterprise's own applications.

In the video conference, welink supports 1000 square conferences, 1080p high-definition video with low bandwidth, 4K data collaboration, and 720p mobile phone support. It also provides a series of professional conference hardware terminals developed by itself. Its smart conference room can realize multi terminal free screen casting.

5, flying books

January 27 byte beats office suite flybook announced, January 28,2020


Free remote office for fly book of byte beat during the epidemic

Byte beat's Flying Book, formerly known as the overseas product Lark, is a multi-terminal enterprise collaborative office platform with complete cloud space services. Integrating instant communication, calendar, online documents, cloud disk and workbench in depth, allowing members to achieve efficient communication and smooth collaboration in one place through an open and compatible platform, Feishu's current features also cover instant text communication, calls and meetings, calendars, online documents and cloud disk.


Main functions of flybook

Smart stuff Considering that telecommuting

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