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Front hard Gang! AMD to Intel

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In recent years, each product line of AMD has caused great impact and pressure on Intel. Although the hardware circle is not as naked as the cell phone circle, after all, it is a positive competition, and the contrast is always indispensable.

On the mobile notebook platform, AMD released the Reelong 4000U series, Reelong 4000H series, Intel's previous low-power 10-generation Corey U/Y series, and also announced the high-performance 10-generation Corey H series, which is expected to be officially released in March, with a growing gunpowder flavor.

Today,A map of AMD's product positioning came out on the Internet. The sharp dragon 4000U / h series came out collectively, each of which has chosen its own direct competitors.


Since the 10th generation of core H series has not been officially released, the competitor selected by Reebok 4000H is still the 9th generation of core H series, such asReelong 74800H vs. standard coolie i7-9850H (avoid opponent flagship class i9-9880HK), Reelong 54600H vs. standard coolie i5-9400H.

Of course, the two models, i7-9750h and i5-9300h, are more popular, but AMD's deliberate choice of a higher-order model is naturally an emphasis on its own superiority.

As for the 10th generation core H series, as the process architecture remains unchanged, it is basically to continue to improve the frequency, and it does not affect the layout of AMD.

In this respect,Ruilong 7 4800u / 4700u, Ruilong 5 4600u / 4500u and Ruilong 3 4300u compete with core i7-1065g7 / 1060g7, core i5-1035g1 and core i3-1005g1 respectivelyBut they are all from the 10 nm Ice Lake family, which is also part of the 10th generation family, and the larger 14 nm Comet Lake is ignored by AMD

In terms of entry-level platforms,Fast dragon gold 3150U, fast dragon silver 3050u, Pentium gold 5405u, Pentium silver N5000Even naming is so pointy to the wheat.

Recently, many people in the country are working remotely from home, and 200 million people are said to have to work at home.

Telecommuting has come to an end for AMD to push down its products, and today they've sent an article on how to improve the efficiency of telecommuting.

However, the key point of AMD is obviously not to introduce skills, but to push its own processor. In addition, all the sharp dragon 3000 processors have been recommended once. The official classification and reasons for recommendation are as follows:

Amd flagship processor:

Ruilong 9 3950x processor, 16 core and 32 threads, with a maximum acceleration frequency of 4.7ghz, has reached the peak level in AAA game masterpieces and content creation. It also has excellent power ratio performance, TDP is only 105W.

Workstation level professional processor:

Ruilong 9 3900 X processor, 12 cores, 24 threads, reference frequency of 3.8ghz, maximum acceleration frequency of 4.6ghz, power consumption of 105W, meets the requirements of efficient workstation level content creation.

If your daily needs are mainly office software, picture / video editing, game entertainment, you can pick from the following super cost-effective processors to help you work with half the effort and win the game!

For enthusiasts:

Ruilong 7 3800 X processor, 8-core 16 thread, reference frequency of 3.9 GHz, maximum acceleration frequency of 4.5 GHz, power consumption of 105W.

Ruilong 7 3700 X processor, 8-core 16 thread, reference frequency of 3.6 GHz, maximum acceleration frequency of 4.4 GHz, power consumption of 65W.

Dessert level processor:

Ruilong 5 3600 X processor, 6-core 12 thread, reference frequency of 3.8 GHz, maximum acceleration frequency of 4.4 GHz, power consumption of 95w.

Ruilong 5 3600 processor, 6 cores and 12 threads, reference frequency of 3.6 GHz, maximum acceleration frequency of 4.2 GHz, power consumption of 65W.

Thousand yuan high frequency God U:

Ruilong 5 3500x processor, 6-core 6-thread, reference frequency 3.6 GHz, maximum acceleration frequency up to 4.1ghz, power consumption as low as 65W, can smoothly run popular video games and AAA stand-alone works, keep RPG games away from frame dropping card frames, and enjoy every frame of FPS games.

In addition, amd processors have recently been active,Purchase Ruilong 9 3900 X processor or Ruilong 7 3800 X processor, return 100 yuan e card for video drying; purchase the sharp dragon 5 3600 processor, return the video drying sheet to iqiyi membership card, the activity is up to February 16.


In fact, it doesn't need AMD's official recommendation. Recently, the price of AMD's Ruilong 3000 processor has dropped a lot. Take Ruilong's 73700x as an example, the price in January has dropped to about 2399 yuan, and the current price is 2249 yuan, which is still the price of the official mall. If it's other e-commerce or third-party driving channels, the price has reached about 2000 yuan. 8 The value of selling nuclear processors has to be considered.


In addition, on Friday, AMD ryzen threadripper 3990x processor was launched, with a price of $3990 (BOC 29999). This is the first 64 core product for users with desktop fever, with crazy performance.

In addition to rewriting nearly half of the world records in hwbot, Linus, a Canadian geek, found that,Ruilong thread Ripper 3990x can drive the first generation of "Crysis" in 2007 only by CPU operation.

"The Island Crisis" trilogy

HoweverThis time, from the 3990x actual measurement (strictly speaking, GPU is only used for media signal coding), after entering the game that was optimized for n card in that year, it can even be described as fluent.

Back to 3990x, basic frequency is 2.8GhZ, acceleration is 4.3ghz, cache is 288mb, and thermal design power consumption is 280W.

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