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Fold for fold: is Motorola Razr really a 100% mobile phone?

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With Razr coming to market in the United States and some foreign media gradually getting the prototype, or even the retail version, in sharp contrast to the original amazing voice, Razr has encountered the challenge from the design, use, maintenance and other basic elements of a smart phone. And we have to wonder whether the Razr, which was officially developed by Motorola in four years, is really a smart phone with 100% completion? Pay attention to the R & D cycle of 4 years.

However, with Razr coming to market in the United States, and some foreign media gradually get the prototype, or even the retail version, in sharp contrast to the original amazing voice, Razr has encountered the challenge from the design, use, maintenance and other basic elements of a smart phone. And we have to wonder whether the Razr, which was officially developed by Motorola in four years, is really a smart phone with 100% completion? Pay attention to the R & D cycle of 4 years.

Maximum selling point slotting pointWhat is unique about hinge innovation?

It is well known that for new folding-screen handsets, hinges are the most fundamental way to determine the experience of folding-screen handsets (after all, what is the meaning of folding otherwise), regardless of the type of folding (vertical inflection, vertical inversion, transverse folding, etc.), and are also one of the main criteria for measuring the innovative technical strength of folding-screen handsets.

Unfortunately, it's on this biggest selling point that RZar seems to be "she".

Recently, CNET used a test machine called square trade foldbot to test the new machine by repeatedly folding and unfolding. Before that, CNET used the same machine to test Samsung Galaxy fold screen mobile phone. Samsung's product has been tested 120000 times without folding problems.

Unfortunately, the Motorola Razr ended after the 27218th and, in the final seconds of the test, the machine was unable to fold properly. As a result, when the testing team removed Razr from the testing machine, it was no longer able to close properly. Although the screen of Rzar is not damaged, but once the rotary shaft has a significant failure, then the folding screen phone has lost its meaning and value, right? In response, CNET, according to a 2017 study, Americans averaged 80 mobile phone figures a day, and Motorola Razr could have a life span of just over a year.

Motorola naturally would not agree with the results, arguing that CNET's test method was wrong, that the CNET's GoldBot for testing "would put excessive pressure on the shaft" because the design "didn't let the phone open and close in the desired way." At the same time, motorola released a video on its own video channel to test the folding (which is much milder) and captioned "flips for years ", ostensibly confident that the razr folding machine will last for years.

We don't know what kind of logical judgment does the industry, especially users, get from Motorola's explanation?

First of all, we don't know what is the industry test standard for these new folding screen mobile phones? For example, the square trade foldbot test used by CNET above. But one thing Motorola can't deny is that Razr lost to Samsung in its biggest selling point. This is the biggest short board of Samsung folding screen mobile phones before. Now the short board of others exceeds your long board, or even the biggest selling point.

The second is Motorola's own test. In this regard, we think that Carolina milanesi, technology analyst of creative strategies, quite represents the voice of actual users. "At the end of the day, you can't tell every user that you should fold it like this," she said. In fact, no one is willing to open or close the folding screen mobile phone carefully every day (according to Motorola test regulations). One of the core user needs and experience of folding screen mobile phone products is to be able to "flip and close" or even fold at will.

Finally, it should be noted that in order to make Razr as durable as traditional flip flops, according to Motorola itself, it took four years to improve the screen hinge engineering design, during which, after 19 generations of upgrading and improvement, it finally completed the hinge called Bashel (bell hinge Technology), and invited some foreign media to visit its headquarters laboratory in Chicago, To show that there are many industrial robots in the development of new equipment to carry out a variety of rigorous tests, of which the hinge durability is the focus.

So the question is, is Motorola's internal test standard for its biggest selling point lower than that of the industry? You know, in order to prove the selling points of their products, manufacturers often adopt test standards that are far higher than those of the third party in the industry, but in Motorola's test, it is the opposite way. This also has to make the industry reasonably question the innovation of Razr, specifically, where is its officially declared unique hinge innovation?

No comparison, no harmRazr in compromiseWhat does that mean?

If the above is the lack of Razr's core selling points, then the following evaluation and comparison make Razr as a smart phone may be a compromise product.

Recently, for example, YouTube Jerry rigeverything, known as the violence test, released Razr's test. Although YouTube is known for its violent tests, we found that some of the items in its tests were not.

For example, in the screen hardness test, obvious scratches appear on the inner screen (folding screen) of Razr under the condition of hardness 2 (note here: the inner screen is the core screen of the application), which is far lower than the requirement of obvious scratches on the hardness 6-7 of ordinary mobile phones. In other words, Razr is not even as hard as the basic phone screen, or even far away.

According to Motorola's official introduction, Razr's display screen is cut once as a whole, without exposed edges, greatly improving the number of folds. There are five customized protective layers at the front and back of the display panel, which can prevent scratches and abrasion. In addition, the nano coating can achieve the waterproof and splash proof function that other folding screen devices cannot. But the result of the third-party test, even the basic screen hardness of mobile phones can not be achieved, why?

Another example is sand and stone test. Jerry rigeverything sprinkles small stones and sand on the inner screen of Razr, then folds and unfolds. Although the screen is unobstructed, the hinge seems to be mixed with sand, and noise appears every time when folding. Does this mean that the hinge of Razr's core selling point has another problem?

In addition to Jerry rigeverything, another typical evaluation comes from the well-known technology blog the verge, which has come to the conclusion that Razr compromises too much through multiple trials. For details, interested readers can refer to:https://www.phonefoldable.com/the-verge-motorola-razr-review-folding-flip-phone-flops/。 We just intercept the more important aspects to show our approval.

In this trial, it also raised questions about RZar's hinge design. First, it will make squeaking noises when opening and closing. Although Motorola claims that sound will never affect product quality, the test still believes that sound does affect "product quality.". Here we would like to call it "product experience". The second is to sacrifice the touch of the screen for the hinge.

In addition to the core hinge of Razr, the test is also done in configuration, practical application and other aspects, and the final conclusion is. Razr's $1499 folding screen phone doesn't even cost a sixth of the current price (that's $250, the entry-level 1000 yuan). Even though the price of folding screen is reasonable, the experience of opening and closing is not good.

Finally, the famous dismantling mechanism ifixit recently dismantled Razr. While acknowledging the achievements of Razr design, ifixit considers that Razr is the most complex smartphone in history, and gives a repairable score of 1 point (full score of 10 points).

Note that ifixit points out that Razr has a small gap between the hinge of the device and the display on both sides, mainly when the device is folded. This small gap may cause foreign matters to enter. Previously, Samsung's Galaxy fold mobile phone had such a problem. It seems to be hinge problem again. In addition, ifixit also questioned the service life of Razr, and it is still unknown how long these devices can be used in normal use.

If the above is just a media review, then the reporter of the verge took Razr to the Samsung S20 series mobile phone conference recently, and directly compared it with the Samsung Galaxy Z flip folding screen mobile phone released at the conference.

There is no harm without comparison. The verge reporter concluded that Razr is not a competitor of Z flip at all, and the Samsung folding machine Galaxy Z flip is superior to Razr in all aspects.

According to the report, every mistake that Razr made can be avoided by Galaxy Z flip, which is countless. Samsung's foldable phones, for example, don't creak, and may have better cameras, bigger batteries and faster processors; they also have glass screens, wireless charging and so on. See:https://www.theverge.com/2020/2/12/21134261/samsung-galaxy-z-flip-vs-motorola-razr-folding-flip-phone-camera-battery-processor

We think it is the most objective to take Samsung's newly released Galaxy Z flip and Razr as examples. After all, the main folding mode is the same (it is easier to compare the innovative strength of both sides in hinge and related screen technology), and the price is close (the price of Galaxy Z flip is $1380), so it is easier to compare the configuration and experience. But as a result, Razr's mistakes caused by compromise disappointed the industry.

Innovation DNA before M & AAnd depletion of valueWhat is the strength of cost reduction and innovation after M & A?

Looking at the above discussion and analysis, people may be surprised that since there are so many compromises, why did Razr cause such a stir when it was released? In fact, it's very simple. Seeing Razr, the industry naturally associates with Razr V3 15 years ago, and thinks that today's Razr can reproduce the so-called success of Razr v3. What is the truth?

In 2004, Razr V3 developed by Motorola came out. This ultra-thin flip phone with all metal body broke the stereotype of mobile phones at that time, and it began to sell well as soon as it went on the market, with sales reaching 50 million in two years. Motorola's revenue jumped 35% that year.

To this end, Motorola announced that it would surpass Nokia and return to the position of mobile phone boss. But the approach is not to continue to innovate, but to reduce prices. The price of V3 plunged from $500 when it was launched to $50 in 2006. In terms of research and development, almost no profit has been made. New machines are all repaired on the basis of v3. Changing a shell or color becomes a new machine, even until thenAppleCEO jobs launches the firstIPhoneAt the time, Motorola was still selling Razr.

As a result, Motorola's margins are getting lower. At the time, Motorola made an average profit of only $5 per phone. In combination with previous layoffs, innovation has stagnated. Motorola has long been the top 10 american patent company, but by 2006 it had fallen to 34th.

Later, Motorola also made efforts to save itself by releasing Android flagship droid (also known as milestone), which has a good reputation and sales volume, but still can not prevent the rise of iPhone and Samsung in the Android camp. Finally, Motorola's mobile phone department was sold to Google and finally fell into Lenovo's hands. But that is, Google already has the most concerned patents, in addition, the top engineers of Motorola have been paid by Google.

I don't know what the industry saw from the rise and decline of the so-called Motorola due to Razr? What we see is that when Lenovo finally acquired Motorola mobile, Motorola's previous innovation DNA and value had been exhausted.

More importantly, after lenovo's acquisition of motorola mobile, prices and lower operating costs, such as layoffs, are still used to develop motorola mobile. In 2018, for example, there was a push to cut nearly 50% of Motorola's Chicago headquarters staff, mostly R & D staff. Although lenovo denies this, it admits that it did lay off workers, but not as much.

However, from the perspective of Lenovo's strategy of reducing market size, operating cost and low price, which was the first to make profits in its mobile business, it was no different from that of Motorola when its development fell. Under such a strategy, how many innovative resources can Motorola mobile obtain? Are you committed to innovation?

With the release of Razr, the research and development reports of Razr are gradually disclosed by the media, and we still find some clues.

Referring to Razr's design, for example, Motorola vice president of design Ruben Castano said "we didn't go straight to Razr's design, but it's understandable that the team even took a page out of the original Razr's design, pushed parts into the thicker part of the base and added a number of other hardware, including the 22-band cellular radio wave antenna for 4G LTE, fingerprint sensors, Wi-Fi and GPS."

For another example, Jeff snow, general manager of Motorola's innovative products, said that since July, he has been using Razr without opening the flip. Instead, he chose to classify messages and other notifications on a smaller secondary screen.

What does Motorola Mobile executives really want to say about this?

What we see is that when Lenovo's Motorola mobile developed RZar, it did not escape from the inertial thinking of the above industry. It paid too much attention to the form (folding), but ignored the function and the essential difference between the application and experience between the smartphone (even the folding form needs to be combined with the new application design of the smartphone), which also explains why Razr has a lot of advantages Many so-called compromises, even compromise to whether the completion of mobile phones in the 10000 yuan price segment is in line with the positioning of mobile phones in the 10000 yuan price segment.

Especially Jeff Snow's discussion on Razr's application mode, not to mention how absurd this statement is for the practical application of smartphone users, which is only limited to the discussion of Razr's category, seems to prove why Razr's performance in the folding test is so bad, and even let users fold their phones according to their own "posture". Look at Motorola executives. They haven't folded for at least four months!

To sum up, it takes four years for a self described smart phone. Folding is the biggest innovation and selling point (hinge Technology), and many compromises have been made for this, but there are still slots in this selling point. At the same time, apart from folding, there are no other outstanding highlights. Combined with the current development strategy of Motorola mobile, it is difficult to determine whether Razr will be finished in the smart phones of 10000 yuan price range 100% mobile phone products? Will it be she?

Fortunately, Lenovo has delayed the launch of Razr, although it claims that it has nothing to do with technology, because supply is in short supply, I hope so

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