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Iqoo mobile phone grows in only one year

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It's not a matter of two days for global smartphone sales to be weak. In this case, the competition of mobile phone brands will be more fierce. After all, if I sell one more, you will sell one less.

In response to the segmentation of the consumer market, many mobile phone manufacturers have adopted the main brand Sub-brand strategic layout, such as millet with red rice.


But the influence cultivation of mobile phone brand is not achieved overnight. In addition to good brand reputation, the brand will be recognized by consumers only when it is implemented to excellent products.

After more and more mobile phone manufacturers launch sub brands,On February 12, 2019, vivo official, a large domestic mobile phone manufacturer, announced the birth of iqoo brand.


Iqoo has grown rapidly since its establishment, from the early iqoo to iqoo Neo series, iqoo Pro Series to the upcoming iqoo 3. After just one year's development, it has become famous in the mobile phone market!

What kind of brand is iqoo? Why is it developing so fast?


Performance, value for money, quick charge

Since its birth, iqoo has been playing a major role in online young consumers.

From the core concept of iqoo brand, we can see that iqoo has accurate positioning for consumers.

Several of its products are focusing on the ultimate performance and excellent cost performance, which is the first impression of iqoo by many consumers.

Iqoo brings you what young people care about.

Like Qualcomm snapdragon's flagship chip, 44w ultra fast flash charging, UFS 3.0 high-speed flash memory, monster touch pressure buttons and other configurations, every generation of products released by iqoo is addressing the needs of young consumers.

In March 2019, iqoo released its first mobile phone, iqoo, with balanced performance in all aspects.

In addition to the excellent performance of the snapdragon 855 processor, the sixth generation screen fingerprint technology, super HDR ultra backlight photography, there are also 4000mAh large batteries with 44w ultra fast flash charge, of which the 44w fast charge is a big highlight in the mobile phone industry, which has caused quite a stir.


To bring a better personalized experience to the game, the phone also has two Monster Touch press buttons on the side, although no location

But this mobile phone is a true performance flagship in terms of processor performance, fast charging or exclusive game optimization (4D game vibration, LED light track belt design of back cover and liquid cooling).

In July 2019, iQOO released its flagship iQOONeo, which hits the ultimate value for money, with Qualcomm Cellosaurus 845, supplemented by a 4500mAh battery 22.5w flash charge.

Standard DC dimming, support touch acceleration technology, rabbit run up to 307213 points, the most important is the starting price of 1798 yuan impressive.

The most affordable disruptor of 5g mobile phone market

At the beginning of 5g, the price of 5g mobile phone is generally expensive, and the threshold for ordinary consumers to experience 5g network is relatively high.

Analyzed the market demand, and in August 2019, iqoo released5g mobile phone with the best price performanceIqoo Pro 5g version, you can buy 5g mobile phone with the price of 4G mobile phone, iqoo Pro 5g version breaks the market rules. Of course, it's friendly to consumers.


Previously, IDC, a global well-known market research organization, released the domestic 5g mobile phone report in the third quarter of 2019: the overall shipment volume of 5g mobile phones is about 485000, and vivo successfully topped the list with 54.3% share.

That is, every time two 5g mobile phones are sold, one is vivo. No one expected that a brand born less than a year ago had the first market share of 5g mobile phones.

Let consumers lower the threshold of 5g mobile phones, which is the secret of iqoo's success.

Focusing on the product, iQOOPro5G has a Qualcomm Cellon 855 Plus processor, UFS3.0 flash memory, LPDDR4X memory scheme, and configuration of 4500mAh large battery 44W ultrafast flash charge and so on.

So the success of this product is not hard to understand,Reasonable priceLet it become the 5g model of consumer priority.

In October 2019, iqoo new iqoo Neo 855 version was released.

Qualcomm snapdragon 8554500mah large battery, ufs3.0 flash memory, 33W flash charge,The starting price is only 1998 yuan,Every function point is at the flagship level. It is self-evident that this product is not cost-effective

In the first sale of iqoo Neo 855, the sales of the whole network on that day exceeded 100 million, winning the sales champion of that day. Has the final say that the product suck up.

Why is the development speed of iqoo brand so fast?

The development of iqoo is ultimately related to the productHigh performance and cost performanceRelationship is indispensable.

High cost performance is not easy, many brands want to do it, but the effect is not the same. After all, to improve the cost performance, the profits of manufacturers will be damaged.

But iqoo has blazed a different path. Compared with other flagship products of the same price range, products of previous generations have more sufficient materials and obvious advantages. After all, consumers have a bright vision.


In 2019, the sales volume and reputation of iqoo brand have been firmly established, and in 2020, it is necessary to show great skill and bring different surprises to consumers.

The latest news is that iqoo will launch its new flagship iqoo 3 online on February 25.

At present, the bright features of the new machine are very interesting, the iQOO3 and Xiaomi 10 series with the same flagship processor, in addition to the other features are different from Xiaomi 10 series of bright features, claiming


From the explosive information summary, the performance of iqoo 3 is more powerful, in addition to carrying QualcommXiaolong 865 processorIn addition, iqoo 3 will be fully standardLpddr5 memory and UFS 3.1High speed flash memory, support the wifi6 upgrade 55W super fast flash charge and 4440mah large battery. All of them are standardIndustry firstUFS 3.1 is a bright spot.


In addition, according to official data, iqoo 3 achieved an average of 0.05 ℃ per minute temperature fluctuation, 0.55 times of unit time stuck, and an average Wi Fi delay of 7.21ms in KPL official competition machine test.

The ultimate game experience, iqoo 3 is the flagship product of the hard millet 10 series in the near future. For consumers, there is also a choice.

Written in the end

The consumer is the owner of the mobile phone, what the user really cares about, this is what the mobile phone manufacturer needs to think about, that is

Iqoo's success lies not only in its attractive products, but also in its more focused market positioning, focusing on online young consumers.

Iqoo market positioning is accurate, the stronger the brand's action, the more distinctive the product features.

Of course, the powerful supply chain integration capability enables iqoo to take the lead in using flagship processors, super fast charging, the latest screen fingerprint and other functions, which is an advantage that many mobile phone manufacturers do not have.

The domestic smartphone market is like a battlefield, just like the natural law of the jungle, especially in the current weak global smartphone sales, if a brand has no distinctive features, it will only be forgotten by consumers.

The development of iqoo may bring more inspiration to the current mobile phone industry.


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