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Apple iPhone 12 or supports latest version of Wi-Fi to support ultra-short-range high-speed transmission

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Tencent technology news, this september, apple will hold an autumn launch of this year's iphone 12(media temporary use of the name, the official has not yet confirmed) series of phones, in addition to iron support for 5g communications network, the phone will bring what bright features? According to the latest news on February 24, Apple's new phone is expected to support a new version of the Wi-Fi communications protocol, which will bring close-range, ultra-high-speed data transmission between Apple phones.

New Wi-Fi

Apple's iPhone 12 series this year is highly likely to adopt a new version of the Wi-Fi communications protocol,801.11ay, according to a Japanese tech media source.

Wi Fi is a very mainstream short distance communication protocol in the world. The above version of Wi Fi 802.11ay protocol is still in the process of drafting, and the formulation of technical standards is expected to be completed later this year.

802.11ay protocol can use 60 gigahertz band (independent of the 5 gigahertz and 2.4 gigahertz bands used in the current standard home router WiFi communication) to provide high bandwidth data transmission between devices.

According to foreign media, the new Wi Fi is the perfect technology for Apple's airdrop to improve the speed of file transmission. Airdrop function can quickly send files between devices such as apple computer and apple smartphone.

According to Japanese media, this version of the Wi-Fi protocol will support ultra-short-range communications, which will be similar to existing Bluetooth communications protocols, but will have higher data transfer speeds.

In addition to the file transfer between Apple's iPhones, the iPhone with the Wi-Fi 801.11ay protocol can also be compatible with peripheral devices based on the same Wi-Fi protocol externally.

IPhone 11 or upgrade

Previously, analysts such as mr. guo and some tech media reported that apple would use organic screens (oleds), which are better-quality and more energy-efficient, in smartphones launched this year. Previously, with only one korean company, samsung, able to supply organic screens to apple, apple took a step-by-step approach, gradually transitioning to organic screens, and last year still introduced a smartphone with a lcd, with a slightly lower price.

However, the Japanese technology media reported that this year Apple will still launch a mobile phone with LCD screen, and may continue to use the iPhone 11 model, but improve the hardware.

Last year, Apple cut the price of its cheapest entry version of the iPhone 11 to $700 from $750 in the past, a move to make it the best-selling Apple smartphone model last year and this year, while narrowing the decline in Apple's phone sales. Apple's continued sale of the iPhone 11 after a small upgrade this year is arguably a smart move, foreign media said.

In the past, after Apple launched new smartphones, it often reduced the price of the old ones, but it would not immediately upgrade the hardware of the old models of last year or the year before last. Apple also sold the old and new phones, resulting in more product lines and more price levels of smartphones. However, such a plan also impacted the latest smart phones Cell phone sales.

According to foreign media, if Apple doesn't immediately reduce the price of last year's iPhone 11 this year, but upgrades its hardware, it will increase the sales of iPhone 11 throughout its life cycle.

Bluetooth tracker

It is well known that there is a similar market for tracking items that are easily lost using Bluetooth

Apple's Bluetooth tracker is said to be able to charge wirelessly, using inductive charging technology similar to Apple's watch. However, in terms of specific technology, whether the Bluetooth charger supports the Qi wireless charging standard or is directly compatible with the wireless charger of Apple watch is still unknown.

Last week, analyst Guo Mingfu said that there were reports that the output of communication chips from some manufacturers increased significantly in the third quarter, indicating that Apple's Bluetooth tracker is expected to be sold in the third quarter.


At present, there are different reports about Apple's new phones this year, including the number of smartphone models that Apple will launch.

However, the media generally believe that Apple's new phone this year will support the 5G network. Last year, Apple and Qualcomm unexpectedly signed a lawsuit settlement, and Apple paid Qualcomm a large fee that would purchase modems from Qualcomm as it had in the past.

For many years, Apple has been hoping to get rid of Qualcomm and cultivate Intel as a supplier of smart phone modems, but Intel's technology level is significantly behind that of Qualcomm. Eventually Apple lost patience with Intel. After apple and Qualcomm announced the settlement, Intel immediately announced to withdraw from the 5g smart phone modem market. Then, apple purchased the business from Intel for $1 billion, and the related business was integrated into the mobile modem development team already established in apple.

Recently, it was also reported that Apple plans to use its own designed antenna module with Qualcomm's 5g modem in this year's new mobile phone.

There are also media reports that Apple will introduce five or six smartphones, half of which support 5G networks, and the other half that support 4G networks at relatively cheap prices.

From last year to this year, a large number of smart phone manufacturers around the world have launched 5g mobile phones, but the high price has affected the sales volume, and consumers find that the signal coverage is still unsatisfactory. Previously, Qualcomm and other companies have launched 5g chips for mid-range mobile phones, which are expected to further reduce the price of 5g this year, but it is not clear how low the price can be explored.

Apple sells standardized products around the world, not customized designs in different countries. If all smartphones support 5g network this year, excessive price may affect sales in non developed markets, especially those countries and regions where operators are not able to use 5g network this year. (reviewed by Tencent technology / Chengxi)

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