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Perhaps the best hand-held mobile phone Samsung Galaxy S20 Starts Up Experience

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Handheld is the best Frontal vision stunning

Users who know Samsung mobile phones know that in the "light and thin" link, Samsung's flagship every year can be said to be full marks of top students, and this year is no exception. When I picked up the Samsung Galaxy S20, I was immediately moved - this is probably the product I really want.

Believe me, among those flagship phones with an average of 200g last year, this year's Galaxy S20 can be said to be a good start for the mobile phone industry - only 163g body weight, light weight design makes long-term use not feel tired.

As a top student who gets full marks for "light and thin" part, Samsung Galaxy S20 is outstanding not only for the weight control of the fuselage, but also for its 7.9MM fuselage thickness, starting with the perceptible thin. Holding the phone in your hand, you can see the beautiful waistline and excellent thickness control on the side of Samsung Galaxy S20 from the side.

In the author's view of the current mobile phone with one hand to hold the best feeling of the phone, is the author's hands of the Galaxy S20. Unfortunately, however, a certain amount of battery capacity has been sacrificed to control the weight and thickness of the fuselage, but the capacity of the 4000mAh battery is guaranteed in daily use.

As a top student, the Samsung Galaxy S20 is not "partial". In addition to its lightness, other parts of its appearance are also brilliant, such as the moment when the screen is lit.

With the front screen of the fuselage, the Samsung Galaxy S20 uses the same center-holed screen from the Galaxy Note 10 series, hiding the front camera between square inches. With the technology of in-screen openings, the openings in the center of the screen are smooth and smooth, and the ultra-small holes in the 6.2-inch screen are inconspicuous, even giving a sense that the front is full of screens.

On the back of the fuselage, the back cover of Samsung Galaxy S20 can produce a colorful visual impression with the back glass changing with the light, and the whole machine is full of light. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S20 is not easy to touch fingerprints when it is beautiful, which is very friendly for people like me who don't like the mobile phone shell.

As a whole, Samsung Galaxy S20's fuselage design is a top-notch student with all-round development of "virtue, intelligence, body and beauty". There is no partial division and each link has excellent performance. The appearance part is eye-catching and the weight control is excellent.

120Hz refresh rate / HDR10 visual level 1 bar

In the introduction of appearance, some readers may have noticed that the screen didn't introduce too much. Why? Because Samsung Galaxy S20's screen is worth my time alone.

In addition to high pixel density, Samsung's Galaxy S20 screen also supports high refresh rates. The so-called screen refresh rate refers to the number of times the image on the screen is scanned repeatedly from below. A higher refresh rate has more frames in the same time, and the higher the frame rate, the more smooth the animation becomes. The 60 Hz screen refreshes 60 times a second, and the 120 Hz refresh rate doubles within a second.


UFO Test

Simply put, after turning on the 120hz refresh rate, the samsung galaxy s20 will display twice as much content as the 60hz screen at the same time, making it feel more smooth and less impressive. However, it is important to note that the samsung galaxy s20 is locked at 1080p when it turns on 120hz.

The screen quality of Samsung Galaxy S20 is at the top level in the current market. Who knows the touch? The readers who want to experience it can go to the offline stores to have a real experience.

Take photos / video, play in the whole scene

After watching the Samsung Galaxy S20 series press conference, I believe that everyone has a new understanding of the image strength of Samsung. After taking the Samsung Galaxy S20 into his hands, the author has also opened up a variety of playing methods.

Take a look at the camera module of the Samsung Galaxy S20 first - a four-shot combination of 12 million pixels super wide angle 64 million pixels long-focal ToF lens, a four-shot combination that supports a three-fold hybrid optical zoom and a 30-fold digital zoom, and can record 8K video.

The 64 megapixel high-resolution camera of the Samsung Galaxy S20 can provide ultra-high resolution, which can maintain excellent definition even when cutting into pictures. Its advanced zoom function adopts 3 times hybrid optical zoom. Combined with the enhanced super-resolution zoom function of artificial intelligence, it can achieve 30 times of digital zoom.

8K video shows the strength of hard core. In addition, Samsung Galaxy S20 adds many innovative functions, such as AI one touch multi shot function.


The AI one touch multi shot of Samsung Galaxy S20 is a process of taking a variety of modes of photos and videos synchronously with one touch through artificial intelligence. In short, only one shot can generate photos with various modes such as different lenses, different filters and so on. You can get multiple styles of photos without taking them again, which saves a lot of trouble.

In terms of photographing, the author found that Samsung Galaxy S20 added a little thoughtful design to the camera - multiple shortcut keys with different magnification can appear when clicking zoom, making it easier to switch when photographing.

In the image, Samsung's Galaxy S20 performance is as good as ever, and the tuning of its industry-leading algorithms is impressive. In addition to hardware upgrades, the Samsung Galaxy S20 has a variety of tricks to make cell phone photography easier.

Xiaolong 865X55 to create a strong player Also outstanding performance

In terms of performance, let's start with what we are interested in - let's not say anything, let's start with a score:

Ann Rabbit, Geekbench,3DMark Run Points

We all know the results of running points. I will not make too many comments here. Let's take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S20 processor.

Samsung's Galaxy S20 uses a Qualcomm Cellon 865 processor, which comes with a new generation of Kryo585 cores, boosts the main frequency to 2.84 GHz and boosts performance by 25 percent. The CPU is eight cores, including 2.84 GHz Cortex-A77*12.42 GHz Cortex A77*31.8 GHz Cotex-A55*4; the new onboard Adreno 650 GPU boosts performance by 25% and energy efficiency by 35%.

In general, compared with the Qualcomm snapdragon 855 platform, snapdragon 865 has a certain degree of improvement in the CPU part. GPU is the GPU performance of Qualcomm snapdragon 865 increased by 25%. Qualcomm continues to lead Android in both. In addition, Samsung also carries its own lpddr5 memory. Compared with lpddr4x memory, the bandwidth is increased by 29% and power consumption is saved by 14%.

Samsung's Galaxy S20 also comes with a second-generation X55 modem and radio frequency systems that support NSA and SA dual-mode systems as well as Sub-6 and millimeter-wave technology, theoretically achieving a peak download rate of 7.5Gbps.

Samsung Galaxy S20, a powerful player, can't be a vase indeed. After a series of running points, we can see the energy under its light and thin fuselage. The flagship aircraft emperor can't be underestimated.

All-rounded top students

Samsung Galaxy S20 is such a model. When you see it in your hand, you will think it's a "vase", but after the actual hands-on experience, you will feel a little pain in your face. Some people say that Samsung Galaxy S series is the king of the plane. After starting Galaxy S20, I think it's true. A product with such outstanding appearance, photo taking or performance sits on the throne of the king of the plane and is very stable.

Separately, Samsung's S2012GB 128GB priced at $6,999 will officially open its appointment at 20:30 on February 27.

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