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How crazy is pinduoduo's 10 billion subsidy? Do you know too little

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If I choose the key words for 2019, I will say "true fragrance ", no matter what industry, cannot escape the true fragrance law, the most fragrant of e-commerce, obviously not pinduoduo.

All this starts with the 10 billion yuan subsidy of 618 last year. Ten billion subsidies, as the name suggests, are 10 billion subsidies for consumers. At the same time, the platform provides subsidies on the basis of cost price. The total amount is 10 billion yuan.

What kind of subsidy law? The price of big brands on the whole network will be reduced directly. We don't play any tricks, such as full reduction, second kill and bargaining. We are too embarrassed to say that we have done too much without 10 billion subsidies, ranging from digital appliances to snacks and kitchenware.


At first, many people refused," cheap bad goods "," gimmicks "and other questions can be seen everywhere, but after 10 billion subsidies burned to double 11, before shouting" make up how much do not buy "people have shouted" true incense ", pinduoduo has also changed from "spell night" to "fight father ".

Pinduoduo's "coin scattering" scares all the users who have collected the wool. So after their empty wallets are distressed, they begin to break their hearts about how to make money for pinduoduo.

No, on the surface, we are curious about pinduoduo's profit model. In fact, we are concerned about whether the 10 billion subsidy can continue. After all, I heard that Apple will issue five iPhones this year. After topping up the belief, we can all hope to pinduoduo without eating soil.

Fortunately, pinduoduo doesn't plan to stop at all. The senior management has announced that the 10 billion subsidy has been upgraded to a long-term strategy. According to more than 40 billion yuan of cash reserves in pinduoduo's current account, another 5-year subsidy is appropriate. Therefore, the 10 billion subsidy has been burned from 2019 to 2020, not only becoming a normal, January 27 The "10 billion subsidy Festival" launched on the Internet also stepped up efforts to help consumers return to a better life.

Where does the 10 billion subsidy go?

Other home promotion, the top how much to earn a little money, pinduoduo promotion, is directly inverted money.

Pinduoduo's daily 10 billion subsidy is 5% - 50% based on the cost price, that is, the price = cost price - subsidy amount. This "10 billion subsidy Festival" is directly to increase the daily subsidy. The price will only be lower than usual, and much lower.


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Digital shock alone is not enough to impress consumers. After all, do we see few routines of price increase and promotion? But pinduoduo doesn't play this game at all, and directly throws money on the most transparent electronic products.


Apple products with higher unit price are the best way to show the subsidy. The iPhone 11 with 4799 yuan and 64g is cheap enough, isn't it? It's 700 yuan lower than the official website, but in this "10 billion subsidy Festival", the price has directly dropped to 4599 yuan.


Even worse is the airPods Pro, which runs out of goods everywhere. The price of the official website is 1999 yuan, and the price of various third-party platforms has been strong, even more expensive, but in pinduoduo daily only about 1900 yuan, in the "10 billion patch festival "as long as 1699 yuan, can change hands to earn a real rhythm,

Game host world's network red Switch, China Bank single version of the only 1799 yuan, even be fired into "financial products ""fitness ring big adventure ", in the 10 billion subsidies also as long as 1199 yuan,3579 yuan can pack Switch" fitness ring big adventure "package, ask you not fragrant.


Not only are the digital products, coconut shoes, Estee Lauder black bottles, MAC lipsticks and other classic fashion shoes, beauty fashions are cheap enough to make life doubtful, but you don't see anything like the words "stock alert "," limited sale" and "only X-pieces" that create anxiety.


Can't find what you want to buy? Enter the key words directly in the search box at the top of the page. The system will give priority to displaying 10 billion subsidized products to ensure that you can buy the lowest price in the whole market.


What's more, we don't need to fight for speed or pull people around. We can reduce the amount of subsidies for pinduoduo by placing an order. The subsidies for pinduoduo are simple and crude, for fear that the 10 billion yuan won't go away, or that consumers won't be able to buy cheap goods.

It is only two days since the subsidy was made on the basis of the subsidy, and the time of the "10 billion subsidy festival "was only 1.27-1.29.

So dramatic things happened. Just because pinduoduo didn't play according to the routine, so many people still dare not "get on the bus": is the product sold by pinduoduo authentic without limited quantity and routine?

If you buy a fake, you should be happy, because pinduoduo gives all the products that participate in the 10 billion subsidy to China PICC's "genuine insurance ",100% guarantee of genuine goods and support the appraisal, false compensation of 10, only four steps to get a single compensation of up to 250,000 yuan, the cumulative compensation limit of 2 million yuan. It's not "wool" anymore, it's "Roast Whole Lamb." On the basis of this compensation, the probability of buying a fake may be lower than winning the lottery.



It can be said that whether the 10 billion subsidies of pinduoduo can be spent does not depend on how much money they have, but on how much consumers can spend.

Why am I cut off?

However, in the face of the 10 billion subsidies of pinduoduo, some people are not happy because they find that the system even takes their orders, consumes them! Yes? Yesterday's I love you ignore, today's you can let me rise?

It's only to blame that pinduoduo's price is too cheap, which has successfully attracted the attention of the yellow cattle. But what pinduoduo needs to do is the business of the consumers. It's not a purchase channel for the yellow cattle. The risk control is too strict, so it's inevitable that it will hurt the friendly army in a few cases. So, if you can't buy 10 billion subsidized goods, it's not that pinduoduo is aimed at you, it's probably just that the neighbors around you buy more.

Generally speaking, it can effectively avoid being treated as a scalper by the system to open up pinduoduo to stroll around, help friends to cut prices, write commodity reviews and other ways to improve interaction, but in a word, there is no doubt that pinduoduo's sincerity to give 10 billion subsidies back to real users. It should be said that it is because pinduoduo is so sincere that even the scalpers are moved that the platform has to adopt the mechanism of preventing scalpers to protect the rights and interests of normal consumers.


If we didn't take subsidies seriously, we wouldn't have to lose more than a quarter in pinduoduo. After the financial report of the last quarter came out, we would think that where pinduoduo is a liar, it's a fool: does the revenue of more than 7.5 billion look terrible? However, the operating loss was nearly 3 billion yuan, and 6.9 billion yuan was spent on sales and marketing. In other words, the money earned is basically spent on subsidies.

In 2019, pinduoduo sold 2 million iPhones with 10 billion subsidies, and it is said that the average subsidy for each iPhone is at least 300 yuan. Of course, the money is not spent in vain. The number of active buyers for many years has climbed to 536.3 million, and the monthly life has exceeded 400 million. Any fine operation, consumption upgrading, thousands of people, thousands of faces and other beautiful words can't compete with the word "cheap". The core appeal of consumers is the beauty of goods, the low price and the authenticity of goods.

Since pinduoduo has worked so hard to deliver the subsidy to everyone, what other reason do you have to save money for it? Last but not least, there are 10 billion subsidies, but the "10 billion subsidy Festival" is only two days. Hurry upClick on this link.Go to pinduoduo, buy it!

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