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Android camp ceiling? Samsung S20 ultra evaluation: flagship of the year

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Despite the impact of the epidemic, the pace of new product release of major mobile phone manufacturers has not been greatly affected. Just a few days after the start of construction, four or five manufacturers have offered their flagship new products in the first half of the year. The first is Samsung's S20 series, which also won the world's first launch of Xiaolong 865 chip.


Of course, as one of the seeds of the Android campaign, Samsung's S-series flagship is also particularly eye-catching every year, and this year's S20 series gives me the first feeling is radical, eliminating the name band

On February 27, Samsung brought the national version of S20 series via online live broadcast. As the king of the flagship in 2020, what height did S20 ultra push s series to? Can Android continue to be a benchmark and continue to compete with the iPhone? Tencent digital Penguin evaluation group (official account ID:qqreview) show you around.

100x space zoom? It's just the tip of the iceberg


Samsung's S20 Ultra material poses this time around


In line with previous revelations, the S20 Ultra's post-photo is finally on the go


In the photo taking interface, Samsung has provided 7 preset focus segments including super wide angle, one of which is 4 times rarer. This is because the main camera supports up to 4 times light variation, and only the auxiliary of periscope lens is needed for the beyond part. The sliding zoom gives a very smooth feeling, coupled with the feedback of the delicate vibration of the motor, the comprehensive experience is similar to last year's new iPhone. But when it comes to the shooting effect, it's obviously a solo show of S20 Ultra. If you don't talk about it, you'd better take a look at the samples directly.


The above picture was taken from a crossroad. When shooting outdoors, the details of buildings and plants fully reflect the advantages brought by high pixel number. The color of objects tends to be true. However, through the optimization of AI scene, the whole picture is more transparent. The originally gray sky has also become pure. The position indicated by the arrow in the picture is a road sign about 170 meters away from me.


Under the 100x zoom, the words on the road sign can still be clearly distinguished though they are slightly smeared.


In this picture, the details of the sign on the top of the building are magnified 100 times, which also has a good imaging effect. However, after pressing the shutter, I clearly felt that there was a processing process in the photo. The reason here is probably that the test firmware is still in the perfect stage.


When it comes to the objects with less obvious contrast between light and shade, the daubing feeling of the picture will increase slightly under the 100x zoom, of course, after all, it is inevitable that such a result will appear.


To be honest, it doesn't seem that there are many times of 100 times zoom used in daily life, but in the process of experience, I found that the S20 ultra's zoom within 100 times exceeded my expectations, and it was at a high level in the similar products I experienced. From this perspective, 100 times zoom is probably the tip of the iceberg in a comprehensive experience.


In addition, starting with a 20-fold zoom, the upper-left corner of the viewfinder will have a middle band


Or you can turn on 100 million pixels of fire, release the analytical power completely, and realize the zooming effect by cutting. At this time, a small part of the picture can still distinguish the details after multiple magnification. In fact, the greater use of this function is to improve the fault tolerance rate when composing the picture, so that the picture has a larger cutting space.

It's worth noting that Samsung used the second-generation technology on the 100 million-pixel camera, which supports a single-pixel area of up to 2.4 pixels compared to the first generation for Xiaomi


The actual experience is also true. The details of the bright part of the night scene are clear, there is no obvious smear trace, the dark part is clean, the whole picture has a high tolerance, and the high light of the windows in the back building is also successfully suppressed.


Another dim to


In terms of video shooting, S20 ultra also supports up to 8K video shooting. At the same time, S20 ultra also introduces super stability to enhance the stability of the shooting picture in the motion state. In addition, it also supports real-time virtualization during video shooting. This time, Samsung also introduced the AI one button multi shot function in the S20 series. After pressing the shutter, you can record up to 10 seconds of pictures. AI It will automatically analyze, capture the best picture as a picture, and provide multiple pictures and options, including adding a filter suitable for the picture, the cut size picture and ordinary, fast forward or rewind short video. The actual test effect is quite good, and I think it will be more practical to take a picture of a baby as a dog as a girlfriend.

Top screen, exquisite workmanship


On the face of it, the S20 Ultra continues its predecessors'good genes, and the Samsung S and Note screens have grown in recent years as domestic manufacturers have struggled to improve the curvature of curved screens


Samsung has always used luxury materials on its flagship, a 6.9-inch dynamic AMOLED screen with a resolution of 3K (3200*1440) that supports HDR10 authentication, and has previously been judged by foreign media to have a precision JNCD of less than 0.5, covering 139% of the sRGB and 110% of the DCI-P3 gamut, with a peak brightness of 1342Nit, differing only from the size of the S20 and S20.


The most important thing is that this screen also supports 120 Hz refresh rate. You just have a 90 Hz friendly product on hand. You can obviously feel that S20 ultra is not so jammed under the slow motion comparison, and the silky feeling is more obvious in actual use.


However, it should be noted that the 120Hz refresh rate only supports 1080p resolution and 60Hz at 3K resolution. In fact, I think we can add another 90hz option, or only reduce the screen refresh rate to a lower level in a specific state, so as to leave more choices for the big family.


In terms of color matching, S20 ultra is much more conservative than the other two models. It only provides two choices of black and gray. If there is a Monet color, I will place an order immediately. This one I get is a gray version. It looks a bit like the iPhone 8 of that year. It presents a kind of dark gray in daily life and silver in the light.


The middle frame part adopts the design of note 10. By increasing the radians on both sides of the back cover, the width of the middle frame part is reduced, so that the phone is not so thick visually, and the grip feeling is also comfortable. Generally speaking, in my personal opinion, S20 ultra is still at the top level of the Android camp in terms of workmanship and feel, and the overall feeling is still exquisite.


What surprises me is the weight of S20 Ultra. After all, the battery capacity has reached 5000mAh, and the weight of 220g is much lighter than what I thought. Maybe it's my habit of using 226g 11 Pro max. I don't feel burdensome when holding it. But in the future, if there is another shell, it will have to run half a Jin.

Deluxe configuration, comparable

The day before Xiaomi, S20 series succeeded in winning the blood of Xiaolong 865 (national, North American and Japanese versions are Xiaolong 865, and Europe and other regions use exynos990). It supports SA and NSA dual-mode 5g network. In fact, for users, it doesn't matter who starts first. It's based on comfortable use. Samsung is in S20 The highest specifications in the industry, including lpddr5 memory, ufs3.0 flash memory, are also provided on the hardware stack of the series, which is also the standard configuration of this year's high-end flagship.


First of all, I'd like to run an Angora rabbit to open up the light. The S20 ultra in my hand has achieved a score of 560000 yuan. Then I use androbench to measure the reading and writing speed of a flash memory, which is 1706mb / s and 761mb / s respectively, which is significantly better than the previous ufs.2.1 model.


The s20 ultra has 12gb and 16gb of two memory options, with a maximum flash space of 512gb, which is already ultra-polar in terms of 16512g figures alone, and samsung still retains the tradition of supporting memory card expansion, with a total capacity of 1.5tb, or a computer.


As for the game performance, considering that the current Xiaolong 855 is enough to deal with most of the common mobile games, there is no pressure on the Xiaolong 865, probably Samsung has not yet adapted to the game manufacturers, and mobile games such as peace elite that support high refresh rate still cannot unlock the high frame rate picture at present, for S20 ultra In terms of such configuration specifications, it seems to be no problem to keep the picture smooth when the picture quality and frame rate firepower are fully open.


Finally, let's talk about the endurance. I mentioned earlier that the S20 ultra uses a 5000mAh battery. This capacity is not much in the products of friends. After all, 3K screens, high refresh rate and 5g are all big consumers of electricity. With this large battery, it is obvious that it is much more stable.

Under the 60Hz refresh rate, I have persisted from 8:00 in the morning to about 8:30 in the evening, which includes most of the daily use scenarios such as playing games and watching videos on Weibo. According to the previous test results of foreign media, after the 120Hz refresh rate is turned on, the endurance will be reduced by about 20%, which can also be used 10% after calculation Hours, for most users, it's not hard to stick to it all day.


In terms of charging, S20 ultra supports up to 45W fast charging, and the charger equipped with it is 25W. Because of the tester, the S20 ultra I received is not equipped with a charger, and I have a 45W charger on hand. After testing, the battery can be charged from 0 to 70% in half an hour, and it will take 58 minutes to fully charge.

It is worth mentioning that in the previous external media test, the full time of the original 25W charger was 59 minutes, almost no difference between the original 25W charger and the 45W charger. This is mainly because Samsung is still conservative in the 45W fast charging scheme, increasing the first 50% The charging speed of electricity. For safety, it's understandable. If you don't worry about charging at ordinary times, you don't need to choose another 45W charger.


Compared with the previous product upgrades, the steps taken by S20 ultra give me a sense of progress in stability. First, in terms of taking photos, Samsung showed full confidence this time, and continued to lead the industry by relying on its own sensors. Although the 100x zoom has yet to be considered in terms of practicability, there are still many remarkable points behind its comprehensive experience. In terms of screen, 3K resolution and 120Hz refresh rate bring more extreme impression, but they also make some concessions on power consumption. In terms of fast charging, they also choose to be conservative for safety. In general, various choices are actually trade-offs for better experience.


For Samsung, this answer sheet is not disappointing. As the main competitor against iPhone, S20 ultra's comprehensive experience has pushed s series flagship to a new height. At the same time, we also see the general outline of the flagship of Android camp this year. Under the leadership of S20 ultra, this year's flagship war is also full of attention, which also makes us feel that Note Series is full of new expectations.

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