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Oppo find x2 Pro evaluation: this may be the best mobile phone with screen this year

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Among the first 5g flagship machines this year, oppo find x2 Pro should be the least and most versatile "short board".

It has almost found the best components at present: Xiaolong 865 chip, 12gb memory, customized imx689 camera, 65W fast charging, indispensable large-scale linear motor and dual speakers, as well as unique ceramic and leather back shell.

The most laudable, however, is the QHD resolution screen that supports the 120 Hz refresh rate.


In the past week, we have been testing and experiencing oppo find x2 Pro continuously, and the screen is also the deepest part of our experience.

Although it is still familiar with the design of the digging screen, as long as the screen is lit, you can easily detect its excellent performance in fineness, fluency and color.

After getting used to this kind of visual enhancement, it's hard to return to the previous low specification mobile phones.

120Hz refresh rate of 3 K resolution, this is the best phone you can buy screen

The screen is the most important part of a smartphone. After all, whether we brush wechat or watch video, our vision will never leave this area, so it also determines the quality of the mobile experience.

Thanks to the positioning of find x2 Pro itself, oppo doesn't need to make any trade-offs and compromises on the screen this time, which is basically how to come.

this gives it 100% P3 wide range coverage, supports 10 bit color depth and HDR 10, as well as screen brightness of up to 800 nit、 peak 1200 nit, and also less than 0.8 color accuracy in default mode.

At least in terms of color accuracy and brightness, Find X2Pro really don't have much to be picky about. Having access to DisplayMate A reviews also proves that its screen quality has reached Apple's flagship level.

But the highlights of this screen are more than that.


one is QHD level resolution. The Find X2Pro panel features a 6.7-inch hyperboloid from Samsung AMOLED, supporting up to 3168


▲ find x2 Pro also has an independent color temperature sensor, similar to the "original color display" on the iPhone, which can keep the color temperature of the screen consistent with the environment color

Another feature is the 120 Hz refresh rate. Nowadays, high refresh rate is no longer exclusive to game phones, but gradually becomes the new standard of Android flagship.

If you have used last year's batch of 90hz mobile phones or 120Hz iPad pro, you should also find that the high refresh rate screen can "be perceived by the naked eye" for the improvement of fluency. This may be more meaningful for the improvement of user experience than just running points.

Its greatest value is actually to create a visual sense of "fluency", which can not only cover up a part of the rigid interaction effect, but also effectively avoid the situation of stumbling and frame dropping when refreshing dynamic content.


▲ higher touch sampling enables you to brush information flow and play games more conveniently

This Find X2Pro,, which enables 120 Hz refresh rates and also takes into account QHD resolution, should be the first product in this year's five flagship machines to support the combination, with 240 Hz touch sampling rate, giving users the possibility to enjoy immersive visual experience.

The following video is a screen comparison of 120 Hz and 60 Hz refresh rate recorded with slow lens. As you can see, with the same content, find x2 Pro can make the information flow smoother when it is scrolling, while iPhone 11 Pro Max has a clear "Stickiness".

In order to give full play to the advantages of the 120Hz screen, oppo also made some "dessert level" optimization on the software side.


The core is the function of "MEMC video dynamic inserting frame". It can increase the frame rate of video below 30fps to 60fps or even 120fps. It is not only suitable for local video, but also compatible with iqiyi, Tencent video, Netflix and other online video platforms.


▲ MEMC is a very common video insertion technology. Many high-end TVs have been equipped as standard, but there are few applications on mobile phones

Another feature is "HDR image quality enhancement", which is simply to automatically convert SDR to HDR image quality, so that video can get more vivid colors and better dynamic range.

Brand new shell material, bringing a completely different feel

In appearance, find x2 Pro continues the characteristics of many oppo's past products. For example, the "Crescent Bay" design at the bottom allows users to reduce the extrusion of the speaker and data interface opening on the thumb under a single handset, while weakening the interference of the middle frame on the front vision.

In order to increase the screen share, the screen of find x2 Pro also adopts cop packaging technology similar to the full screen iPhone, which further narrows the width of the bottom frame to 2.98mm, which is also the phone with the narrowest bottom frame of oppo at present.

The 6.7-inch screen has filled the front fuselage as much as possible, with the curved screen hiding the left and right black edges.


That said, the large screen does not significantly increase the weight of the find x2 pro, and it will not make you feel down when you walk when you put it in your pants pocket.

This can also be confirmed by the data. The find x2 Pro plain leather version on my hand weighs only about 200g, which is much lighter than the 226g of the iPhone 11 Pro max.

If the glass version is replaced, the weight will be further reduced to 187G. It seems that oppo has paid a lot of attention to the internal structure.

But bigger changes are yet to come.


▲ the back shell of different materials and technologies is one of the symbols of high-end smart phones

In addition to the most mainstream glass, oppo also introduced two new materials for the find x2 series: ceramic and leather, which are relatively new at present.

Limited by costs, these materials are often difficult to apply to the larger production of mid-end mobile phones, more often exclusive to high-end machines, such as HuaweiMate 30Pro or earlier millet MIX2, have used plain skin and ceramic back shell.

With the introduction of new materials, find x2 has a completely different quality sense from most mobile phones. "Looks very advanced" is one of the natural points. In the feel, the warmth of ceramics and the unique fine texture of leather will also make people have the impulse to rub repeatedly.


A logo made of metal nameplate can also be seen on the find x2 Pro plain leather plate

You may be confused about the scratch resistance of leather materials, just like the official leather protective shell of iPhone. After a long time of use, there will be scratches, which cannot disappear, greatly affecting the back appearance.


▲ Pu environmental protection leather is very scratch resistant, which can be safely put together with small objects such as keys

Fortunately, the find x2 series uses Pu environmental protection leather, which is not only waterproof and oil resistant, but also very scratch resistant. In order to confirm this point, I also specially use sharp objects such as pins and keys to rub back and forth on the plain leather back cover of find x2 pro, and the actual measurement shows that no trace will be left.

With customized lens, the photo taking experience is improved

Find x2 Pro didn't follow the trend. Four or five cameras of different sizes were used on the back of the mobile phone, but its configuration was unambiguous.

The 48 megapixel main camera comes from Sony's customized imx689 sensor, which boasts the largest image sensor of 48 megapixel and the largest single pixel size.

At the same time, find x2 Pro is also equipped with a 48 megapixel imx586 super wide-angle lens and a 13 megapixel periscope telephoto lens to achieve 17-170mm focal range coverage, which is also the rare "odd" three shot combination.


▲ after find x2 pro, it is a combination of three shots, which are 48 megapixel main shot, 48 megapixel super wide angle and 13 megapixel long focus

In addition to the hardware, there are some technical improvements that you can't see, such as the "full pixel omni-directional focusing" technology, which can increase the focus success rate from 3% to 97% in the dark light environment; and support 12bit raw image straight out, which can allow professional users to obtain more abundant later space.


As for the actual performance, let's take a look at the sample situation under each scenario.


▲ macro mode


▲ 2x zoom mode


2 times zoom mode


▲ normal mode


▲ normal mode


Night view mode


▲ super wide angle mode

In the case of sufficient light, the detail of the sample of find x2 Pro is good, and the color inherits the lively and bright style of Reno before, so the appearance of the small picture has advantages.


▲ find x2 Pro normal mode vs iPhone 11 Pro Max

However, the metering of find x2 Pro will be a little more radical. For example, this photo is compared with the sample photo of iPhone 11 Pro max. although find x2 Pro will be brighter as a whole in the small picture, the highlight part of the sneaker in the photo has overflowed, affecting the presentation of details.


▲ find x2 Pro night view mode vs. iPhone 11 Pro Max

It is worth mentioning the night scene. As mentioned earlier, the focus accuracy of find x2 Pro has been greatly improved. However, most flagship computers focus very fast in the daytime, and it is difficult to perceive the difference. Therefore, the new technology is more helpful for taking photos at night.

As for the color display, the style of find x2 Pro is indeed stronger than that of iPhone 11 Pro max; however, the window signs of tall buildings in the distance, as well as the details of trees and street lights in the vicinity, are not obvious.


▲ find x2 Pro night view mode

After all, the super wide-angle CMOS of find x2 Pro uses imx586, the 48 megapixel camera often used as the main camera last year, which also enables the super wide lens of find x2 pro to take very good details.


▲ find x2 Pro uses multi focus segment fusion technology and super division algorithm to ensure stability when switching three lenses

On the long focus, oppo's 10x hybrid optical zoom is upgraded to the second generation. Although it still supports up to 60x digital zoom, from the perspective of photo visibility, the 10x mode is obviously more commonly used.


▲ difference of view in super wide angle, 1X, 2x, 5x and 10x modes of find x2 Pro

Here's a 10 times hybrid zoom sample taken with find x2 pro in full hand. Although its resolution and color are different from that of the main camera, the success rate of the long focus capture of find x2 Pro is very high, and it is very suitable to capture some works with specific themes at ordinary times.


▲ 10x hybrid zoom sample

Snapdragon 865, lpddr5 and 65W super flash charge, top flagship performance

There is nothing to worry about the performance of find x2 pro. As another flagship of this year's mobile phone equipped with snapdragon 865 chip and 12gb lpddr5 memory, the performance of this mobile phone can be ranked first in the Android camp.


I tried two mainstream games on find x2 pro, peace elite and King glory, which can adjust the picture quality and frame number to the highest level, and maintain a stable frame rate output in the process of the game.

As for 12gb of memory, you can keep more background processes at the same time, instead of being killed by the system.

With the support of dual-mode 5g, find x2 Pro can cope with the changes of network environment in the next 2-3 years. As long as you are willing to bear higher package costs and your city has good 5g coverage, I don't think there is any reason to refuse to use faster and better networks now.

Here are some test data of running points application, which are basically similar to the performance of other 865 flagship models.


The new coloros 7.1 system is also one of the selling points of this find x2 pro. After two years, coloros has been basically stable in design style, and its functions and interactions are also being adjusted in the direction of lightness. It has also done details such as application icon redrawing, art wallpaper and so on. It can't be said that it is the most customized Android system with the highest "beauty value".

In addition, I also like the new "oppo relax". It is a decompression type application, not only has built-in breathing practice, but also contains a number of pure music and ambient white noise, which is very suitable for listening to at work and in the afternoon.


▲ oppo relax is a decompression application of system pre installation

With regard to battery life, considering that Find X2Pro is the only mobile phone on the market that supports both QHD resolution and the 120 Hz refresh rate, it G shown that it effective. This should be a concern for many users.

In order to test the impact of different resolution and refresh rate modes on the endurance, I selected some video applications and games to make a group of comparison, and the data is as follows:


You can see, basically each sub-item, QHD /120hz mode will increase the power consumption of about 1%-3% more than the FHD /60hz mode, after 3 hours, the remaining power difference between the two modes is about 10%, which proves that the QHD /120hz mode still has a certain impact on the endurance.

The 120 Hz refresh rate is not applicable to all scenes of the mobile phone, such as watching movies and dramas. Such scenes will automatically reduce the interface frame rate to 60 FPS. At this time, it is not necessary to forcibly maintain the 120 Hz refresh rate, let alone those games that forcibly lock the frame of 30 FPS.


▲ "screen resolution" and "refresh rate" are all "intelligent switching" by default, and users can also change them manually

Therefore, in order to balance the power consumption, the more practical choice is to set the frame rate to "intelligent switching".

It is similar to "promotion adaptive refresh" on iPad pro, which means that the system can match the corresponding "screen refresh rate" according to the "maximum FPS" supported by the current application, so as to ensure the best visual effect and take into account the endurance.


I also try to use find x2 pro in the "intelligent switching" mode. Basically, I can get high refresh rate experience in the system interface operation, browsing photos, micro blog and wechat information flow applications. I play games and watch short videos slightly in a day. Even in 5g network, there is no pressure to insist on 9-10 hours of continuous use.

Looking forward to the future, in addition to the existing MEMC frames, oppo will obviously continue to seek cooperation with Tencent, iqiyi and other content manufacturers for targeted optimization; in addition, Samsung and other top 5 manufacturers have also started to use 120Hz screens, so in the future, high refresh rate application scenarios will only become more, not less.


▲ when using supervooc for charging, you can see the change of the last two digits of the percentage at the beginning, which is very dynamic

The last part is the charging part. Find x2 Pro supports 65W supervooc 2.0 Flash charging, which is fast enough to reduce the user's "anxiety" about the power consumption of the high refresh rate screen.

For example, from 20% to 90%, find x2 Pro only takes 22 minutes; if it starts from 0% to 100% full power, it only takes 40 minutes (the battery capacity of find x2 Pro is 4260 MAH).

The efficient charging experience can also change your habit of "plug in the charging head for your mobile phone before going to bed". Once when I got up, I found that the battery of find x2 Pro dropped to 19%. Then I plugged in the vooc quick charging head and washed it in 10 minutes. I found that the mobile phone has been charged to 52%, which is enough to support many people's use for half a day.

The details that are easy to be ignored but will make people care

The unique selling point is to persuade users to buy more expensive mobile phones. A few years ago, our evaluation of "flagship machine" was very simple and crude. Maybe it's enough to use the top-level processor, have a high-resolution screen, mass storage and other configurations.

But now, the degree of homogenization of smart phones in the "core configuration" is getting higher and higher. The price of products is higher and higher, and more often it depends on the detailed experience.

Although they are not as intuitive as a running score number, these differences will still be detected by most people and have an intuitive impact on the use experience.


▲ typical use scenario of linear motor: when setting the alarm clock, dial the number list, and there will be a vibration similar to turning the knob

Linear motor is one of them. This time, oppo equipped find x2 pro with a large-scale X-axis linear motor. The feedback is obviously better than that of ordinary Z-axis and rotor motor. But compared with the hardware specifications, I appreciate oppo's adaptation at the software end.

In the new coloros system, oppo's software team specially designed auxiliary sound effects for 8 scenes, such as input method, calculator, compass, setting switch, black screen gesture, etc., for example, when you use the default input method to type, you will hear the "dada" crisp sound, and different amplitudes will also make the feedback transmitted to the palm more delicate.


▲ find x2 Pro uses 0.65mm super amplitude full band stereo speaker

Then there are the two speakers, which is also a detail of "easy to be ignored, but it will be noticed after use". Especially in the horizontal screen game, because the bottom speaker is often blocked by the palm of the hand, more often we have to rely on the speaker of the receiver to hear the soundtrack. If this part is missing, the game experience is obviously at a discount.

Fortunately, find x2 Pro did not castrate the dual speakers. This time, it also supported Dolby panoramic sound, further improving the effect of external music.


Finally, waterproof performance. There are not many domestic mobile phones that are IP68 waterproof and dustproof. Now find x2 Pro is one of them, which means it can stay for 30 minutes under 1.5m water depth.


▲ IP68 waterproof will make you feel more comfortable with your mobile phone in the bath and rainy days

However, the reason why I attach importance to IP rating is not that I really want to take it to soak in water, but that I hope to use my mobile phone more safely in the scenes of daily water splashing, bathroom and rainy days. A bolder friend can naturally bring find x2 Pro into the shower, put a rock music, and add fun to the bath.

Do you have to buy a 5g mobile phone without a short board? Find x2 Pro is the best choice

Oppo didn't insist on updating the flagship machine rhythm once a year. After find X was launched in 2018, it took two years for us to wait for its successor, perhaps because oppo wanted to do its best once.

It abandons the structure that is bright and doomed to be eliminated, such as the lift camera module, but also brings details such as 120Hz screen, customized camera, and all kinds of seemingly "weak perception" and actually very important to experience.

As a result, this is not necessarily a good thing.


Though not the first of its kind in Android flagship market this year, such as the QHD resolution screen, the 120 Hz refresh rate, and the Celldragon 865, the real willingness to bring these expensive components together on one phone Find X2Pro probably the best of the year.

Finally, oppo also set a price of 6999 yuan for find x2 pro, and the prices of other versions are as follows:

OPPO Find X2:8GB 128GB is $5499 and GB 256GB 8 is $5999;

OPPO Find X2Pro:12GB 256GB is $6999;

Oppo find x2 Pro Lamborghini Limited Edition: the price is 12999 yuan.


▲ oppo find x2 Pro Lamborghini Limited Edition

This is not the first time for oppo to hit the high-end price segment of more than 5000 yuan, but behind the high premium, it is also oppo's progress in product strength, which will eventually be returned to the brand itself.


Smartphones are no longer oppo's only business. When the mobile phone becomes more and more perfect, only one or two technical points can open the gap. The evaluation system of a mobile phone will gradually change from the past product itself to the attention of various extended categories and services beyond the mobile phone.

In general, smart watches, TWS earphones and even ar devices have appeared in oppo's product line one after another. In general, you can also find applications such as "health" and "smart home" in coloros system, which can also prove oppo's intention to build a health circle from the side.

They are still attached to the core carrier of mobile phones, but oppo is clearly aiming for a broader future.

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