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Price comparable to iPhone, how many people will pay for oppo find x2?

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After half a month's warm-up, Shen Yiren, vice president of oppo, brought the new products of oppo find x2 series to oppo's press conference. At this time, it is nearly two years since oppo restarted the find series and launched oppo findx.

Since 2011, when OPPO cut into smartphones with the first X903 of Find series, the series has been OPPO high-end.

Find series was hailed as a OPPO spirit of exploration.

Find X2 is the product of Shen Yi's population. With two versions, standard and Pro, it's a crazy stack of hardware, with a 120 Hz super-sense screen, a Celldragon 865 processor, dual-mode 5 G and dual WiFi6..


OPPO Find X2 series, source OPPODAILY official public numbe

Oppo claims to have achieved the top flagship level in terms of process materials and hardware configuration. The main difference between the two versions is in the camera system. The pro version uses the super sensitive full focus influence system. The main camera is the first Sony customized 48 million pixel imx689 sensor. The standard version of find x2 uses a super sensitive multi focus three shot system.

Find X2 price is good. A standard version starts at $5499, while the main character's Pro version is only 12 256GB the choice of storage capacity, the price is 6999 yuan. Besides, the OPPO Find X2 Lamborghini version sells for 12999 yuan. This price, has pushed apple straight.

Despite the high configuration of oppo find X2, many netizens said they would be discouraged by the price.

This is oppo's first touch of 7000 yuan, and its goal is obvious: not millet, but Huawei and apple.

From design advantage to crazy stacking

OPPO was once called

With all phone brands still chasing bangs and water-drop screens in 2018, OPPO launched a faceless, non-porous ,93.8% screen-based, FindX.: A four-year reboot of the OPPO Find series, which has been complained about price issues but has to be admitted to design

By contrast, the design of the Find X2 is somewhat mediocre and not much innovation.

OPPO spent a lot of energy on the screen, which Shen called

Such collocation means that the screen can be optimized to a greater extent in the smoothness of rolling pictures and text.

Last month, Samsung GalaXy S20Ultra gained DisplayMate again


OPPO Find X2 series, source OPPODAILY official public numbe

And it's worth noting that photography is now an important consideration for consumers to buy mobile phones, but OPPO do n' t choose to make big changes in this area, but instead continue to do three shots, vertically aligned on the side.

Of these, the Pro version uses 48 million main camera 48 million ultra wide angle 13 million telephoto lens, and uses the first custom IMX689 sensor, in the photograph, the DXO score 124 points, and last month launched Xiaomi 10 Pro tied for the first place.

On the charge side, OPPO Find X2 did not apply the previous revelations of 30 W wireless fast charge, but continue to use 65 W of Super VOOC2.0 fast charge. Moreover, the capacity of the 4269 mAh has raised concerns among consumers: refresh rates at 120 Hz and


OPPO Find X2 series, official account of OPPODAILY source.

Samsung galaxys20 adopts the maximum capacity of 5000mAh in the past generations due to the very power-consuming 120 Hz refresh rate. However, in the test of foreign media "phonearena", when the 120 Hz high brush frequency is turned on, the battery consumption accelerates, reducing by nearly 20%.

Shen claimed at the press conference that 20 Hz and three K QHD simultaneously opened up a maximum of 7.9 h, but many doubted.

Lei, after all, also said at the launch of xiaomi 9 that the 3300 mAh battery remained 4% after seven h of heavy use, and that after the meeting, xiaomi executives had sent out foreign media test results on microblog, suggesting that xiaomi 9 scored 91 h in endurance tests, just an hour less than Huawei Mate20. But the reality is that rice noodles complain in various forums

Due to the crazy stacking, the pursuit of high configuration, the price is also rising, and may even become a major factor hindering consumer purchase.

How competitive is Find X2? You can compare the impact of friends on the high-end market models.

The recently released Xiaomi 10, also selected the top configuration, including the Celldragon 865 processor, LPDDR5 memory, WIFi6、GaN charger, and a 100 million pixel camera module developed jointly with Samsung, and improved Xiaomi 9 battery capacity problems, built-in 4500 mAh battery.


Millet 10, the official account of millet mobile phone source

According to rabbit performance chart, millet 10pro runs 590000 points, according to Shen Yiren, oppo find x2 Pro runs 630000 points in rabbit; in terms of screen, millet 10pro uses 1080p and 90hz refresh rate screen, obviously oppo find x2 screen performance is significantly better than millet 10.

The screen gap is obvious, but when the core configuration of the two is the same, the photo running points are tied for the first place, and the running points differ by about 40000, although Xiaomi 10pro is not as perfect as oppo find x2 pro in general, its price from 4999 yuan is still 1000 yuan cheaper than the same memory of oppo find x2 Standard Edition.

With the exception of Huawei, android's flagship aircraft released in the first half of this year are almost all the core configurations of UFS3.0LPDDR5 865, as was the $3598 vivo iQOO3 released last month.

The new generation of HuaweiP series of flagship launches is already scheduled, in addition to the news that G four phones such as HuaweiMate30Pro are also strong rivals.

Oppo find x2 won all the hype through super sensitive screen, but also faced with difficulties in cost and price: Pro version can be used to stabilize its position in high-end models, while standard version can offset sales. However, in the case that the core configuration of other domestic brands is similar and other aspects are different, this high-end road of oppo is not necessarily easy to follow.

Domestic Brand Collective

A few years ago, when it comes to high-end phones, Chinese consumers would think of Apple and Samsung.

Domestic mobile phones have not tried to hit the high-end market. After 2015, Xiaomi failed to try to hit 3000 with a large screen Note. On the other hand ,Huawei impact 4000 market with Mate S is not successful either.

At that time off-line channels to obtain a certain advantage OPPO did not rush to act, will be priced at 2500 yuan in the stall.

The final result is that as a whole, the price of the medium and high-end mobile phones of the domestic manufacturers is basically between 2500 yuan and 3000 yuan.

But the price of apple's mobile phone rising. Following the release of the Apple iPhone in 2017, the first smartphone with a price of more than $1000 was born. The release of iPhoneXS and XS Max pushed the price higher in 2018.


With the technology becoming more mature, domestic mobile phone brands once again launched a sprint to the middle and high-end market after 2018.

In June 2018, glorious play, Xiaomi 8, vivo nex, oppo find X and other domestic medium and high-end models took turns.

At the time of the world cup, most manufacturers cleverly combined the new mobile phones with the world cup hot spots to do marketing. On the other hand, the general hardware such as Qualcomm's flagship processor was released at the end of the year. After half a year, the price of the hardware dropped significantly, and there is a broader profit margin. So this wave of high-end models sales performance is good.

The most fundamental reason for choosing this node to impact the high-end market is that at that time, the core points of mobile phone technology and products, such as screen fingerprint, super flash charging, lift camera and dual screen mode of mobile phone, all broke through the original situation and stimulated users' desire to purchase computers.

After a long period of time, with the improvement of technology, the price of manufacturers has been rising.

Such as OPPO, from the R11、R11s to the Find X series, OPPO began to break through the ceiling of 3000 yuan, or even 4000 yuan, and then to the present Find X2 first touch 7000 yuan gear.

According to data released by China ICT Institute, the proportion of domestic brands in smartphones with more than 4000 yuan in the Chinese market increased from 5% in 2016 to 33% in 2018.


At present, domestic mobile phone brands have established their own medium and high-end product lines, including Huawei P series and mate series, oppo find series, vivo X series, nex series, millet mix series, first Canada, etc.

At present each brand has adopted the high-end machine and the performance-price ratio two-step strategy. And this year, whether the release of Xiaomi 10, or the release of OPPO Find X2, all revealed a clear signal: domestic brands this year the main focus will be on the focus

However, the high-end road is not just a simple pile of materials, technical knowledge on the one hand, it tests the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, including positioning, pricing, brand image, technological innovation and so on. OPPO Find X series, has successfully established a high-end brand image, let it in

Domestic market pressure, oppo how to pull back a game?

In the past 2019, the competition in the mobile phone market has been particularly fierce, with the release of new machines from and

However, looking at the domestic market, the downward trend of oppo last year was obvious. Canalys report shows that the domestic shipment volume of oppo in 2019 is 65.7 million units, a 17% decline compared with 2018, and the market share has also declined from 20.1% in 2018 to 17.8%.

It is worth noting that due to Huawei's limitations in the overseas market, last year, Huawei focused its efforts on the domestic market in an all-round way, especially offline, increasing the number of terminal stores and marketing efforts.

Before that, Huawei has begun to strengthen offline channels. At the beginning of 2016, Huawei launched a thousand county plan and announced that it would cover 1000 counties with offline channels within two years. In 2018, Huawei's experience stores in prefecture level cities increased to nearly 800, and the number of experience stores at county level exceeded 2000.


Huawei offline stores, Tuyuan retail owner internal reference

And oppo first relied on offline channels. In a street in the county, there are two stores every several hundred meters, which brings many consumers. Now, there are more players on the mobile phone street, especially Huawei.

According to Sun Yanbiao, the past year, OPPO in the market share pressure is not small. Huawei the pricing of products left the gross margin of offline channels, leaving more profit margin for dealers, so that more dealers choose to sell Huawei products,

Shen Yiren mentioned in the press conference that flagship products have always been the concentrated embodiment of brand technology, but also the source of brand premium ability. In a more important market sense, flagship products are also becoming key to moving global operators and customers.

However, after the newly launched oppo find x2 pricing is increased, the offline channel has greater flexibility. In 2020, oppo must resist Huawei's pressure, pull back the swing dealers and grab back the lost market share.

Now, from the configuration and pricing of OPPO flagship, it is not the target of Xiaomi, which has just tried to enter the high-end market, but Huawei and Apple. The battle between OPPO and Huawei is also expected to intensify in the domestic market.


Oppo offline shop, picture source 36 krypton

In addition to competing for sales channels, 5g will also be the key for oppo to pull back one game.

If 2019 is a period spanning 4G to 5g, 2020 will be the real time for the battle for 5g mobile phones.

Last year, with the issuance of 5g license plate, the head phone manufacturers successively launched 5g mobile phones in the domestic market.

OPPO launched OPPO Reno 5G version of the phone in sweden in the first half of the year and landed in several european overseas markets, but did not list at home.

On february 24th ,Huawei launched Huaweimate x, first mobile phone with five G networks and free folding. Since then, the Huawei and glory brands have launched as many as eight dual-model 5 phones G a year.

Xiaomi also accelerated the 5 G mobile phone layout, through the Xiaomi 9 Pro 5G version occupied 3000 stalls, at the end of 2019 press conference, Lei Jun said

Five cell phones G last year were more gimmicks. According to the China Information and Communication Research Institute, the total volume of domestic mobile phone market in 2019 was 398.9 million. Among them ,4 G mobile phone shipments were 359 million, accounting for 92.19% of the total shipments. and 5 G mobile phone shipments were only 13.769 million units, accounting for only 3.54% of total shipments.

This year, with the comprehensive popularization and improvement of 5g mobile phone infrastructure, the response from the demand side will really break out.

Shen Yiren mentioned that up to now, oppo is cooperating with more than 30 operators around the world in 5g, and find x2 alone has determined the selection and cooperation of 24 operations around the world, which has become an important support for oppo to further open the global market.

In 2020, oppo is betting on high-end and 5g. Can it win the counterattack?

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