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Microsoft 2020 masterpiece! Analysis of 16 new features of win10

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Win10 large version of the update has been identified as version 2004(originally 20 H1), many partners are curious, this version in the end contains what functions! Here's a detailed account of all the new changes in the Win10v2004. Come and see what you' re interested in.


Windows 10 V2004

1. password-free login

The new version Win10 optimizes the password-free login experience, and users can log in without entering a password through a matching biometric module (such as fingerprint, face, iris, etc.) Windows.. At the


Log in with windows Hello instead of password

2. Temperature display of video card

Task manager added GPU temperature display, that is, no need to install third-party software in the future, you can also know that the graphics card does not have a fever. This feature currently supports only NV independent graphics cards, but not AMD and integrated graphics cards for the time being. Moreover, the driver of the graphics card, to upgrade to the latest version, WDDM version needs to be higher than v2.4..


New version of task manager adds temperature display of video card


A WDDM version of the graphics card driver is available

3. Identify the type of hard disk

Besides the GPU temperature, there is also a change in the task manager, which is


Add hard disk category ID

4. new icon

Win10 V2004 has added a lot of new icons, including calculators, photos, calendars, mail, groove music, movies and TV, onedrive, alarm clock and clock and many other built-in applications, all with new designs. With the original Microsoft office, my mobile phone, to do and my mobile phone, the new version of win10 is a new one.


New icon

5. Language setting panel

Win10 V2004 has added language tags. Users can quickly understand the language configuration of the current system through these buttons. Dictation support covers more languages (Chinese, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese). In addition, the dictation box is also optimized and more refined.


New Language Setup Panel

6. The calculator supports visualization

A small change has been added to the calculator, and a drawing mode is added to the list. Its function is to let users visualize mathematical equations.


Calculator added



The new version will no longer automatically clean up the download folder

8. Uwp automatically opens after restart

Win10 can automatically turn on the last uncluttered software after the reboot so that the user can quickly continue the previous work. The older version, however, only supports partial desktop software recovery (such as Microsoft Office), which is not valid for UWP. An extension of this feature to the UWP, in the 2004 edition includes a switch that allows users to decide whether to turn it on.


Uwp application also supports automatic opening

9. Virtual Desktop Support Rename

There are not many people using virtual desktop, but it is a very useful function in win10. In short, it can simulate the effect of multiple displays on a single display, so as to improve the work efficiency of users.

A small change has been added to Win10v2004 virtual desktop, and now you can make a difference


Virtual desktop support rename

10. Updating speed limits

Win10 update speed limit can avoid network bandwidth congestion in large-scale updates, especially for users with low access rate, which is more dependent on this function. However, the old version of the speed limit only support percentage adjustment, many times is not particularly intuitive. A new version was added


The new version allows speed limit in units of speed

11. Index no longer Carton

The file index of win10 will consume a lot of resources. The most intuitive feeling is that the computer will slow down and change its card. Win10 V2004 optimizes the indexing mechanism and automatically pauses the indexer when the system is busy. In addition, when the game mode is started or the system power is less than 50%, the indexer will also stop. In other words, the new version of windows will become smoother.


The new version of Caton will be even less



Sandbox function

Win10v2004 the sandbox has been upgraded, a new version of the Mac and audio equipment that can use the host directly. In addition, it adds two new sets of shortcuts:

Ctrl Alt Pause: Maximization/Reduction window

Shift Alt Home: pull out the task manage

13. Notepad can be uninstalled

Antique tools such as drawing and Windows Media Player were previously unremovable in the system. Win10v2004 assigned them


Allow uninstall of system built-in components

14. Drive individual downloads

Besides various system updates, Windows Update can also bring us the latest version of hardware drivers. But given that some of the system's instability is driven, Microsoft has since Win10v2004 classified driver updates


Drive is pushed by hardware manufacturer

15. Cortana rebirth

Cortana's current situation is not very good. Not only users are lazy to use it, but even Microsoft itself dislikes it. Win10 V2004 has made a new version of Xiaona. The new version of Xiaona looks more like a chat software. In addition to the position and size can be adjusted at will, it will never open the software. The new Cortana will try to answer in the list, just like a real personal assistant. Of course, Xiaona's foundation is too thin. In the process of trial, I still feel that there is no good way to solve this problem. I can only rely on the accumulation of time. In addition, the new version also adds light and dark mode switching, which does not support Chinese temporarily.


New version of Nana


I don't support Chinese at present, so I have to ha ha first

16. Cloud download and cloud reload

Cloud reinstallation is an important part of win10 V2004. It is similar to online recovery in Mac OS. By downloading images from Microsoft Server, we can automatically complete system reinstallation. Many people think that the focus of cloud reinstallation is to save users' image download time, but I don't think so. In fact, the most powerful part of cloud re installation is that users do not need to manually build winpe environment, which greatly reduces the technical threshold of system re installation. Xiaobai can easily re install win10 itself.


Cloud reload

Written in the end

Compared with the previous version, win10 V2004 is more about the adjustment of some details, of which Cortana and cloud reinstallation are the two most changed. At present, Microsoft does not give the specific time when the new version will go on the market, but there are already slow test users receiving push one after another. If there is no major bug in the near future, I believe we will meet soon.

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