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AMD's next target is Intel hinterland after reversing the game console / notebook / server market

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For a long time, as a product in the segment of PC market, workstation has relatively low attention in the consumer led PC market. But in fact, enterprise users and high-end professional users have a strong demand for workstations. Now with the 7Nm technology, AMD, which has been declining for many years, has changed the market pattern of game consoles, laptops, servers and other markets for many years, and the next goal is probably to bid farewell to the long-standing workstation market.


The market remains alive

With workstation products demanding high performance and quality, no more than ten workstation brands are on the market, and hardware brands are more fixed, with almost all of the products we can see except apple's Mac Pro, using a combination of intel-power processor nvidia Quadro professional graphics cards.

In fact, it's no wonder that manufacturers treat it differently. It's really because it's too hard for AMD in the past for a long time. AMD's historical best performance in the server market is only 26% of the market share, as it is firmly suppressed by Intel in the consumer market with the largest revenue. Finally, we had to withdraw from the market competition temporarily. In this period of time, Intel became the absolute hegemon, and Xeon processor became the only choice for workstations.


On the other hand, yingweida, who specializes in graphics cards, lies down to make money. After all, AMD's graphics cards are not rivals in the high-end consumer market, let alone in the professional field. However, we should pay attention to that AMD is the only company in the industry that does both GPU and CPU technology. The advantage of AMD lies in that many professional software now rely on not only GPU driver, but also CPU based rendering. Amd can achieve the best solution.

In the final analysis, the process

2019 is undoubtedly a successful year for AMD, and such success is directly reflected in its soaring share price. Whether it's the cost-effective and fragrant radeon graphics card, or the second-generation epyc Xiaolong processor in the field of server, or the third-generation sharp dragon processor in multiple markets, the foundation of its success is the 7Nm technology adopted by AMD.

Certainly, thanks to tsmc and samsung's tireless efforts, intel added and added 14 nm, looking at the toothpaste factory as a zipper factory, turning its ancestor gordon

More advanced process technology, which means more transistors, lower power consumption, plus the brilliant leadership of the awesome CEO Lisa Su, the new product launched by AMD is more powerful than one. Even with the 3990x and competitive product strength is not a dimensional monster at all.


3990x is the supreme magic ring of CPU world

Having such a monster-level CPU pressure array, dare to ask the various manufacturers have the courage to pat chest to professional users to sell their workstations have the market's top performance. And AMD is also right to play their current invincible hand, in the publicity also focused on promoting its creative design, game development, film and television late rendering and other professional areas of outstanding performance. It used to take a few minutes to render it now in a few seconds to complete, as to what was used in the past... well, not much.

In terms of GPU, to be fair, amd has not yet launched a product that can compete with NVIDIA's ship level professional video card, and it also lags behind in ray tracing. However, according to the current news, the rDNA 2 architecture on the way will add ray tracing support. At present, although there are only two professional graphics cards in the middle end, w5700 and w5500 are still the only professional graphics cards in the market with 7Nm process technology, which have certain advantages in energy consumption.

The best time for AMD to enter

For AMD, the present situation is already very favourable. Timing, geographical location, people and seems to have come to this side of the AMD. First, on the day side, last week at an investor conference, Intel's chief financial officer George

However, it is still based on AMD unique advantages in professional graphics cards

Renhe, amd has a good relationship with various manufacturers. Whether it's a desktop or a notebook, traditional PC manufacturers are willing to introduce amd based machines to meet the needs of consumers. Therefore, it seems reasonable to launch the corresponding workstation products.

Workstation market or alternate days

Known to be the most popular workstation on the market is apple Mac Pro, which uses AMD custom dual-core GPU and 56-core intel-strong CPU, to play 3 8 videos or 12 4 videos simultaneously and clip thousands of tracks simultaneously. Apple's mobile workstation MacBook Pro also uses AMD mobile graphics cards.

The industry benchmark is still so, why don't other manufacturers want to follow up? Moreover, the paper strength of AMD has been strong enough, just waiting for new products to be launched, and reshuffle the market that once looked like a stagnant water.

Monopoly is the most undesirable way for any industry to develop healthily. Therefore, we can boldly predict that adopting amd scheme will be widely listed in the near future and inject new vitality into the whole market. Next, let's wait and see!

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