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CEO Zhang Nan, China's CEO Zhang Lidong as chairman tiktok

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Tencent News first line Zhang Jun

On March 12, 2020, byte skipping announced an overall upgrade of the organization. Today is the 8th anniversary of byte skipping.

China tiktok, China's chairman of the company, has been the head of China's functions since March 12th. It has been fully coordinating the company's operations, including the strategy, commercialization, strategic partnership, law, public affairs, public relations, finance and manpower of the byte beating strategy in China; CEO Zhang Lidong. China will China China's CEO, as the head of China's business, will fully coordinate the products, operations, markets and content cooperation of the company's China business, including tiktok, jitter, watermelon video, search and other businesses and products in. They report to Zhang Yiming.

As CEO of byte beat, Zhang Yiming will lead the company's global strategy and development, and focus on the exploration and strategic thinking of long-term major issues, including the research of global enterprise management, corporate social responsibility, education and other new business directions. At the same time, Zhang Yiming will spend more energy to improve the byte beat global management team.

The adjustment aims to adapt to the development of byte beating global business, strengthen the team building of Chinese business and improve management efficiency.

Zhang Yiming said in a full letter to the byte beat employee:

Zhang Lidong and Zhang Nan are mature managers who have grown up in byte beat company

Zhang Lidong joined in byte jumping in 2013 as a partner and senior vice president of byte jumping, taking full charge of commercialization related businesses. Internal colleagues' evaluation of Zhang Lidong is smart and principled. According to internal insiders, many new businesses of byte beat in the past few years, including pangolin, car emperor, xingfuli, and some leisure games, are promoted by Zhang Lidong internally. Before byte jumping, Zhang Lidong worked in the media as a deputy general manager.

Before joining byte jumping, Zhang Nan was an Internet entrepreneur. In 2013, Zhang Nan started to work as an app for the photo community. After the company was acquired by bybeat, Zhang Nan led the team to join bybeat and take charge of the company's UGC business. In 2016 tiktok launched volcano products from 0 to 1 in 2016. Tiktok tiktok, tiktok, CEO, and Zhang Nan, the company's market brand leader, was named as the voice and volcano and market brand in 2018. In the fierce competition environment, the jitter became the most popular short video product in China. In addition, Zhang Nan also led the company's camera business, leading the team to develop new products that are widely popular, such as light face, cut and screen. In March 2020, clipping is the largest mobile video editing tool in China.

After handing over the business of China to Zhang Lidong and Zhang Nan, Zhang Yiming will also focus on the greater challenge of building a global, diversified and super large enterprise.

Since its establishment 8 years ago, byte bounce has been a global company with offices in more than 180 cities and 30 countries, with more than 60000 employees. It has launched many products that are popular with users in many countries and regions. According to the public data, by the end of 2019, the number of global monthly active users of bybeat's products has exceeded 1.5 billion, covering 150 countries and regions and 75 languages. Take tiktok, a short video social application of bytechund, for example. It has been ranked in the top five of the world's most popular mobile applications (non games) for two consecutive years, and is one of the most popular applications in the world.

Rapid development also brings greater organizational management challenges. Zhang Yiming put improving the management of super-large global enterprises in the first place in the long-term major project of byte beat company. In his full letter, he stated:

Since late 2019, overseas executives, including former Warner Music Group executives Ole Obermann、 former Microsoft chief intellectual property adviser Erich Andersen、 network security expert Roland Cloutier, have joined the byte beat. The day before the official announcement of the organization's upgrade, on March 11, the byte beat released the latest corporate culture, adding

Attached is Zhang Yiming's full letter:

8-year anniversary of byte skipping: looking back on the past, focusing on the present, and looking forward to the future

Hello everyone,

Today is the 8th anniversary of the company. In this new mode of telecommuting, I will talk about new ideas online.

I want to make a big organizational upgrade at this time node: today, the company will appoint Zhang Lidong and Kelly as the chairman and CEO of byte leaping China respectively, and take charge of the development of byte leaping China business as a whole. As the Global CEO of byte skipping, I will spend more time in Europe, America and other markets. Together with Alex, I will improve the global management team of byte skipping, and help more new colleagues such as Erich Anderson and Roland Cloutier better integrate.

In the past eight years, byte leaping has developed rapidly. We have grown from a small product to a large platform providing multiple products and services to global users. The number of global employees will reach 100000 this year. On the road of growth, we meet many challenges.

In order to cope with the change of business, we have been constantly optimizing and adjusting the organization and cooperation mode of the company. Make clear, for example, the CEO and management team of the main business; establish the virtual P of each business

With the expansion of business, the external effect is also expanding, and the society has more expectations for us. In the past year, I have spent nearly two-thirds of my time in many parts of the world. In addition to understanding the company's business, I also communicated with many local colleagues and friends, went to Delhi dilihart market to do user research, went to friends' houses in Paris, and went to museums around the world to learn about history. I have a deeper understanding of the richness of the world and the evolution of civilization. We have businesses and users in many countries around the world. We need to think more about our relationship with the outside world and our contribution to the outside world.

More than that, in addition to the information and content platform business that we are familiar with, we have begun to explore many new business directions. For us, this is a kind of cross-border business, but our awareness of these new businesses is far from enough.

These challenges require more changes in our company's organizational style. In addition to improving the work of the global management team, I will spare energy from the company's daily operation and focus on several things:

1. Study on how to improve the management of super large global enterprises

Frankly, it's not easy to manage a company with more than 60000 employees in more than 180 cities in 30 countries. This does not include the 5000 foreign teachers of our education business in North America, the outsourcing employees of the company's administrative system, etc. In the past year, we have seen many management problems. The most direct feedback is that the statistical results of employee engagement and satisfaction have declined.

I will try to travel all the areas with offices in the next three years to learn about the company and local culture. Our goal is not only to build a global business, but also to build a global multi compatible organization. Through better organization, inspire everyone's potential and creativity, and serve global users.

We have always said that developing a company as a product is very important to improve management.

Before 2016, I saw a lot of things, there was a lot of thinking, and practice in our company management. The frankness of the byte fan stems from my attempt to understand Jack Welch's repeated strong emphasis in Win

The change of organizational mode of science and technology companies will bring many new changes, which are reflected in business, finance and human resources. Financially, how to introduce LTV in UG into internal financial statements, and how to settle costs among businesses. In terms of human resources, how to organize talents under the three dimensions of function, business and market. Of course, the internal tools of enterprises also need new R & D optimization. For us, the past two years have been more problems and less thinking. I will spend more time studying and studying later, and I will discuss the promotion with my colleagues in ES.

2. Research on how technology companies create more social value

Since the second half of last year, I and the management team have seriously discussed the essence of the company. We start with the most basic issues. What is technology and what is technology company? Why do technology companies need to take on more social responsibilities? Science and technology refers to the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry. The basic condition for becoming a science and technology company is continuous learning of scientific knowledge. If technology companies can continuously improve their cognitive improvement methods, their leverage will become larger and larger, the proportion of head companies in the economy will be higher and higher, the impact on people's lives will be greater and greater, and more and more regulatory attention will be paid.

From the outside, the public expectations will be higher and higher. From the inside, employees also need a stronger sense of mission to undertake greater responsibility. Providing innovative, high-quality and efficient products and services for users is the basic social responsibility of enterprises. But technology companies also need to think about how to face their own external effects, actively cooperate with external parties, and create social value.

In the past two years, we have done a lot of work in the direction of corporate social responsibility, including the establishment of public sector, which requires that every business has CSR goals and plans, which are tied with user goals and business goals. Several projects such as looking for people, helping doctors and helping the poor have been very successful, but in general, I feel that they are far from enough, especially compared with our goal of reaching a higher level in the global scope.

I will communicate with more colleagues and the outside world. On the one hand, I will better understand the current problems in the world, and on the other hand, I will explore how to establish a better mechanism within the company to take on more social responsibilities.

3. Thinking and planning new strategic directions of Education

Education is a new business direction for companies to try across borders. Everyone should understand, I have always attached great importance to talent recruitment, full of expectations for personal potential. I agree with Drucker that the meaning of a company's existence within a company is to realize people's creativity through the company. I'll add another sentence

For a while in 2016, I found that many excellent algorithm talents of the company came from ACM class of Shanghai Jiaotong University. I went to Shanghai specially to visit Mr. Yu Yong. From the success rate of ACM class of Jiaotong University and the later research on Minerva University, I realized that education is very important to stimulate people's potential, and education itself has great potential. This is a starting point for me to seriously think about education business. In the past two years, I have interviewed many teachers and students, including experiencing different teaching effects in different classes, but due to limited time and energy, it is not sustainable enough. Next, I will restart the interview and observation of education.

Recently, the online tutoring market is very hot. Many people ask about the business progress of our company. In fact, I'm not anxious and patient. I think it's still very early now. Education business must have more fundamental innovation, of course, if we have a deeper understanding. Especially for companies with successful business, it is not easy to start new business, and there are inertia and inertia. A bold attempt in a new field is always an important sign of entrepreneurship.

On the eighth anniversary, I hope you can look back on the past, focus more on the present, and look forward to the future.

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