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Xbox series X R & D life cycle will be 7-10 years from 2016

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According to Microsoft's Xbox development team, Xbox series X was developed as early as 2016, earlier than the Xbox one X launch (less than 3 years ago), with the goal of designing games for the next 7-10 years. This means that Xbox series X has a life cycle of at least seven years. By contrast, the Xbox one, which was released at the end of 2013, has been more than six years now.

In addition, at 10:30 last night, Xbox official wechat launched a new blog, Xbox series X: a close look at the powerful technology that helps the new generation of game experience, and introduced the surprises contained in "the most powerful Xbox Console in history".

The full text is as follows:

A few months ago, we announced the Xbox series X, the fastest and most powerful console in Xbox history, which is designed for you as a player. When Xbox comes on the market in the winter, Xbox series X will set new benchmarks for performance, speed and compatibility, while allowing you to pass on your game's progress and content directly in four generations.

Recently, we have worked with technical experts Austin Evans and Digital Foundry to delve into the many technologies that provide strong impetus for Xbox Series X and discuss with the team the choices they make in defining the next generation of gaming experiences. we spent a whole day discussing everything from custom processors and latency solutions for game hosts to down compatibility and visual enhancement features.

(editor's note: we'll use some acronyms and discuss techniques in this article, rather than paraphrasing them every time they appear. To do this, we created an Xbox series X glossary that includes many of these terms and more. We'll chain the content where applicable, where you can see the full glossary, our capabilities on the new Xbox wireless controller and how the team can reduce latency)

The new generation of Xbox is defined by three main features: power, speed, and compatibility. Let's look at how Xbox series X provides these three iconic features and technologies:

Best Xbox mainframe eve

Nowadays, more and more games are required to run at 60 frames per second (FPS), with high visual fidelity and accurate, responsive input. Developers have proposed creative solutions, such as dynamic resolution scaling, to maintain high image quality without affecting the frame rate, but this is usually done to solve the current generation of hardware and constraints. With the advent of Xbox series X, it's all about to change. But it's not just about making the game look better. It's also about making the game experience better.

Jason Ronald Xbox Series X Product Management Director said:

The Xbox team knows that they need to build a new generation of consoles that can run games at a frame rate of 60 FPS at 4K resolution without affecting the needs of game developers. Our team also challenged itself to deliver what was once considered impossible performance on the console, including support of up to 120 FPS for the most demanding and competitive games. Although the team believes that resolution and frame rate are creative decisions, which are best left to game developers, the team hopes to ensure that the new generation of host systems can support the needs of game production, e-sports, and innovation of independent creators.

Nussbaum focused on transformational design and generational performance enhancement, for developers,

These next-generation architectures take performance to a new level, enabling developers to create an unprecedented, immersive gaming experience, while allowing amd teams to build the next-generation DirectX ecosystem that will continue to drive the industry forward.

After the AMD demonstration, technical researcher Andrew Goossen discusses and shares the technical details that will provide strong strength for Xbox series X:

For more information, it is recommended that you refer to Digital Foundry in-depth interpretation to understand the relevant technical details in more detail from the perspective of game developers as well as players.

One of the most prominent (and easily noticed) features of Xbox series X is to support hardware accelerated DirectX ray tracing, which more accurately simulates the properties of light and sound in real time than any previous technology. To give us a better understanding of how this technology directly affects the game, Clayton Vaught, technical director of my world, introduced how ray tracing affects the game, which is favored by players all over the world, through a technical demonstration.

Vaught switches from the current picture effect to the hardware accelerated DirectX raytraced visual effect in the demonstration process, and switches back and forth in the pre built "my world" demonstration environment to show how the game is completely changed by realistic lighting. The shadow cast by the object will soften or sharpen according to the distance from the object, while the lava will emit warm orange light, dissipate gradually, and reflect the surrounding environment. Even the moon casts its own light through cracks in the wall, reflecting particles in the air. Ray tracing visual effect fundamentally changes the game experience of my world and immerses players in a more realistic world.

For me, the most impressive function is the way light passes through transparent objects (such as glass) and the change of color when light comes into the players' eyes. When passing through the corridor, light through stained glass makes a bright rainbow for the corridor. Each piece of colored glass casts different shades on the ground. Sometimes the truly amazing moment comes from the least remarkable substance: water. With ray tracing turned on, the water becomes completely transparent, allowing the light from the moon to hit the players below through it, and truly reflecting the seaweed swinging in the water wave. It's really an impressive demonstration of what hardware acceleration DirectX ray tracing can do for my world in a way I couldn't have imagined before.

As the end of the Xbox series X's strong performance demonstration, Mike Rayner, technical director of the collaboration studio, showed us how his team plans to optimize war machine 5 for Xbox series X. The team demonstrated the war machine 5 technology demonstration using the Xbox series X with the Full PC ultra-high specification settings, including higher resolution texture and higher resolution atomization effects, as well as the particle number close to 150% of the original configuration supported by the PC ultra-high specification. They also showed the game's opening animation, now running at 60 FPS at 4K resolution (30 FPS on Xbox one X), which means the transition from real-time scene to game is very smooth.

There have also been some notable improvements in other areas. The game load is very fast, and the team is able to turn on some features that need to be turned off in the previous Xbox one X version. This includes contact shadows (providing extra depth for objects) and self shadowing lighting on plants and grass to make each scene feel more realistic. Rayner also shared that the game has been running at a frame rate of more than 100 FPS, and the team is studying the implementation of 120 FPS for multi player mode to provide players with an unprecedented host experience. What's the most impressive thing about it? It's now available to the team in just a few weeks.

The coalition team also announced that the Xbox series X optimized version of "war machine 5" will meet with the players along with the arrival of the new console. Players who buy "war machine 5" will get the Xbox series X optimized version of the game free of charge. At that time, war machine 5 will provide the best game experience belonging to the corresponding platform for players using different Xbox hosts with the help of smart delivery function.

More immersive, faster overall

The next important benchmark of Xbox series X is speed, which can be defined in many different ways. Modern devices change our expectations for the speed of switching between experiences or applications. Most of us want to be able to jump into an experience immediately or continue with the previous progress. This also has a profound impact on the team that designs the system architecture. They want to ensure that players can spend more time playing the game and reduce the waiting time in the process of the game.

Xbox velocity architecture, with the close integration between hardware and software, is a revolutionary new architecture, optimized for the streaming processing of game content. This will unlock unprecedented new features in game console development, enabling developers to instantly access 100 GB of game material. The components of Xbox velocity architecture are all combined to create an effective multiplier in physical memory, which changes the experience of the game in a real sense.

A big beneficiary of this technology upgrade is the large open world game. Players can play and explore in their favorite way and speed. Works such as final fantasy XV, Assassin's Creed Odyssey and wild escort 2 redefine this generation's expectations for a lifelike and dynamic world.

In order to make the world in these games more dynamic and feel more magnificent, the high fidelity world needs strong processing ability and the ability of extremely fast streaming materials to ensure that the immersion in the process of the game is not broken (EPIC length elevator journey or lengthy corridor developers generally adopt the way of over loading background materials). Now, developers will also be able to effectively eliminate the loading time between levels, or create a real sense of fast travel system.

When it comes to speed, we have to delay.

Although it's hard to notice the improvement in delay when judging by only one improvement. But when all of them add up, this integrated effect can produce a more sensitive control experience.

Finally, thanks to the speed provided by Xbox series X, the game experience of players will be greatly improved. The most remarkable is the load time, which will be greatly reduced with the processing power of Xbox series X.

And the new quick wake-up technology outlined in our last blog post. With the current generation of game hosts, you can resume the last game you play. However, since most players (on average) run three to four games a month, the Xbox team hopes to allow players to choose to switch between games easily and quickly. With quick wake-up, the player can restore multiple games by pressing a button, jump back to the operation immediately, just in the position you left, while switching multiple games.

As the game status will be stored directly in the SSD of the system, the player's game progress will remain after the player shuts down the host, completely unplugs the power plug or even updates the system. One of the team's testers unplugged the console for a week, then updated it, and was still able to continue the progress he had made when he left without too much loading.

Downward compatibility, generation by generation

The third and final benchmark of Xbox series X is compatibility. Through the Xbox one generation, the Xbox team has shown enthusiasm and commitment to compatibility, putting players and their favorite games at the center of their team's work. As gamers themselves, the team knows that we all have our favorite memories, IP or game works, even if technology and game design continue to improve. We still hope to review these classics from time to time.

Ronald said:

For the next generation, the Xbox team knew from the beginning that they wanted to go further on compatibility. This vision influenced the design of the system. Through the combination of hardware and software, the team promised to ensure that thousands of games on the Xbox one platform (including Xbox 360 and the original Xbox games) will perform better on the Xbox series X.

Players will see the benefits of Xbox series X's improved hardware for downward compatible games, including improved boot and load times, more stable frame rates, higher resolutions, and better image quality. The compatibility team continues to implement more new technologies and innovations that we can use to further enhance our existing large game lineup when running on Xbox series X.

In addition, the Xbox team has also designed a new system to realize multi player games across generations, and introduced many new functions including intelligent distribution, which ensures that players only need to buy a game once to get the best experience of the platform on any Xbox host they choose. This will allow players to seamlessly switch between generations of hosts. Xbox series X is the fastest and most powerful Xbox Console ever built for the generation of player centered console. Our in-depth interpretation of some design decisions and technologies for Xbox series X support this time can answer some questions about the new generation of hosts, and we have expectations for this winter.

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