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90hz, 120Hz screen mobile phone horizontal review: not up to high frame rate? Here is the answer you want

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Since the combination of one plus 7 Pro and 90 Hz screen, some manufacturers began to follow up the high frame rate screen gradually. In 2020, Q1 ushered in a wave of small bursts, from 120 Hz to 144 Hz products.


As a favorite editor, as always, bring you a summary~

1. phones with high refresh rates do give us a lift in daily use, especially when sliding and switching pages, the experience will be more obvious if they are replaced from the 60 Hz refresh rate screen to the 120 Hz refresh rate screen, and higher resolution phones with the same screen refresh rate will not enhance our smooth experience, but will bring better display effect.

2. High refresh rate can improve our e-Competition level to a certain extent, but the touch sampling rate is also very important for mobile games. The higher the touch sampling rate, the more "handy" the mobile phone is. However, if it is only for daily use, the high refresh rate can be felt by the naked eye, and the touch sampling rate of high refresh rate mobile phones is generally not too low, but the high touch sampling rate Mobile phones do not necessarily have a high refresh rate.

3. For non high frame rate video source, there is no difference in viewing on 60Hz, 90hz and 120Hz screens, unless the mobile phone has built-in video dynamic frame insertion technology; for high frame rate video, when viewing at 90hz and 120Hz, the action is more coherent

4. Although the high refresh rate has greatly improved the use of smart phones, at present, the software is not suitable and the content is insufficient, and the power consumption ratio also needs to be improved, but generally speaking, the advantages of smart phones equipped with high refresh rate are greater than the disadvantages; as for the power consumption problem of high frame rate, you can see the 16 machine horizontal review we made before, and the power consumption of high refresh rate in the game process may be It's a little bigger, but it's not too big for daily use.


The control group selected for this horizontal review is 1080p 60Hz refresh rate screen mobile phone, which is also the most popular mobile phone screen currently. For the experimental group, we selected 1080p 90hz, 1080p 120Hz, 2K 90hz and 2K For 120 Hz mobile phones with screen parameters, the following is the screen parameter diagram of five mobile phones to see if they are different in the following three tests of daily use, game and video. PS: high pass 855 plus or 865 processor is used in the evaluation models, and there is no obvious bottleneck for the performance of conventional operation. Try to control the test variables of flow smoothness on the screen


By the way, compared with the previous seemingly long and boring regular horizontal review articles, this time we have refined the screen part only, but also involved the process of verification and test, so we can calm down to see.

1、 What is a high refresh rate screen?

The unit of "screen refresh rate" is "Hz", which represents the number of pictures that the screen can refresh per second. That is to say, the screen with a refresh rate of 60Hz refreshes 60 pictures per second. The same is true for 90hz. When we light up the screen of the mobile phone, even if the screen of the mobile phone is still, the screen is constantly refreshing every second. So if it is just the content of the static image, we may not see any difference , but if the picture "moves", the high frame rate will make the picture refresh faster, thus making the picture perceived by the human eye more fluent.



24 traditional movie pictures


120 films

To sum up, the screen refresh rate and the frame number of content are actually mutually restrictive. The higher the frame number, the smoother the game will be. However, when the frame number of content exceeds the screen refresh rate, the support of the screen with higher refresh rate is needed.

2、 Great difference in daily use

1. Screen comparison of refresh rates of 60Hz, 90hz and 120Hz

In order to show the differences in daily use of various high frame rate mobile phones, we also recorded the differences between them with cameras. At present, there are not many apps with high frame rate, so we choose Weibo as the test platform. When we slide the information flow of Weibo, the mobile phone with 120 Hz refresh rate on the right side is obviously better in fluency, while the mobile phone with 60 Hz refresh rate as the control group will appear stuck when sliding.


2. Control variable method: set two refresh rates of 60Hz and 120Hz for products of the same model

First of all, we put two phones of the same brand together. The resolution of two phones is set to 2K, one is set to 60Hz, and the other is set to 120Hz. In the same system version, the system can clearly feel that the 120Hz slide is smoother. So if we change the screen with the refresh rate of 60Hz to the screen with the refresh rate of 120Hz, we can obviously feel that the phone is smoother, This is also the advantage of high frame rate mobile phones.


3. Control variable method: also 2K resolution, set two refresh rates of 90hz and 120Hz

To make a further contrast, we compared the two 2-resolution phones with a high refresh rate of 2 K. When the 1080 P resolution screen is used and the second resolution is used, the mobile phone screen can be perceived to be finer than the 1080 P by the naked eye, while the 90 Hz and 120 Hz screens slide a little more smoothly than the 90 Hz when we tweet the information flow slide test, but far from upgrading from 60 Hz to 90 Hz with strong perception.


4. Control variable method: also 1080p resolution, set two refresh rates of 90hz and 120Hz

Is it the same with 1080p resolution? From the dynamic graph below, the measured results are similar to the 2K resolution. The screen with the same refresh rate of 120Hz is smoother than the 90hz screen when it slides, but the experience is far better than the 60Hz to 90hz upgrade. So through the comparison just now, you can know that the resolution only affects the display quality, for example, the higher the resolution, the clearer the image.


To sum up, if we use daily, from the replacement of 60 Hz refresh rate to 90 Hz, or even 120 phones with high refresh rate, we can obviously feel that the phone will be much smoother, and from 90 Hz refresh rate to 120 Hz refresh rate, the perception is not so obvious.


Screen pixel comparison

When selecting a screen with higher resolution and constant refresh rate, there is no significant difference in the use of fluency (the premise of good performance enough), but the quality of the display screen will be better.

3、 Does the high refresh rate screen improve the game? There is a physical plug-in!

Through the above verification test, we already know the resolution, basically will not affect the flagship mobile phone use screen refresh rate experience, so we start here from 60 Hz、90Hz and 120 Hz of the game experience to see whether the high refresh rate again affects our game results.


You can see the gap when you open the mirror

1. 60Hz vs 120Hz

First of all, we still compare 60Hz with 120Hz refresh rate, because only "peace elite" adapts to the picture quality of 120fps, so we use some indescribable means to crack to 120fps for testing.


Crack to 120fps

As a result, it can also be seen that the 60 Hz refresh rate will be one card per card in the opening screen, while the 120 Hz refresh rate will be smooth in the whole screen, and the 0.1 second is smooth. Although it is not a big deal in MoBa games, it may decide the outcome of a game in FPS games.


2. 60Hz vs 90hz

In this comparison, it can be clearly felt that the 90hz screen model is smoother and smoother when the mirror is opened, with a significant improvement compared with 60Hz.


3. 90hz vs 120Hz

Similarly, we compared the 90 Hz refresh rate screen with the 120 Hz refresh rate screen, where the 90 Hz compared with the 120 Hz compared with the Weibo test, the lifting feeling is not obvious, but by slowing down to 0.1 times the speed still can see that the 120 Hz refresh rate is smoother than 90.


4. Knock on the blackboard, this "Hz" is not that "Hz", screen sampling rate analysis

Here we need to introduce a concept. There is also a parameter in the mobile screen, which is also in Hz. It is the "screen sampling rate". At the press conference, there are often articles about touch sampling rate from manufacturers. The screen sampling rate - it is a sensitivity index for the touch operation of the mobile screen, and it is also in Hz, which represents the touch touch of the opponent's finger every second of the screen Touch the frequency of sampling, the higher the sampling rate, the shorter the screen touch response time, simply speaking, the more "follow up". At present, the mainstream screen sampling rates of mobile phones are 90hz, 120Hz, 160hz and 240Hz, which are easily confused with screen refresh rate.


When the drawing speed is too slow, the phenomenon of "not following hands" will appear (source: channel AAPL)

Generally speaking, the touch sampling rate of the mobile phone screen should not be lower than the screen refresh rate in order to prevent the user from feeling "out of hand" when operating. Therefore, when improving the screen refresh rate, the touch sampling rate should also be improved at the same time.


right away

The screen sampling rate is very helpful for the game experience, which can reduce the touch delay of users. However, the touch sampling rate is related to the quality of touch chip, working frequency, firmware layer, driver layer, system layer and other hardware and software layer optimization. Generally speaking, the higher the sampling rate is, the more expensive the cost is, and the more hands-on is particularly important for mobile games. Therefore, the touch sampling rate of some game mobile phones that are mainly engaged in e-games is usually 135hz, 240Hz or even 270Hz.


Comparison of different touch sampling rates at 60Hz refresh rate

Through the comparison of 240Hz touch sampling rate and 135hz touch sampling rate, it can be found that in fact, when the resolution is the same, the gap between them does not appear when the mirror is opened and they slide left and right, but the 240Hz touch sampling rate of mobile phones can follow, but it will not improve the performance of the game. It can be seen that although the touch sampling rate is important, it is daily You don't have to look too hard.


Comparison of different touch sampling rates at 60Hz refresh rate

So which is more important for refresh rate and touch sampling rate? If you have to make a choice, it must be the refresh rate. Because refresh rates can be experienced in everyday use, that's why manufacturers focus on raising high refresh rates, the benefits of high refresh rates can be visually distinguished, and phones with high refresh rates generally do n' t have too low touch sampling rates, but phones with high touch sampling rates don't necessarily have high refresh rates.

4、 Is it better to watch movies with high frame rate? As you can see with your own eyes!

1. Comparison of refresh rates of 60Hz, 90hz and 120Hz

As the 5 G era brings, the flow rate drops, the short video application occupies the important position in the market, and when the user buys the mobile phone, also takes the video experience as the important index.


120Hz (left); 90hz (middle); 60Hz (right)


From the animation, we can see that the experience of 90hz and 120Hz is obviously better than that of 60Hz, the picture is smooth and smooth, while 120Hz shows the ultimate delicacy, but without comparison, it's hard to feel that if you are used to it, you can't go back when you use it.

2. Comparison between 120Hz and 60Hz

When comparing 120 Hz and 60 Hz alone, the effect is still more obvious ,120 Hz of the picture, the character hair fluttering effect is more smooth.


Left: 120Hz; right: 60Hz


As can be seen from the trajectory of animated characters ,60 Hz of drag is more obvious, while 120 Hz of the screen, character movements more natural and coherent.

5、 High refresh rate useless theory? "You can't go back when you use it"

In the field of smart phones, 90hz is the entry threshold of "E-sports screen". Now the mobile screen has entered the high refresh rate of 120Hz. Can you say that the high refresh rate of smart phones is "useless"? Many people continue to think in the field of PC and firmly believe that mobile phones with high refresh rate screens are "useless". But the reality is that the high refresh rate screen in the field of mobile phones can play a role far higher than the PC.



The first time you touch it, you may feel that it is no different from a normal 60Hz screen, butWhen you use the screen with high refresh rate of 90hz or 120Hz for a period of time, and then use the mobile phone with 60Hz screen again, you will have the experience of "you can't go back when you use it"In addition, the high refresh rate can reduce the phenomenon of the content in the picture and video of the smartphone. As long as the current mobile phone screen is showing dynamic changes in the picture, most of them can use the higher refresh rate to obtain more smooth picture quality.


Of course, the high refresh rate screen also has some limitations and defects. In the field of Android mobile phones, the first problem is the lack of content. At present, only a few games support the high frame rate mode, and the daily app that adapts to the high frame rate is also very scarce. However, some manufacturers say that they can realize dynamic video interpolation through technical optimization, such as upgrading the content of 30 frames or less to 60 frames or even higher 120 frames, so as to match the high refresh rate of 120 frames on the screen.


Continuous play leads to fever

The high refresh rate screen needs higher power to drive, which consumes more power than the traditional 60Hz refresh rate screen, and will cause greater pressure on the phone's endurance. Therefore, the vast majority of mobile phones equipped with high refresh rate screens will add the option to manually switch the refresh rate value in the display settings, leaving users with smoother screen and more power saving options. In the actual measurement of the game, the temperature of 120 Hz refresh rate mobile phone gradually rises due to playing the game for a long time, and it automatically drops to 60 FPs in the process of the game, but the impact on the overall game experience is not great.


Continuous play leads to fever


A simple sentence: worth experiencing, worth buying. Smartphones with high refresh rates can indeed be "physical extras" in our daily use, even in e-sports games.


Therefore, the high refresh rate can't go back when it's used, and it's also the advantage that consumers can experience with the naked eye. So we might as well take a long look. We believe that with the popularity of high refresh rate mobile phones, the future applications and games will adapt to the high refresh rate, which will be driven by the future trend.

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