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Bill Gates added: The United States is too weak to oppose the Chinese virus

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Bill Gates,,64, hasn't been able to relax.

Just on March 24,2020, a Bill Gates as a business leader and philanthropist appeared on the Ted Connect radio program to openly explore views on the current epidemic response. On February 28, Bill Gates also Reddit on social news sites in the United States


Note: drawing from CNBC

Among them, Bill Gates expressly opposed

In Seattle, Bill Gates is dissatisfied with the current US response policy.

Bill Gates said in an online sharing on march 24th that the u.s. could have controlled the virus without forced containment, but that the u.s. had no choice but to respond quickly enough to the new crown virus pandemic.

He said:

America has missed the opportunity to control the virus without blocking it. We didn't act fast enough before, so we ca n' t avoid closure. Everyone should have noticed in January.

Lei feng noted that although the outbreak first occurred in china, china had informed the u.s. of the development of the epidemic long before the closure of wuhan on january 23.

In fact, since January 3, China began to regularly inform the United States of epidemic information and prevention and control measures; on January 4, the heads of centers for Disease Control and prevention of the two countries made a phone call, and China reported relevant information, and both sides agreed to keep in touch on information communication and technical cooperation. Novel coronavirus was praised by President Trump in January 25th, and he appreciated the transparency of China's information.

However, from the perspective of the situation of the United States itself, the United States did not show the importance of the epidemic.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), for example, announced on February 26 the first case of community transmission in the U.S., but CDC later advised against wearing masks

In this case, there is a rapid outbreak of cases in the United States. In 27 days, the number of confirmed cases has increased from 15 on February 26 to more than 50000 today.

Johns, USA


Note: From Johns

In this case, government officials across the country have advised or instructed local residents to stay at home

During sharing, Bill Gates believe that self-segregation will create economic consequences

It's hard for you to tell people:

On the same day on March 24, however, US President Donald Trump also expressed the hope that American businesses would open before Easter (April 12) to mitigate the economic impact

Bill Gates also believes that the U.S. is not able to detect the new coronavirus, and better guide people in need to do the test; he said that this must be done in an organized way, and it should be given priority because it is urgent.

Affirming China and worrying about developing countries

Bill Gates's approach to China is more positive than criticism of the US response policy.

On March 19, Bill Gates conducted a special Q & A on the new coronavirus among netizens of reddit. During the Q & A, he talked about his views on the current epidemic situation and how to prevent the next epidemic situation, which also revealed his views on China's epidemic response policies.

In the Q & A, Bill Gates commented on China's response to the epidemic as follows:

After January 23, China realized the seriousness of the epidemic, and then implemented strong isolation measures, with remarkable results. Of course, isolation makes it difficult for everyone, but it does stop the spread of the disease. Practices in other countries will vary, but the combination of detection and isolation is clearly effective.

Bill Gates also believes that China's experience is the most critical data available to the United States, because China has effectively blocked and reduced the number of confirmed cases. Extensive tests have been carried out, so we can see a sharp rise in the number of confirmed cases immediately, but so far, the number of new cases has been very small.

As a result, Bill Gates said, China has successfully avoided large-scale infection.

As for the infection rate, drug testing, case rebound and so on, Bill Gates cited the situation in China many times, he believes that with strong measures, the infection rate in mainland China will remain at a very low level (less than 0.01%), and so far, the rebound in the epidemic in China is very low.

For Reddit netizens

It is worth mentioning that in the Q & A, Bill Gates also specifically stressed that the new coronavirus can not be called


Note: screenshot from reddit

Lei Feng noted that in the Q & A, in addition to talking about China many times, Bill Gates also talked about his concerns about developing countries.

He believes that if reasonable measures are taken, such as virus testing and

Bill Gates also believes that less than 0.01% of China's population is infected, and most rich countries should be able to control the proportion of infection at a very low level, but some developing countries will not be able to do so.

When it comes to how the epidemic will eventually end, Bill Gates stressed the importance of vaccines.

In order to keep the epidemic to a minimum globally, we need vaccines, he said. It is very difficult for developing countries to prevent the spread of the epidemic, so vaccines are crucial; once there is a mass-produced vaccine, organizations like GAVI (the global alliance for vaccines and immunization) that help developing countries purchase vaccines will play a key role.

Bill Gates as a philanthropist

Bill Gates has long been concerned about global epidemics.

In fact, in a ted speech in 2015, Bill Gates once warned that if there is something that can kill tens of millions of people in the next few decades, it is more likely to be a highly infectious virus than a war; not a missile, but a microorganism.

He also believes that the world needs to be more prepared for pandemics, and solemnly points out that in fact, the world has hardly invested much money in the epidemic prevention and control system and is not ready for the next epidemic.


As evidenced by 2020, the Bill Gates term is valid

However, Bill Gates has spent years focusing on infectious diseases such as flu and Ebola, and has learned more about the new crown virus, and has spent $100 million on his foundation to help the world

On reddit, Bill Gates also talked about the reasons for his withdrawal from the board of directors of Microsoft, as he said:

My retirement from the corporate board has nothing to do with the epidemic, but it does strengthen my commitment to focus on the foundation's work, including helping the foundation deal with the epidemic related work.

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