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HuaweiP40Pro quick review: a year ahead

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On March 26, Huawei launched P40 Series in Paris online, France. As a high-end series of Huawei, each time Huawei's P series product is released, it brings new technological innovation and leads the mobile technology for one year.

And at this press conference ,Huawei even more one-stop three mobile phones

One ,HuaweiP40Pro its location is similar to samsung S20Ultra, whether configuration or parameters, each link is the top design of the moment, and in the image part, rewriting the new standard of mobile phone photography.

Super perception Leica five camera performance monster redefining shooting

We all know that last year's HuaweiP30Pro brought a periscope camera and RYYB pixel array, and got it

And this HuaweiP40Pro will be mobile phone photography technology upgrade

The HuaweiP40Pro's main camera uses a IMX 700 sensor ,50 million pixels, with a 1/1.28 inch bottom, with a RYYB color array, from the parameters of the industry is undoubtedly the top one lens.


It is said that the size of the sensor determines the ability of the camera to capture light. The larger the bottom, the richer the details will be captured.

The Sony IMX 700 sensor on HuaweiP40Pro, with a large 1/128-inch base, offers higher dynamic range and less noise for imaging.

Especially in the night scene,The background ensures more light input, and the night scene imaging quality is further improved on the previous P30 pro.


moreover, the HuaweiP40Pro continues the HuaweiP30Pro RYYB pixel arrangement, which can effectively reduce the light loss caused by the color filtering process. the thicker spectral structure of the RYYB array also makes the HuaweiP40Pro limit ISO further enhanced.


The HuaweiP40Pro's background is matched with RYYB pixels, and even in a dark environment,

10-fold non-destructive zoom periscope telephoto transformation

A strong upgrade of the zoom effect in this HuaweiP40Pro.

The five-fold non-destructive zoom strength of last year's P30Pro has been amazing, and this HuaweiP40Pro has upgraded the phone's zoom capability again.

It can achieve up to 10x Optical Zoom, 20x hybrid zoom and 100x digital zoom, which can be said to be the most powerful zoom performance mobile phone at present.


The HuaweiP40Pro also features 8 million telephoto cameras that can triple optical zoom, support OIS optical anti-shake, and cover mid-range close-shot.



3 × telephoto lens with 10 × periscope telephoto lens, relying on Kirin 990 5G powerful ISP processing capacity and AI automatic white balance algorithm.

It can cover the zoom shooting from close range to super vision, and can realize the smooth and super wide to high zoom switching effect when shooting video, which improves the photographing experience.

A powerful stack of photosensitive film ToF top flagship

The HuaweiP40Pro also features a super-sensitive film camera with a 1/1.54-inch outsole and a 16-to-1 pixel fusion technology that allows four K of super-zoom time-delay photography ,7680 fps ultra-high-speed photography, but high-rise exposure, dark details, mobile phones can also make film texture.


HuaweiP40Pro this film lens supports 16 in 1 mode, that is, combining 16 pixels into 1, by synthesizing multiple pixels into a large pixel form to increase the photosensitive area of a single pixel, so that the quality of the night scene is more delicate.

When the opponent is still 4-in-1,HuaweiP40Pro's 16-to-1-pixel launch has once again succeeded in raising the industry's ceiling, becoming a new standard of mobile phone image strength.

The last lens of the HuaweiP40Pro is the ToF camera with its own infrared light source, the dark light environment can also obtain accurate depth of field information, ToF compared with the 3 D structure light can be more distant recognition distance, naturally become the 2020 flagship mobile phone auxiliary focus of the best choice.

In addition, TOF plays the role of wide area laser focusing, but also has more depth of field information, which brings a better photo taking experience of portrait mode.

There are more ways to upgrade AI graphics engine algorithm and take photos

Besides hardware upgrade, this HuaweiP40Pro also brought brand new upgrade on algorithm.

Multiple cameras can take photos at the same time, and multiple cameras work together. After the optimization of AI image engine, better shooting effect can be achieved.


Moreover ,HuaweiP40Pro also brings AI wonderful moment play method, one time shooting AI algorithm can capture the wonderful content of the moment, help you capture the most wonderful moment.




In addition,

Video shooting ability upgrade 4K ultra clear picture quality easy shooting

At the video shoot stage ,HuaweiP40Pro also supports the smooth zoom of the video, which can shoot the smooth transition from ultra wide to 100 times zoom.

Thanks to the lens bottom and Huawei excellent tuning ,HuaweiP40Pro

Extreme dark light environment ,HuaweiP40Pro can also take a clear video picture.

Also in HuaweiP30Pro


Moreover ,HuaweiP40Pro multiple cameras, in addition to synergy, can be implemented with Huawei powerful processor blessing

One shot panorama one shot close-up,At the same time, shooting can get two different pictures. This function is very friendly for users with short video and vlog shooting needs.


For a better shooting experience, the HuaweiP40Pro is equipped with three microphones that can direct the radio while shooting the video, and the video is more effective in sound effects.

As we can see, none of HuaweiP40Pro five cameras

In the 5g era, video will become the main mode of communication, and mobile phone, as an important shooting equipment, will undoubtedly upgrade in line with the 5g era. Huawei's series of configurations have successfully defined the new standard of mobile phone image strength in 2020, which will become the target of mobile phone shooting in 2020.

32 million pixel infrared lens front combination shooting unlock full upgrade

The front of the HuaweiP40Pro also has 32 MP of auto-focus lens, with the infrared camera can achieve a good background virtual, bring a different experience of selfie.


HuaweiP40Pro infrared depth camera is not only important in shooting, but also indispensable in the face part


meanwhile, the spacer operation in HuaweiMate30 series can be easily realized in the HuaweiP40Pro.

Full band 5 G network support Kirin 990 5G strength

2020 is bound to be the year of 5g mobile phone explosion, and 5g mobile phone still depends on Kirin 9905g.

Huawei has made a lot of research on 5g communication and obtained many patents.

the first dual-mode baseband balone 5000 to support NSA/SA was launched in the early 5 G. subsequently, the world's first integrated 5 G SoC, full-band 5 network was introduced in the HuaweiMate30 series, defining 5 G criteria.


All that's to be noted is that HuaweiP40Pro's 990 5G is the industry's first 7 nm EUV process 5GG SoC.

Because of the most advanced EUV lithography technology, Kirin 990 5G the density of the transistor is much higher than that of the previous Kirin 980, which also gives the Kirin 990 5G became the world's first mobile terminal chip with more than 10 billion transistors.

The number of 10.3 billion transistors is not only a digital breakthrough, but also a new process that enables Kirin 9905g to plug 5g baseband and and 16 core mali-g76 without much improvement in power consumption, making it the first commercial integrated 5g SOC in time.

Integrated SOC also has the characteristics of lower power consumption, and has a good performance in various links.

In addition, Kirin 9905g single chip can support all modes of 2G / 3G / 4G / 5G, NSA independent and SA independent networking mode, TDD / FDD full band, and the maximum downlink rate of 5g is 2.3gbps, and the maximum uplink rate is 1.25gbps.


Moreover ,HuaweiP40Pro also supports eSIM、NM memory card, a card slot many kinds of combination way, has given the user very big convenience.


n addition to the mobile network ,HuaweiP40Pro also supported a brand new Wi-Fi6 technology ,Huawei this technology has a wider bandwidth than the traditional WiFi6 base, reaching 2400 Mbps, and supporting dynamic regulation.

HuaweiP40Pro is also G strongest android presence in terms of performance, in addition to taking a big step ahead of all rivals the 5 baseband. kirin 9905 G employs a three-file energy efficiency architecture with 2 large cores (BasedCortex-A76@2.86GHz)2 medium cores (BasedCortex-A76@2.36GHz)4 small cores (BasedCortex-A55@1.95GHz).

The design of four curved surface digging hole

HuaweiP40Pro is not only a strong heaps, but also exquisite in appearance


Front of the fuselage, the HuaweiP40Pro adopts the four curved surface hole digging screen scheme, and is parallel double hole digging.

The screen is a 6.58-inch flexible OLED display with a resolution of 2640x1200 and a PPI of 441.

HuaweiP40Pro also supports 90 Hz of high refresh rate, DCI-P3 wide range, automatic blue filtering,


At the screen, the HuaweiP40Pro four curved surface boundless design, curved screen design allows the screen left and right to extend to give a sense of left and right unbounded, the upper and lower border also received extremely narrow, bringing more comfortable front vision.

And most surprisingly, the HuaweiP40Pro's various luxury heaps did n' t make the fuselage

Moreover, in the fuselage width ,HuaweiP40Pro is further narrowed ,72.6 mm width is more suitable for one-handed grip.


Frame part ,HuaweiP40Pro adopted the design of boundless, so that the overall fuselage more integrated and grip feel more comfortable.

The integrated design allows HuaweiP40Pro to support IP68 levels of waterproof and dustproof, so that users use more secure.

All round design, no short board, full of highlights

The HuaweiP40Pro's design is completely upgraded without a short board, such as a battery life with a large battery of 4200 mAh and support40W wired fast charging, and is the first commercial support40W wireless fast chargingAnd supports reverse wireless charging.

that is ,HuaweiP40Pro wireless charging efficiency has been comparable to wired charging efficiency.

Huawei official data from the press conference show that 40 W of wireless fast charging can charge the battery capacity at 2730 Ma for P40Pro in 30 minutes.


At the system level ,HuaweiP40Pro've been upgradedEMUI10.1, provide rich themes and off screen display, etc.

Notably, the HuaweiP40Pro screen-extinguishing display uses a microparticle design with low power consumption and lower power consumption.


EMUI10 smart screen separation function in the HuaweiP40Pro has been upgraded, the operation is very simple

In terms of software, Huawei gave up Google services completely and recommended Huawei mobile service HMS in this conference.

HMS now includes Huawei application store, Huawei browser, Huawei mobile cloud, Huawei music, Huawei video, Huawei assistant and other application services.

One last word

To paraphrase what apple used to say on the iPad, why is your next camera?

As the first half of the world's focus on video flagship ,HuaweiP40Pro did give you a big surprise, especially in the video system stacked on the mobile phone industry can currently pile up the strongest material:

Main camera 1/1.28 inch bottom sensor, with RYYB pixel array and full pixel eight-core focusing, a series of parameters and let HuaweiP40Pro successfully squeeze the camera position, heavy camera from the corner of the pile to eat ash.

In 2012, Huawei brought its first flagship ascend P1 and officially launched Huawei P-Series. Now P40 series has been released for 8 years. During this period, Huawei has polished the camera for many times. P20 pro, a classic of P-Series, has been followed up by other manufacturers, laying the position of this series in the mobile imaging industry.

Moreover this HuaweiP40Pro is not only a stack of materials, bring three OIS、XD Fusion Engine、8 color temperature sensor also bring new ideas for mobile phone photography.

HuaweiP40Pro may lead the mobile video as P20Pro,

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