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Cloud rolling cat has never been so real, Google 3D animal is popular

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Is the house too boring? It's better to build a zoo.

Google has recently updated the AR and 3D animal functions of its mobile terminal. People trapped in the epidemic are playing very well. Netizens have exposed all kinds of sharks, tigers, pandas and so on in their homes. Mr. Li Kaifu is no exception.

People with severe cat smoking have never felt such a real cat. You should even wonder if you have a raccoon at home.

A bold idea. Have you ever thought of keeping a tiger as a pet in your bedroom?

For now, just use Google search on your smartphone or tablet


Of course, you can also like the Magic Baby trainer, put the tiger on the grass, and turn your back garden into a zoo. At this time, you can only observe the tiger of physical size through the mobile phone, but when you move the mobile phone, you will not see the tiger, and you will not worry about being bitten.



Dog and raccoon, who are you raising?


Don't envy the Russians, Black Bear to greet you ~

In fact, Google has been quietly improving its capabilities since the release of AR core, an augmented reality platform, early last year. Arcore is Google's software platform for building augmented reality applications, similar to Apple's arkit, which can take advantage of the progress of cloud software and device hardware to put digital objects into the real world.

Support 3 D images and AR. AR can cover digital content and information into the real world through the smartphone screen. Google feature allows people to browse 3 objects on D phone screen, while also supporting the proportion and more details of 3 objects viewed at close range, which is not visible in ordinary images.

This integrates camera and AR technology, and google adds three D models to search results on ARCore and ARKit phones that enhance the interactivity and utility of google's search results directly through a AR preview.

Then google launched a new depth recognition tool for ARCore development platform Depth API, enhance the experience of AR application development. The tool allows developers to use Google's dynamic depth algorithm, RGB cameras to make depth maps, making the experience of AR applications more natural. It is understood that JingDong's AR real scene purchase, Tencent mobile game "together to catch the demon ", Didi's AR real scene navigation function behind, there are Google ARCore figure.

The new upgrade is part of ARCore's new Depth API, which will soon allow developers to complete what they call

For example, to build a virtual cat in a room, you can see the cat disappear from view when you place the camera angle between a bed or table or other objects.


Google now says it is ready to upgrade and that the new upgrade will make AR experience look more real in the future.

In addition, Google AI team recently announced a new mobile terminal 3D recognition scheme: Objectron, which is characterized by AI model, in 2D image prediction of objects in the scene location, size and direction, can be used for robots, autopilot cars, image retrieval, AR and other scenes.


In order to train AI model, Google team used mobile ar session data (including camera image, sparse 3D point cloud, predicted light, plane area, etc.) to make up for the problem that mobile devices do not have high-end 3D sensors (most 3D data on the market relies on 3D sensors such as lidar, but there is little 3D marker data for daily objects).

In addition to the real environment data, the synthetic AR data is also used to improve the accuracy of AI prediction. In order to improve the quality of synthetic data (10% accuracy), Google has developed an AR synthetic data generation scheme, which is characterized by adjusting camera angle, identifying plane and predicting light data to generate 3D location information that conforms to physical rules and light that conforms to the scene, so that it can be integrated into ar session The virtual objects in the data scene look more natural.

To enable this feature, you need to prepare an Android smartphone running Android 7.0 or later or a Google Chrome browser running IOS 11 or for Android / IOS.

Google can provide more than 20 kinds of 3D animal playing methods, including lions, tigers, cheetahs, sharks, hedgehogs, ducks, penguins, wolves, anglerfish, goats, Rottweilers, snakes, eagles, brown bears, crocodiles, horses, Macaws, harpoons, turtles, cats, octopus, dogs, etc.

For example, search

Then you can watch the real size sharks through your mobile phone.


In this way, you can also see more other animals, such as dogs, pandas and tortoises.


Many Twitter users also


For example, lions, snakes and tigers.


There are also netizens sun out with the lion in a room picture, when see the majestic lion standing beside, will feel a trace of fear?


Affected by the epidemic, many people are trapped at home. The emergence of virtual animals makes people's lives more interesting, and even helps many parents to solve the problem that they can't find interesting games at home.

Google 3 D animal popularity, so that the value of AR technology has been excavated, bringing more space to educate users. The experience of combining AR with the 3 D continued during the epidemic, and AR technology would be of greater value elsewhere than entertainment.

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