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Flash brief history and the end of the original Chinese Internet

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Wen lightmoon Qing Yue



Since mid-2019, people may notice a pop-up window when they surf the Internet, announcing that flash player will stop supporting by the end of 2020.


It was a planned abandonment.

Apple was the first company to announce restrictions on Flash use, and the late Apple founder, Jobs, has repeatedly criticized Flash: in public

It's not just mobile devices. Safari, Apple's desktop browser, has also disabled flash by default since 2016, and Google Chrome has followed up in the same year. Adobe officially announced plans to phase out flash in 2017, fully embracing the new generation of HTML5 technology.

The year 2020 is the deadline, after which Adobe and major mainstream browser makers will eventually eliminate the Flash,'s annoying updates that may never be ⻅ again.


In fact, flash has accompanied the Internet for 25 years. In August 1995, Los Angeles had a high temperature of nearly 40 degrees in the summer of this year. The annual siggraph computer graphics annual meeting was held here. There is a meeting between traditional games and animation here. At that time, two things happened in the venue:

In order to expand the overseas market, squaresoft, which has not yet been merged with Enix, here shows the interactive CG of Final Fantasy 6. The trial game cost 4 SGI computers to render, and the price of each computer at that time was 70000 US dollars. Later, sqaure ordered 200 SGIS for the development of Final Fantasy 7. Later, history proved that they won the ten million dollar gamble.


Final Fantasy SGI》 Presentation

Outside of this aura, an unremarkable young man, Jonathan Gay,, exhibits a graphic editing software called SmartSketch. Hopefully, he didn't even sell a copy of the ⻉, but those who came to try said:

So he did, and changed the name of the software: FutureSplash Animator, this is the predecessor of Flash. As the version iterates, Flash becomes available not only for animation, but also as a game development tool. Developers around the world use Flash to develop a variety of products, accompanied by the Internet's most vigorous period of time.

In the Chinese Internet, flash also left its mark.


China's access to the Internet was in 1994, but before the popularization of broadband, most of the websites were as streamlined as possible, mainly in words. Until the speed of the Internet increased, flash, which can provide online video playback and small game functions, came into people's view.



In 2003, a group of young people in their twenties in Guangzhou used flash 2D animation and 3d background to produce "Q version of Three Kingdoms", later renamed "Q version of Liu Guanzhang".


What's interesting is that the soundtrack author of this animation is ⻨ Zhenhong, who is also the music author of the TV version of "the legend of the immortal sword" and "the legend of the immortal sword". Different from the melodious soundtrack of "Xianjian", in order to match this nonsense animation, the music used is very happy and spoof, which makes people feel a little lovely unexpectedly.

Compared with the commercial production of "Q version of Three Kingdoms", the other flash animation "Kung Fu rabbit" has a shorter total number and time.


In the first release in 2005, it was called "Shaolin rabbit and Wudang dog". It was only after "Caibao dog counterattack" was made in 2009 that the director decided the name of "Kung Fu rabbit and Caibao dog". The animation draws on the spirit of "cat and mouse". The rabbit and the dog are rivals and friends, thus interweaving a chapter of love and killing each other.

However, what makes it stand out from many flash works is the visual effect that combines animation with real scenes. Such a production process needs to take photos of real scenes, and then use flash to complete the production of animation content. The content of animation involving interaction with real objects needs to be repeatedly debugged, with a large amount of work, so the length of time can also be understood.

After all, the animation was originally done by one person alone.

Its director, Li Zhiyong, was born in 82, graduated from Jilin University and now teaches at the School of Animation and Digital Art, Communication University of China. He did not come from a class, from undergraduate to graduate students studied seven years of transportation major, animation production is entirely out of hobbies and enthusiasm self-study.

Later, Li Zhiyong and his students continued to make the series, and the new animation spread on the Internet again in 2013. On January 14 this year, Li Zhiyong tweeted to share the second season of the animation. Now, the second season of Kung Fu rabbit and Caibao dog has also been launched.


In the ten years from 2003 to 2013, the production process of animation industry has changed a lot, but flash has always been one of the excellent tools for independent animators and commercial studios to exert their creativity.

If you take Flash animation and games together, we'll get an interesting result: a homemade video.

More than ten years ago, when CS was the most popular, my impression was that the local Internet bar ⻔ mouth was often pasted with the handsome face of Dr. Freeman, the owner of half-life, but when I went in, almost everyone chose to be a masked police bandit. People's love for this game is one thing. When players get flash, a relatively low threshold video production method, a large number of MTVs and home-made short films emerge.

The CS Ten-Year Confessions was produced by the ⻔ Home itdoor.net of Yitian Network. Its predecessor, Xiang ⻦ Hardware Information Station, was founded in late 1997 and was established in the same yea


⻔ user's website style Title naming habit



See these two screenshots, you should understand that this is a tribute to Chen Yixun "Ten years" MTV, content is mainly a magnetic voice CT while playing the piano while telling their own little bit of the game. The regret and unwillingness in the lyrics have a deep resonance.



"Save my girlfriend" takes place on the map of CS "Italy" to save the hostages. It tells the tragic story that CT people discussed to save the girlfriend who was kidnapped as a hostage. However, after the fight, with the music of Su huilun's "the color moon", CT found that the girlfriend had eloped with the handsome bandits.




I should, I should take good care not to waste / spring is a fleeting cloud / should not, should not fall into the mire again / real love will not guess so long

Familiar Strangers by



The Sequelae of CS tells about the lives of CS addicted players


Although the quality of these short films may be ⻬, they are undoubtedly full of enthusiasm of players. Players borrow Flash

As Flash creation becomes more and more



Apart from the video, MTV and advertising campaigns created by the players, it is true that

Maybe it's because the original name has no characteristics. This flash game has directly chosen the most characteristic game screen as its translation name in various game websites in China, which is called "beautiful robot world".


The game tells of the robot world's main generator in an accident and accidentally stopped, so that the whole city lost its power source. The robots were all in deep sleep, and ten thousand years later, a lightning bolt struck the No .2 robot working at the top of the tower, giving him enough energy for action. In order to restart the generator and save the robot world, the small robot embarked on the journey.


And the picture of the whole game is very clean, without the messy colors and exaggerated lines abused Flash the game at that time, the maker even made the blur effect of depth of field ingenious. Flash games are divided into regular ⻅

As a puzzle game, it has no comparable volume with the PC games of the same era, such as mechanical City, adventure of the galaxy and sticky world. Players only need to click the circle on the screen with the mouse to complete all the puzzles, the prompt is also very obvious, the whole process is about ten minutes. But I think the significance of its existence is to prove to the world that flash games can also have a Japanese style cabinet like delicacy.

So do domestic developers have any works?

Speaking of this, we can not but mention and "ancient artifact", "flash hit" and "flash Wing Fighter".

"Ancient artifact" was made by the studio of kunu. As one of the main creators, the spirit is now the father of a four-year-old. He was mentioned in the article "ancient artifact throughout 15 years" published by the travel and Research Institute last year.

As early as 2003, the player group where the elves belong completed the same work "demon star reappearance" of RPG game "Xuanyuan sword", which complemented the plot of yuwentuo carrying the demon pot to Europe, and filled in the gap between "Xuanyuan sword three: the other end of cloud and mountain" and its external biography "trace of heaven".

Different from "the trace of heaven" written in "the reappearance of the demon star", the ancient artifact is a rewriting of "the trace of heaven".


Screenshot of ancient artifact

By modifying the relationship between the main ⻆ of the original work, Chen Jingfu was set to be the reincarnation of Donghuangzhong, and the plot of Yuer and Zhang Li was deleted and a more complete ending was written. In a sense, it should be considered

Interestingly, the eggs that are often made in the Xuanyuan Sword series have also been


Another game "flash hit" can be said to run through the history of flash games.

Chen Aveo, the author of the "Flash Player" series, AndyLaw. name Graduated from chengdu stone room middle school in 2001, completed the development of life's first game while studying at chengdu university of technology, handle the operation of BBPlayer.net and crazyflasher.com these two small game websites, now visit the words will be directed to the "flash" game website.

Although 17 years have passed since the launch of the first generation of flash mob, the series is still launching new games. Compared with the early generation 17 years ago, its latest work "flash attack 8: armed action" has no resemblance in appearance or play.

"Flash 1" is a fixed scene horizontal scroll action game, the main name is AndyLaw. But Andy's looks may be different from what players remember. At that time, he was like this:


Since the release of flash mob 2 in 2005, Andy's modeling has evolved into a green coat that exaggerates to cover the lower half of his face. This modeling has not changed much since then.




As the game says, at first the series "flash hit" can not erase, is a stock

In 2004, Chen Cheng participated in the publication of a textbook called "amazing work: Flash MX 2004 game design and production", which is basically to teach some basic knowledge needed to make flash games. Andy in the book elaborated the production process of "flash hit", and also cited examples of traditional games such as "doom" and "soul service" (misprinted into temple soul in the book) to explain. In the CD-ROM attached with the book, the FLA source files of Chen Cheng's early flash games are included.


After the release of "flash hit 5: superhero" in march 2009, chen completed the production of "flash hit 6: in five months. These two works can be called



"Flash mob" has also joined the zombie fighting mode

After the "flash hit" gradually online games. After 2010, Chen Cheng founded Chengdu kuchuang Technology Co., Ltd. and successively developed "flash hit 7: mercenary Empire" and "flash hit 8: Armed travel". These two online game products are still in renewal and stable operation until now.


Screenshot of the Armed Forces

And it's hard to believe that in 2018, when all kinds of commercial game engines were improving, flash hit was still being developed using Flash. This somewhat worn-out development tool, which created the original glory of the flash hit, has gradually become a further constraint in the series, yet it can combine the flash hit with the flash hit

One user who was also keen on Flash game development added chen hao QQ, the ID's name


I contacted the dream traveler via microblogging, a native of jiangsu province, who was born in 1982, the director of kung fu rabbit.

It's life's destiny to trudge on and on

How many stars have been counted in the journey

Although it's hard to avoid hesitation

Still pursuing the star of destiny, the traveler of dreams

As a post-80s dream traveler, the number of generations across the host of the number of precious. Besides the favorite fighting game, MD famous "the successor of light" also has a special love. At primary school contact with the FC fight game "nine people street tyrants ", middle school began to play" boxing emperor "series, by 2001, the dream travelers who entered the university still addicted to" boxing emperor ". At this point, he came into contact with the Flash、 Evangelist Empire and the Flash Bar through the school computer room.

Because of the slow speed of the Internet, the majority of flash works on the Internet at that time were animation, and few people developed games. Seeing this, the dream traveler for the first time has the idea of becoming a flash version of the champion. However, for him who has no programming experience, at the beginning, he tried to do some art design work, and it will take three years before he really starts to develop.

In late 2004, after a short month of production, the dream traveler developed a playable version, named "the emperor of the chaos dance boxing ". His Demo's high degree of completion gave the dream traveler a great sense of accomplishment, and the speed at which the game was developed shocked him, which prompted him to decide to keep the game going.


Screenshot of "dancing with the fist emperor"

After graduation in 2005, dream travelers entered a mobile gaming company to work during the day, stay up late at night to continue to develop, and sleep five hours a day. Eventually, due to excessive pressure, after the completion of mobile game production resigned.

Meanwhile, he continued to polish "The Dirty Dancing Emperor ," and in September 2006, in the name of ATStudio, published in AS2 language ," The Battle of the King's Dreams ." A representative in the name of the studio

"The War of Dreams" is more complete, adding to "King 99"


The dream traveler resigned in September 2007 to set up the Flashing Wing FlashWing Studio, repackaging "The Battle of the Fist's Dreams" as "The Wing》 of the Fist ", the studio's main work, the new Fist King game with a fairly recognizable title interface and a cellular selection interface, later called by players



Screenshot of king of boxing 0.9

An update of the Wing》 continued until 2013. The game every update will add a new ⻆ color, the new color is not limited to ⻆ Emperor of the Boxing itself, but other combat games are full of genre features of the ⻆ color also added.

At the beginning of 2011, flash wings were transferred to corporatization operations


On the other hand, as SNK conduct business activities in China and authorize mobile games to go online one after another, the unauthorized Flash version of "The Emperor" is no longer suitable for further updates. Dream travelers also had some opportunities to engage informally SNK China in May 2017, and he said he hoped that one day the wings would be used in good faith

For various reasons, fighting game is not a hot type now, but in the first decade of this century, there are countless fans of fighting games who have developed a large number of people's fighting games using the Mugen and flash platform, which enlivened this world on the Internet, and made many players who have never been in contact with fighting games infatuated from then on.

After the arcade, before this generation, the original Chinese Internet is the most special stage for fighting games.

Residual sound

In fact,

But you can use some words to describe that era to the maximum extent, there are some words that people can recall together, it may be

Some of them are personal memories. They may be the name of your first cat. They may be the smell of sweat and smoke in the Internet bar you often go to. They may be the smell of melted asphalt on the road in summer. These are treasure chests that can only be opened by oneself. All these things together define that era.

And only when you go to recall these things, recall the action itself constantly remind you that you have left it far behind.

I would like to end with a line from the ancient short film "li xianji adventure ", which also caused a sensation on the internet, when li xianji returned to the park ⺠ the people rebuilt after the demolition, where he and his ex-girlfriend wang qian had countless memories. Li Xianzhi said:

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