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What are you thinking about when a large number of 4G mobile phone users open 5g package?

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With the release of China Telecom's performance report, 5g construction progress of major operators was also announced immediately.

In particular, as of February 2020, the total number of 5g package users of China Mobile and China Telecom reached 26.13 million.

According to the latest data released by China Academy of communications, 5g mobile phone shipments reached 13.769 million in 2019, 7.845 million from January to February 2020, and the total domestic 5g mobile phone shipments was only 21.614 million.

According to a 5g package for one person and a 5g mobile phone,China Mobile and China Telecom still have 5 million more 5g package users than 5g mobile phones.

in other words,There are also a large number of 5g package users who do not have 5g mobile phones.Why most people don't use 5g phones when they use 5g packages?With all your questions, let's discuss it.

5g mobile phone price: gradually cheaper, but still expensive

First, let's take a look at the price of 5g mobile phones recently released. The starting price of iqoo 3 5g is 3598 yuan; the starting price of Xiaomi 10 series is 3999 yuan; the starting price of redmi K30 Pro is 2999 yuan; the starting price of oppo find x2 series is 5499 yuan.

It can be seen that the price of 5G mobile phone is generally high, which is not suitable for ordinary consumers.


other than that, we also checked with jingdong about the cheapest five G phones at present, which are Redmi K30(1999 yuan ,6 GB 64GB), vivo z6(2198 yuan ,6 GB 128GB), realme real self X50(2439 yuan ,8 GB 128GB), and the three phones sell for about 2000 yuan.

They use Qualcomm snapdragon 765G processor. As a high-end processor, its performance can be absolutely satisfied in daily life.



As far as the current environment is concerned, 5g mobile phones are still expensive, with a minimum price of about 2000 yuan.

This is not likely for ordinary families in China to replace an expensive mobile phone for 5g.

thereforeFirst, choose to handle 5g package, and then wait until 5g mobile phone price is reduced on the market before a round of harvesting, why not start with 5g mobile phones at a low price?

Early 5g package: early in and early enjoyment

As early as November 2019, the three operators launched 5g tariff package. The monthly fee of the package ranges from 128 yuan to 599 yuan. The higher the monthly fee, the more 5g traffic and voice you have, and the faster the 5g rate you provide.


In terms of speed, China Unicom has 7 packages,Among them, the speed of 129 yuan / 159 yuan / 199 yuan is 500mbps, 239 yuan / 299 yuan / 399 yuan / 599 yuan is 1Gbps.


China Telecom,5g package is divided into 7 categories: 129 yuan / 159 yuan / 199 yuan / 239 yuan / 299 yuan / 399 yuan / 599 yuan.

The starting package is also 30 GB 500 minutes traffic, but the rate is limited to 200 Mbps..

Like China Unicom, China Telecom's out of package traffic exceeds 3 yuan 1g.


There are five kinds of 5g packages for China Mobile, which are respectively 128 yuan / 198 yuan / 298 yuan / 398 yuan / 598 yuan.

Among them, the start package has 30GB traffic and 500 minutes of voice, the top-level is 598 yuan, including 300gb traffic and 3000 minutes of voice calls. The overlay cost of the external traffic of the package is 5 yuan 1g, and 15 yuan will be calculated as 3 yuan 1g.

Summary: I think we all found a common point, the three major operators have provided

If the network age is more than or equal to 3 years, the package fee is 70% off. China Mobile is less than 5 years old, the package price is 20% off;

If the network age is more than or equal to 5 years, the package fee is 70% off.

Because of this preferential dividend, 5g package is not expensive, which attracts a large number of users to upgrade 5g package and accumulate a large number of 5g package users

Will 5g package be faster for 4G mobile phones?

In the previous measurement, we tested whether 4G for 5g mobile phones has improved. The result shows that if 5g mobile phones are available, but 5g package is not opened, 5g network can be used.

Even if 5g package is not opened, 5g mobile phone can receive and use 5g network, but the access speed will be limited to the rate specified by the operator.

Take China Unicom for example. With 5g mobile phone and 4G package, the speed limit is 300mbps, which is still much higher than 4G in general.



With doubt, we can run 62.5mbps with a 4G mobile phone plugged in 5g card and Speedtest, while ordinary 4G card can only run 20-30mbps, so 5g card for 4G mobile phone has a certain improvement, but it is far less than 4G card for 5g card.

So for now, You might be more cost-effective if you want to improve your online experience by choosing G 5 phones and a 4 G unlimited package.

Incomplete 5g signal coverage: the overall experience is not as good as 4G

If we want to use 5g network, we have to see the local 5-signal coverage.

In the last year, we visited six major cities in China and tested the 5g speed of three operators.

So this time, we found out the list of the first 5g cities of three operators online.


The first 50 5g commercial cities of China Mobile


China Unicom's first 50 5g commercial cities


China Telecom's first 50 5g commercial cities

Summary: there are differences in 5g coverage of the three major operators, but most of them are the same. It is mainly concentrated in municipalities directly under the central government, provincial cities, sub provincial cities, cities specifically designated in the plan, economically developed cities, coastal cities, etc.

For now, unless you live in these big cities, there is no need to use 5g network at all. In addition, although these cities support 5g, it does not mean that their coverage and signal are really perfect, and they need to enjoy 5g network speed according to the actual situation.

Actually alsoIt shows that 5g signal coverage is not perfect, even if you buy 5g mobile phones, it is difficult to enjoy 5g network speed。 So some 5g package users choose not to buy 5g mobile phones.

Summary: 5g has a long way to go

With regard to the current domestic 5g development situation, there is still a long way to go to fully realize 5g business.

Only 26.13 million 5g package users are less than one tenth of the national population, and there is still a lot of room for growth in the future. I believe that with the support of all walks of life, the future development of 5g is immeasurable.


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