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The Sony ps5 handle has finally been released. The biggest change is its color

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Although Sony didn't release the appearance of the new ps5, this morning, Sony first disclosed the information related to the ps5 handle, and most importantly, its appearance and a series of functional features.

The official name of the new handle isDualSenseThis is the first time Sony has abandoned the "dual shock" series of four generations and started a new name. It is estimated that the design style of the new handle is quite different from that of previous generations.


▲ PS4 and ps5 handle appearance comparison. Image from:@AnthoFernandes

In appearance, the ps5 handle changed the solid color style before this time. It boldly adopted the black-and-white mixed "contrast color" design, and the whole handle volume became larger. Especially for the top and both sides of the grip, the PS series handle used to be compact, and the grip is slender, but this time the contour line is obviously more rounded. It seems that it is similar to the current Microsoft Xbox one handle.


According to Sony, the new dualsense handle is a solution that Sony has tried many concepts and hundreds of models in the past few years. It is not only to make it ergonomic, but also to give consideration to users with different hand types and make it a part of the player's body.


But the keys of the ps5 handle still follow Sony's consistent tradition, such as symmetrical double rocker, separate cross key and pure symbol function key. The area of the touch panel above the rocker is larger than before.


In addition, Sony also replaced the "share" button on the previous PS4 handle with a new "create" button. The new button still features "share", such as uploading screenshots and recording screens, but Sony added that more functions will be made public in the future.



It may not be enough to look at a single handle style. After Sony released the official ps5 handle picture, many players have DIY out other color handle pictures by themselves. This is for reference only. After all, Sony will definitely not give out the opportunity to launch other color handles.

Compared with the previous generation of PS4 handle, another important change of ps5 handle is to transfer the top "light bar" LED light to the front of the handle, so that it is around the touch panel.


▲ the PS4 handle puts the light bar on the top, so the player can't see it when playing the game. The position is very awkward

This change is of some significance. Before Sony PS4 handle, many players complained about the problem of "large area and constant power consumption" of the top LED light bar. The key is that the charging battery capacity of PS4 handle itself is not high, and the extra power should be consumed in the light bar part outside the player's vision, which can be said to be a major design defect of PS4 handle.


On the ps5, the area of light strip is reduced to light strip, which can obviously reduce the consumption of electricity, and it is placed on the front of the handle. Players can also judge the color change of light strip with the residual light of their vision during the game, which allows developers to use it more for visual cues in the game, such as switching the light strip to red when the character's blood volume is low, etc.

Sony didn't give a specific endurance time for the ps5 handle, but senior vice president of SIE Xiuming Xiye said that Sony would ensure that the battery inside the ps5 handle "has a longer service life" and reduce the weight of the handle as much as possible on the premise of adding new functions.


▲ linear motor module is used inside the switch handle, so it can bring better tactile feedback experience

When it comes to the new functions of ps5 handle, the biggest highlight is the newly added "tactile feedback". Sony claims that it can give players more touch during the game. For example, when the car passes the muddy road, the handle will match the "creak" sound with the corresponding vibration.

It may be fuzzy to simply use words, but we can take the "HD vibration" feature on the switch handle as a reference. Friends who have experienced 1-2 switch and other games should also know that developers can specifically cooperate with the interaction in the game to make a distinction between the tremors, which are also totally different when they are finally delivered to the palm of the player's hand.

If Sony adopted a similar solution, the effect of tactile feedback would not be too hard to imagine.

In addition, the L2 / r2 shoulder keys of ps5 handle also support "adaptive trigger". This design is the same as that of Xbox's new console handle. It should be visually adjusted by adding damping to the trigger key, and it can also be changed according to the game content.


It's revealed in "wired" that I've tried to play the real machine beforeWhen you play archery game, pressing the shoulder key and pressing the shoulder key will bring totally different tension to pull the bow. This subtle feeling will also be reflected in holding different firearms, such as using heavy machine guns and shotguns to fire, and there will be different trigger damping.

Another point is the microphone. The ps5 handle will have a set of built-in "microphone array", which can significantly improve the voice chat effect of online players. Sony also stressed that "you don't even have to wear headphones to be able to talk easily with other people," but if it's a long-term communication, headphones are still the best choice.


Previous generations of PS handle have certain continuity in design ideas

The ps5 handle released by Sony really contains a lot of information. Abandoning "family face" and making a big change in design style should be a controversial topic among Sony players. Combining with a series of "block diagrams" released by the majority of users, we can see that the ps5 handle is more "technology", "future" and "mecha" style.


It's easy to connect people with Star Wars stormtroopers and Eve in robot story.


▲ same type of Fu Lian battle clothes

As for whether there is any change in some minor points, such as the angle of trigger key and the height of rocker, it is not clear until the real machine is started.

Actually, even if Sony doesn't publish the appearance of PS5 host body, combined with the design of the handle, we can more or less guess the design style of the host machine


Compared with the Xbox series X handle announced earlier by Microsoft, the two have some common features. For example, we all use the usb-c interface instead of the previous micro USB design, as well as vibration feedback and adaptive trigger, and now it has become a universal design of "you have me".

But on the trigger key and shoulder key, Microsoft also specially added anti-skid texture to the surface, which will be more considerate in comfort.

In general, the new handles of Sony and Microsoft have not changed much compared with the previous generation. After all, Sony has retained the extremely low usage part of the PS4 "touchpad", which obviously has the consideration of "downward compatibility". It is probably also hoped that the muscle memory of players can be seamlessly connected to the new host.

As for what the future game will look like under various new features, we may have to wait for the answer.

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