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HuaweiP40Pro evaluation: four curved screen leica four photos, how to break through last year's high starting point?

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P40 series this year is a little special, and in the past

As the flagship of P series, I have no foundation before I get this product. After all, last year's P30 Pro has taken a big step. The imx600 ryyb sensor has also promoted the photography level of Huawei's high-end products in the next year. In such a halo, how can P40 Pro make a breakthrough? Today Penguin evaluation team (official account ID:qqreview) comes to answer the question.

It's hard to say, but it's really satisfying.


Before the launch of the various revelations and preheating stage, P40Pro this screen frequently appeared in everyone's view. Let me say

After I really got P40 pro, I didn't say how it looked first. The four surface feel made me dish for most of the day, like a pebble when the screen was off.


This time on the screen curvature processing ,Huawei did not continue the Mate 30Pro.


Besides avoiding touch by mistake, the most direct feeling of small curvature is that fingers should slide more smoothly on the edge of the screen, which is very friendly to the gesture operation of the overall screen.

Of course, in order to maintain this touch experience, I personally do not recommend wearing a shell or film for it, but streaking is still risky, so more protection is needed for daily use.


The official name of this screen is


The black edge of the upper and lower ends is less than the left and right sides, but it will be obviously better than the iPhone 11 Pro Max after comparison.


Of course, in the eyes of many people, the hole digging part of the upper left corner of the screen seems a little discordant, but after the Liu Hai era, I am willing to accept such a design.


The OLED screen has a size of 6.58 inches, a resolution of 2640*1200, a pixel density of 441ppi, and can be adjusted to 1760*800 in settings. The color area supports DCI-P3 wide gamut, and supports anti blue light eye protection. It supports screen fingerprint recognition, and is located at the screen 3/4. When it holds the thumb, the operation span is relatively small, and it is more convenient to use.


What is worth mentioning is that in P40Pro and P40Pro ,Huawei first added 90 Hz high refresh rate, as a iPhone user, the high brush screen perception difference is still obvious, and in the sliding effect of the page, the first EMUI 10.1 also added damping effect, can feel a slow deceleration process, compared with other UI.

Overall, the first experience


Look at the back of P40 Pro by the way. Huawei has provided it with five versions: Zero white, deep sea blue, dawn gold, ice silver and bright black. At first, I liked ice silver with matte texture, but after I got this zero white version, I found that I had another choice.


This zero degree white is a bit like the mixture of P30 pro's sky and Pearl Fritillaria last year. In terms of color, it is not as saturated as before. It is mainly based on a white base. Under the light, you can see a slight blue purple on the surface and a little red green gradient in the deep layer. The overall feeling is very fresh and elegant, suitable for both men and women.

On the weight of the fuselage, P40Pro have 209 g, in the mainstream five flagship is a relatively light player, three around 158.2

Take photos again, but the style changes slightly

Not surprisingly, soon after the overseas press conference, DxO released a P40Pro score, bringing Huawei back to the top with 128 points, and the difference between the last few players estimated that the four points had to be followed for a while, and the P40Pro had not yet appeared.


P40 Pro adopts post four shots, including the first time Sony IMX 700 ryyb customized main shot with 50 megapixel, Leica certification, and a 40 megapixel movie lens with the same model of mate 30 pro, taking into account the super wide angle, a 12 megapixel periscope lens and a TOF lens. Supports 5x optical zoom, 10x hybrid zoom, and 50x digital zoom.

This line-up is luxurious enough. Of course, the most noteworthy is the customized main camera imx700. The sensor size is up to 1 / 1.28 inch, which is one circle larger than Samsung's 100 million pixel sensor with a large base. Along with this, the area of a single pixel is improved, and the aperture is also up to F1 / 1.9.

Seen from the data alone, it has reached the peak of the current mobile phone photography field, with the highest ISO still at 409600. However, with the help of the background, the low light and night scene shooting capabilities have improved. Let's take a look at the samples first.



I prefer to go to more dimmer places, such as office buildings where lights are turned off in the middle of the night, small parks in front of my home, where the advantages of outsole and high sensitivity are more easily reflected IMX700 I am familiar with the performance of night view


Here I use the night view mode of iPhone 11 Pro Max to make a comparison. The difference between the brightness and details of the two is obvious. In such a dark scene, the exposure time of the hand-held night view is about 5-6 seconds, and slight shaking will not cause any impact.


Different from other manufacturers' multi frame night view schemes, Huawei's night view mode will first extract and process the brighter part of the picture, then enhance the brightness of the dark part, and then conduct noise reduction and other processing before multi frame synthesis, which can reduce the overexposure on the one hand and retain the details of the bright part to a greater extent.


The super wide angle mode also supports night view, and the image prime number and sensor area have the same advantages, and the quality of the film is still good.



Take a look at the pattern of the day, exposure, analytical power and other aspects still play a stable, but in color teaching, that familiar.

The most obvious thing is that the saturation of the sky is not so high. In fact, in mate 30 Pro before, I still prefer the feeling that I can share without later stage. This change may be due to the positioning of P series's main photography, leaving users with more space for later stage. Both styles have their own advantages, depending on personal preferences.



However, under the super wide angle, the familiar strong feeling seems to come back, but I am still using the beta firmware, I wonder if there will be a balance between the two in the future.


There is nothing wrong with the performance of the telephoto part. Under the 50 times zoom, the logo on the distant building can still be shot clearly, but the most practical one is within 10 times, with less details lost. It should be noted that these photos were taken in the evening, and the light line parts are not particularly ideal, and the pixel arrangement of this telephoto lens is the same Ryyb, which improves the brightness of the picture, and is also subject to AI noise reduction in the later stage.


The Huawei also added a self-developed XD Fusion engine to the P40 series, photo speed, synthesis time and so on have significantly improved, as well as 8 channels of color, and finally in the lens and


Compared with outdoors, when shooting some objects at close range, turning on the high-pixel mode will have a more obvious effect. The crystal on the dial, the fine grinding flowers on the strap and other details in the picture are very clear.


For background vacuity, the P40Pro appears more pronounced backward


Besides, the Huawei also ordered the video skill tree, the most obvious feeling is the auto-focus faster, and some time ago by a lot of people show the stability

Stable performance and endurance

As far as performance is concerned, P40Pro still carry unicorn 990 5G debut, support dual mode 5G G, storage combination 8 128 Start. Such a lineup is also said to be our old friends, so some reflected in the parameters and numbers of things no longer for everyone to repeat, or to see some specific performance.


First of all, in the game, P40 pro's high refresh rate screen has been supported by some games. Taking "peace elite" as an example, it has been able to open 90 frames of pictures. With the support of GPU turbo, there is no obvious frame dropping and picture fluctuation under a game. Due to the addition of graphene heat dissipation, the surface temperature of the mobile phone under a game is about 39 ℃, which is a stable performance in the flagship machine.

Of course, this performance is also inseparable from the new emui 10.1 intelligent scheduling of performance. By the way, this new system also has many new experiences. We will introduce them in detail in a separate article.


In terms of 5g, there is a base station right next to my home. Take this 5g card with the lowest speed limit as an example, the speed can easily run full. Of course, if you want to unlock the take-off experience, you need to invest more in the tariff. However, at present, the price of many 5g packages is declining, and the base station construction is speeding up all over the country, so you need to buy one 5g flagship doesn't need to worry too much about this.


Finally, to talk about the endurance, P40 Pro is equipped with a 4200mah battery, which is only standard in the current 5g flagship camp, but thanks to the low power consumption of Kirin 990 and the power saving optimization of emui 10.1, it doesn't feel the power shortage in actual use.

Under the condition of being used as the main engine, the screen resolution and refresh rate are both adjusted to the highest level. Under the condition that both mobile network and WiFi are used, from 8:00 a.m. to 20:00 p.m. and the screen time is 7 hours and 20 minutes, the remaining 21% of electricity is completely acceptable from my personal usage habits.

In terms of charging, P40 Pro supports 40W wired fast charging and 27W wireless fast charging. Here I mainly test wired charging, starting from 1% of the phone's power, charging in 10 minutes to 31%, charging in 50% in the 24th minute, and charging in just one hour.

This speed is enough for many people to use in daily emergency. What I'm looking forward to more is P40Pro 40 W of wireless fast charging, which, if combined with more unfettered wireless charging devices, may unlock a completely different experience.


The positioning of Huawei's two flagship series is very obvious. On the P40 pro, we have seen Huawei take another step in photography technology as we wish.


After P30 Pro has built a good foundation by regrinding imx600 by changing the pixel arrangement and the constant adjustment of many products in this year, the addition of imx700 with larger background and higher pixel and XD fusion engine developed by ourselves has made the previous attempt more mature.

The change of color adjustment ideas also provides new possibilities for some users with professional needs. At the same time, it also planted new seeds for the photographing ability of other flagship series of Huawei in the future.

Still, the ability to take photos alone isn't enough to support take photos alone is no longer enough to support the strength of P series in the product, so in the P40Pro, we see the quadrangle screen, high refresh rate, design and so on have a strong perception point enhancement, although there are some shortcomings, but with the advent of P40Pro with a more extreme experience, and Huawei continuous layout on 5 chips and technology, in this year's 5 G flagship competition ,Huawei may bring a stronger lineup.

Surprise moment

Besides P40 series mobile phones, Huawei's smart screen is also a heavyweight product in this conference. Are you moved by the interaction of smart screens?

The penguin evaluation group's crowd test activity brings you the crowd test of Huawei's smart screen v55i. There are 10 smart screens waiting for you to take home~

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