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Will the video Number recreate a wechat?

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Wen Jie Luo Chao

WeChat video number is still in the gray level test stage, but many people are very optimistic about it, pan chaos even said: video number may recreate WeChat. 1.1 billion month live user, acquaintance social, WeChat ecology

People have many reasons to favor video numbers. As a consumer and creator to experience a video number for a while, my view is: video number is Tencent's short video distance from the success of the latest, but to let the short video market from the short video market

Video dynamic is not good, video signal can be?

WeChat has tried a lot on short video before, the most recent action before the video number is online video dynamic, this function is still in service. My circle of friends has more than 5000 people, but when writing this article to see, only 3 people use this function. It can be said that video dynamics in fact failed. Why the video dynamic can not, but the video number is so popular? Because the location is different.


The dynamic nature of video is the video version of the circle of friends. Everyone can create it, and it can only be seen by people in the circle of friends.The circle of friends can share short videos by itself. The scene of private short video sharing has been satisfied very well. There is no need for video dynamic.

The essence of the video number is based on the acquaintance social personalized algorithm dual recommended short video platform, is the video version of social media, and video dynamics have two core differences: one is its distribution logic combined with acquaintance social and intelligent algorithms, but based on the circle of friends can break the circle, in the industry, this is unprecedented distribution mechanism. The other is that the scene of consumption and creation is not the creation of acquaintances to see, but the creation of everyone to see, the consumption of video is no longer to see the broken thoughts of friends, but to find a larger world, the creation is no longer a circle of friends daily show, but a creation platform to accumulate fans, is

The tiktok is a short video platform for WeChat's Kwai / fast hands. And the slogan is

The consumers and creators of quiver and fast hand are a subset of WeChat users, and the video number is to import the short video consumption and creation scene of these users into WeChat. Did WeChat try it before? tried, but not thoroughly. Tencent has stumbled on short video many times, but most of it has nothing to do with WeChat. WeChat has been

The core competitiveness of video number is distribution mechanism

Video video number is a short video platform for shaking sounds and fast hands, but it will never follow the method of shaking or fast hands

The core of media reform is not content form, but distribution logic.Internet media replace paper and broadcast media not because of the digitization of content, but because of the distribution mechanism based on digital technology. The portal lets the content free, the search lets the user retrieve from the massive free content oneself needs. A microblogging recommendation based on people-to-people follow relationships is essentially a stream of attention. You focus on the account you're interested in and get the content you' re interested in. This is the first generation of social media, and public numbers and microblogging are of the same kind, except that they carry different content. Pay attention to the algorithm recommendation of thousands of people after flow, let the user see

Thousands of people, thousands of algorithms recommended is not the first headline today, the first domestic is a bit of information. As early as 2016, Liu Shuang, then chairman of the information board, self-analyzed the shortcomings of the algorithm recommendation. As we all know, the problem of the information cocoon room is that the algorithm recommendation defect in the algorithm recommendation

What do you mean? The basic logic of the personalization algorithm is that if an article is clicked the more it indicates it is more popular, based on which it should be recommended to you. It would be nice to have 100,000 readings on WeChat's public platform, and the content of 1 million readings on the personalized information platform is because the latter adopts personalized recommendation technology based on reading effect. Personalized reading can easily form the amount of reading

In Liu Shuang's view, the consequence of this recommendation logic is,

Video numbers happen to be able to use algorithms to implement personalized recommendations to improve improve the efficiency of content circulation, while ensuring the consistency of taste in a specific circle, reading fun and vision does not follow the current, simply that the composition of your circle of friends will largely determine what you see. A lot of people spit video numbers open

Using social recommendation to make up for the lack of algorithm recommendation has been valued by various platforms, byte skipping every product is strengthening social communication, and even trying to do acquaintance social communication, because social communication can make up for algorithm defects. Kwai tiktok is not afraid of the threatening sound, showing a strong stamina because of the old fellow culture. Station B, Zhihu, Douban and other platforms show their own vitality because of their unique community attributes. They all gather a group of people and have a human relationship.


Short video platforms all want to strengthen social, but obviously, acquaintance social is the unique ability of WeChat, the probability of replication on other platforms is 0. Algorithm recommendation based on acquaintance social will be the core competitiveness of video number. If the video number is successful, WeChat can theoretically succeed by extending similar distribution logic to areas such as live broadcast, graphics and text, and short content. The core thread of the byte beat from today's headlines to platforms such as shaking sounds isWith the combination of algorithm and social networking, Tencent can really recreate a content ecosystem, while video number is just the beginning.

Why Video Numbe

In each WeChat group observed, now the evaluation of the video number presents a phenomenon of two-level differentiation. Many people are optimistic about video numbers, especially since the media and other creators, with the mentality of playing first to actively explore, to grab early dividends. But there are also a lot of slot points about video numbers: consumers complain more about video number content marketing number too much, greasy middle-aged uncle or aunt tired of beating chicken blood on it, reasonable, point of view into the landscape, some netizens so feedback:


This phenomenon can be explained, even can be said to be a necessity in the current development stage of video signal.

Zhang Xiaolong in the 2020 WeChat open class to reflect on WeChat has two mistakes:

The conclusion of Zhang Xiaolong's reflection on these two mistakes is that wechat should be short in content. Video number is the result of wechat sending short content. The official account number and video number are short, and the video number greatly expands the content consumption scenario of WeChat in the user. Meanwhile, video numbers make many writers who are not good at or unwilling to write long articles can participate in, such as stars, few stars open official account, and it is difficult to keep updating. Video frequency theory can be, and now Hsu Chi, Yang Mi and Di Ali Gerba have already come.


The public name inadvertently inserted willow Cheng Yin, became the media platform, but also reshaped the Chinese Internet content ecology, so far is still the core of the new media content platform. Video numbers may also experience similar growth paths. Video official says

However, so far, the proportion of real life recorded in the video number is particularly small, more PGC that is, star, network celebrities, talented people, self-media, microquotient and other creative content, knowledge, skills, perspective class


The creation phase of the video number will not come so soon. The fast hand really starts

Video numbers have been introduced in a similar head-first fashion, with star arrivals clearly a mark of operation (Dilraba is even outspoken

Video number creators are limited to a few areas, the content supply side to keep up with the time. In the long run, it's hard to see a video number as a platform for everyone to create similar to shaking sound / fast hand, for ordinary users, shaking sound / fast hand recording life has become a habit, WeChat is difficult to change such a habit, WeChat video number may eventually evolve into a head / waist user to create content platform, like Weibo,


For creators, they need to accept the fluctuation of video number. The recommendation algorithm of video number is being adjusted. Only enough content and consumption behavior data algorithm can perform better. Wechat is the only player who combines the personalized algorithm with the social interaction of acquaintances. It takes a while to explore the distribution mechanism suitable for the platform.

The official account is not compatible with the video number.

Video numbers can guide public articles, and some self-media trying video numbers believe that video numbers will eventually be fully connected with public numbers. In the long run, the video number will certainly be gradually connected with WeChat ecology, but will eventually be a state of fusion and discord, just like the Mini Programs, the public number between the current relationship: although there is a call, but there is a certain isolation.

Why in the information flow, WeChat has been a little bit?


It is because of this that the video number should be done alone, not based on the public number. Video numbers rebuild a distribution mechanism from 0 to 1, a fan subscription system, and a content ecology parallel to the public number (but not isolated from each other). The public name's original interests may be affected, but not destroyed

The official account official account Kwai tiktok and the video Number creator are likely to be two people. The most popular players are those who are not playing the public voice well, and the big V on the official account is very few on the short video platform. Official account is long content and video number is short content. Long and long content content is often not good enough for short content, and few creators can perform well in front of the lens. (live video and short video are also two sets of people). Therefore, the biggest winner of video number is probably the creator of public extra official account. This is a new ecosystem.

For the media who rooted in the official account, WeChat video number may be the last chance for the short video, but ultimately there is only one wavelet person who can divide the cake. Relative to tiktok and Kwai TSE, the video number is based on the characteristics of acquaintance's social circles, which means that it has more precise influence on the circle, and it has a direct impact on the B end, just like friends circle. Based on this video number is to B end from the media to do short video an important opportunity, this video numbe

Another interesting video opportunity for public numbers from the media is long video


To summarize:

Video number is the latest success of Tencent's short-term video. Although it will be full of slots in a short period of time, Tencent will have a good chance to win based on its unique social circle recommendation mechanism of acquaintances, though it will be hard to fight.

[introduction to authors of titanium media: luochao channel (luochao TMT). ]

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