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Who is faster, Qilin 820 or Xiaolong 865? Measured 5g mobile phone network searching speed at elevator entrance

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No matter you are using 4G or 5g mobile phones, I believe you have had the experience: in the underground parking lot, elevator, subway car, the mobile phone signal enters into the blind area and becomes no signal, and when you come out of these places, some quickly rediscover the network, some need to repeatedly switch on and off the flight mode to find the signal.

Compared with wired network communication, 5g communication, as a wireless network communication, is greatly affected by the environment. For example, in high-rise buildings and relatively closed environments, the quality of the network is relatively not very stable, resulting in users often communicating in the weak signal network environment, with relatively more packet loss, error code, timeout, connection interruption and difficult access to the network.

Compared with 4G network, 5g network has less penetration. Because the electromagnetic wave has a characteristic, the higher the frequency, the worse the diffraction ability, the greater the loss in the propagation process, so the coverage ability will be reduced. In other words, 5g requires more base stations than 4G for the same coverage area in the same area. It can be imagined that in the early stage of 5g construction, there will be relatively more signal blind areas.


The no signal window may not last long, but if you're navigating online and starting an important call right now, it's extremely embarrassing.

Here we need to focus on five G of the important experience, is search speed.

At present, the kylin core dual-mode 5g mobile phone that can be bought below 3000 yuan is glory 30s. Today, Xiaobian came to the elevator entrance downstairs of the company and experienced the 5g search ability of glory 30s which was recently launched.


This is a typical test ability of the elevator mouth, the first floor elevator mouth has five G of network coverage, but in the first floor above the floor of the five G signal will disappear, this is a typical blind area connected by five G of coverage of the scene.

In order to highlight the difference, Xiaobian also brought a 5g mobile phone with Xiaolong 865 chip for comparison.

We take the elevator from the third floor to the first floor, in the elevator, the glory 30 S shows the 4 G network, when we reach the first floor out of the elevator, start timing.

Six seconds out of the elevator, 5g network is directly searched This speed can be said to be very fast.


It takes 6 seconds.

Then, we go back to the third floor and insert the same SIM card into a flagship model of snapdragon 865. Then repeat the steps, Elevator from the third floor to the first floor, in the elevator, a certain Celldragon 865 flagship display is 4 G network, when we reach the first floor out of the elevator, start timing.

Out of the elevator for 8 seconds5 networks were searched directly G.


It takes 8 seconds.

That is to say, in this test environment, glory 30s with Kirin 820 chip will search the network 2 seconds ahead of the other 5g mobile phone, and it really has advantages in 5g search.

As early as the launch of glory V30 series, glory has brought hisignal technology. Hisignal is a weak signal optimization technology, which can be optimized for dead corners, elevators, subways, underground shopping malls with poor signal. The routine test is reduced by 30%. The Caton rate of 5g dual card mobile game is 80% lower than that of competitors. It is optimized for some weak signal and high delay use sites.

In addition, Kirin 820 supports the NSA / SA 5g dual-mode network. Even if the operator's network construction changes the core network from NSA to SA in the future, consumers don't need to worry about the problem of switching again. Glory 30s supports 5 5g bands owned by all operators in China, including n41 / N78 / N79 / N1 / N3. Mobile phones that do not support N1 / N3 two frequency bands will encounter the problem that 5g cannot be used in some areas in the near future.

It is worth mentioning that, the glory 30 based on kylin 820 S support 5 G double card dual wait while supporting smart double card function, currently only Huawei and glory mobile phone support smart double card ability. There are two typical scenarios:

1. When Sim1 answers the volte call, it calls the sim2 number, and the phone can receive the call. At present, all models other than glory / Huawei cannot connect to the other sim2 when Sim1 answers the volte call.

2. When using glory 30s and Sim1 for mobile data transmission, if sim2 receives a call and connects to the volte phone, Sim1 can continue 5g data service, and sim2's volte phone can also operate normally.

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