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Domestic full pre-sale HuaweiMateBook X Pro 2020$7999

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On april 8th ,Huawei officially launched HuaweiMateBook X Pro 2020 notebook for the domestic market, equipped with a 13.9-inch 3-inch full-screen and 10-generation core processor, a new multi-screen synergy, and a new color matching, with a price of 7999 yuan, the domestic market has fully launched the pre-sale.


How did PC business rise 200% in 2019? Huawei full-scenario smart strategy

Huawei has only been making notebook computers for four years. Even in the face of external pressure in 2019, the matebook notebook family has maintained a high-speed growth in the past. With the global PC market only growing by 2.7%, Huawei's PC business soared by 200% in 2019.

Just a quarter past 2020,HuaweiPC business is still hyper-fast development, in january achieved the second domestic PC brand, and become china's net recommendation Windows camp first, word of mouth, sales win-win.

The same is true for overseas markets. In Q1, the overseas market grew 110% year-on-year, far faster than that of traditional PC giants.


To Huawei, notebook business is no longer a single PC business, but an important layout of the next step of the wisdom interconnection strategy. A full-scene intelligence strategy was officially launched in Huawei2019, and the product matrix is 1 8N, one of them refers to the core of the smartphone, PC is one of the 8's biggest products, and is also one of the best products to interconnect with the smart phone.

Starting in february 2020,Huawei's Matebook notebook product line has been upgraded in a new round .HuaweiMateBook X Pro 2020 was unveiled as a finale, a little later than the others, but it was the biggest Huawei notebook product in 2020.

Ten touch multi-screen with exclusive formula to create the most productive platform

The rapid rise of Huawei's matbook series notebooks in the PC market is closely related to their network interconnection technology, which is also the basis of Huawei's strategy of promoting full scene intelligence. The multi screen collaboration technology supported by matebook series is the most obvious example.

Multi screen collaboration comes from Huawei's Huawei share technology upgrade. If the latter simplifies the data sharing operation between mobile phones and PC platforms, then multi screen collaboration really means breaking the barriers between mobile phones and PCs, and making two different hardware and different system hardware work together on the same platform.


After multi screen collaboration is enabled, Huawei matebook x Pro The 2020 notebook will virtual an image of the emui mobile phone. It operates synchronously with the user's smart phone, so you can use the keyboard and mouse to control the mobile phone under the PC interface. When sharing data, you can drag it directly, instead of finding it on the mobile phone after connecting the data line (the file directory of Android mobile phone is super chaotic, wasting efficiency).

Multi screen collaboration not only simplifies file sharing, but actually it can do a lot. Its significance is to merge the small screen of mobile phone into the large screen of PC, so that the productivity of unproductive mobile phone can be improved with the help of PC's powerful performance and convenient operation. It can reply nails and enterprise wechat messages on PC, and can process the work tasks in the first time after receiving them.

New upgrade in addition to file, picture, video intelligence and text sharing

The reminder message on the mobile phone can be synchronized directly on the MateBook X Pro screen, and users can also call computer camera, microphone, audio and other hardware to answer mobile phone calls or video calls. The function has now supported operators and mainstream third-party applications of audio and video calls, including WeChat, QQ、 Tencent conference, enterprise WeChat ,HuaweiWeLink and so on.


HuaweiMateBook X Pro 2020 the notebook's multi-screen collaboration can also be combined with its ten-point touch function, in the case of inconvenient mouse use

Moreover, MateBook X Pro 2020 notebook's three-finger slide screen capture function is also very practical, it relies on ten-point touch, but Huawei developed a more convenient function, without the need for third-party tools to screen capture, screenshots, and support editing, text recognition, screen capture can be processed immediately after the photo to text.

Huawei matebook x Pro brushes the bottom gas of the praise list: 3:2 ratio 3K gorgeous comprehensive screen

HuaweiMateBook X Pro won The Verge in 2018


Huawei matebook x Pro 2020 is the third generation product of Huawei's flagship in high-end business. It has 91% screen share, 3K resolution, 3:2 productivity screen, 10 point touch, which has laid a foundation for the classic design of X Pro Series. It has both beauty and strength.


The ultra-narrow border 91% screen proportion, make HuaweiMateBook X Pro 2020 model not only the size of the fuselage greatly reduced, achieve about 1.33 kg ,14.6 mm thick extremely lightweight, but also bring a broad screen view, reduce the visual interference of the border.

With the advantages of 100% sRGB high color gamut, 1500:1 high contrast, 260ppi, the display effect is more delicate. The 3:2 ratio is more suitable for office than the 16:9 screen, and it can display several lines of content in the same size.

In PPT, word, excel office and chrome / Firefox browser, 3:2 ratio is more suitable for text reading, making documents spread across the whole screen and improving work efficiency.

New emerald color matching high-end business notebook also freely show personality

As a high-end notebook, Huawei's matebook x Pro 2020 model has been well designed. The high-end aluminum alloy integrated body is solid and durable. Combined with CNC diamond cutting and ceramic sandblasting technology, the whole body is round, delicate, with excellent texture, simple and generous style.


Huawei's matebook x Pro 2020 model also added emerald color in addition to the original deep sky grey, bright moon silver and cherry pink gold. This process has been used on mate / P flagship mobile phones before, and it is the only one in the industry when it is used on large screen laptops. The color matching is very bold and individual.

In many people's eyes, this distinctive color seems to be out of the way, but the Huawei matebook x Pro 2020 notebook with emerald color still maintains an introverted style, noble, unique and elegant, low-key, which is enough to show the personality but not arrogant, and the temperament is still dead.

Upgrade 10 Generation Core 16 GB Memory 2020 Flagship Hardware Level

HuaweiMateBook X Pro 2020 notebook this time also fully upgraded the hardware configuration, CPU upgraded to the latest 10 generations of Core, memory full 16 GB era, the highest optional Core i7. 16GB dual-channel memory ,4-core 8-thread ,4.9 GHz acceleration frequency, performance comparable to desktop.

In addition, Huawei's matebook x Pro 2020 notebook is also equipped with mx250 independent graphics card and up to 1TB of PCIe hard disk. There are no short boards in the four functions of CPU, GPU, memory and hard disk. It can be competent for light office work or heavy image / video processing.

From 7999 yuan, Huawei's matebook x Pro 2020 is full of fighting power

At the smartphone market ,Huawei has achieved world number two in just a few years, and has become a recognized high-end brand at home and abroad, and has mastered the core technologies of photography, endurance, processor and so on. On the PC market ,HuaweiMatebook is also repeating this road of success, becoming famous HuaweiMateBook X Pro World War I, breaking into the high-end business notebook market of 8000 yuan and above.

In 2020, if business elites want to replace a notebook that can be sold and used easily, Huawei's matebook x Pro 2020 is the first choice. At the same price, the appearance and productivity have been renewed.

HuaweiMateBook X Pro 2020 is currently being pre-sold across the network:


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