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HuaweiSound X platinum version: the change is the face, the same sound quality

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Rent thousands, but only one home. A comfortable home, can make modern people completely put down their guard, relax body and mind. The house can be rented, but life is not, how to rent their own or self-housing to create a warm poetic and atmosphere, music is absolutely the atmosphere, create romantic "excellent tool ."

Huawei launched a new color matching "HuaweiSound X platinum version "at a launch on april 8 in china spring. How different is the Sound X platinum version from the black version released last year? And this brings you HuaweiSound X platinum version of the experience.


Diwali speakers are famous for the expensive, thousands, tens of thousands of products at hand to grasp a lot. HuaweiSound X platinum version is still the product of Huawei and Diware cooperation, keeping the price of 1999 yuan. Contrast the black version of the low-key steady ,HuaweiSound X the platinum version is highlighted

Fashionable appearance, simple smart "face kill" easily integrated into the modern family environment

HuaweiSound X two-thirds of the upper body of the platinum plate is a mirror-like polishing design, using the coating finishing technology to create a mirror-like smooth texture, the lower body of the integrated fabric seamless coating design, look more natural, touch more skin-friendly.


Officially, two symmetrical open bass units are designed on both sides of the body of the sound box, the surface is hollowed out, the surface of the subwoofer diaphragm with concentric drawing texture, the golden part is exposed to the outside, and the impact color design of the white body looks full of high-end feeling.


HuaweiSound X the top of the platinum speakers are also familiar with the four regular keys: volume plus key, minus key, multi-function key and mute key.


Huawei designed 12 RGB tricolor lights around the top of the platinum version of the Sound X to provide different light efficiency changes, create a visual impact and smart sense, with red, yellow, blue, purple four-color gradient light effect.


With regard to the details of the fuselage parameters ,HuaweiSound X the platinum version has a bottom diameter of 165 mm, a height of 203 mm, a weight of 3.5 and a weight of 7 jin, it is definitely a home speake


The appearance fashion, the simple nimble is HuaweiSound X platinum edition displays another wave "the face value kills ", it conforms to the contemporary young person esthetic, also obtains the other age person to the beauty standard, also obtained the German iF design prize approval. So how does it perform on sound effects?

Huawei join forces with Diwalei in hardware 360

Huawei use high magnetic NdFeB rare earth speakers in the Sound X, which produces more thrust for the sound film, can make the sound box sound more powerful, give a clear musical texture. Two 3.5 inch bass speakers are added at the same time, and W bass transmission frequency can improve the music audible, ensure enough shocking audio effect.


Two important audio technologies were added: SAM bass enhancement and Push-Push vibration balance acoustics.

The former is Diwale's exclusive patent technology, the algorithm to compensate for the distortion of the scheme to maximize the Huawei in the Sound X platinum version can restore the effect of the music scene, the latter in the two speakers in the sound, the backwave interference can offset each other, in the phase of energy superposition, with no noise and full energy sound experience, so that the sound box in the low frequency performance.


With regard to sound quality, the HuaweiSound X platinum version also has a Grand Slam, with three top sound quality certification: Hi-Res certification, Germany T South Germany

Music Play Experience Melodious Frustration

How much of this luxury audio technology goes back to the HuaweiSound X platinum version of this speaker?

Classic Cai Qin "Dukou ", after the music sounded, the sound melodious cadence, plus Cai Qin's own unique, deep voice, delicate lip sound, are Sound X analyzed in the silk buckle, the sound box in the bass and the whole song play when the overall sound quality performance, can be said to be very excellent.


Another song is Li Zongsheng

Every song of Li Zongsheng is more like telling a story, for example ," Long Walk "conveys the singer's understanding of life and affection, is a very delicate feeling of a song, the frequency of musical instruments in the song is analyzed more concentrated HuaweiSound X the platinum version, reflecting a more hierarchical sense within the music.

A smart speaker knows your heart

Since HuaweiSound X platinum version comes from the hands of the Huawei, as a smart speaker, you must not have some other secret weapon, to it: small art ,HuaweiSound X platinum version will respond, complete a variety of needs and instructions, such as playing music, asking about the weather, intelligent control of smart home products in the ecological chain.


On the music play ,HuaweiSound X support the Huawei mobile phone with the NFC module, play the songs that are playing on the mobile phone at once, the song is transmitted to the sound box quickly, easy. A phone that touches a speaker can be turned into a speaker, and it can be freely spoken at home.


What is worth mentioning is that the Huawei music and KuGou music cooperation, directly let HuaweiSound X have 20 million song library and 200000 Hi-Res high resolution songs, so that when using voice song ordering service, users move their mouths and can Pick almost all the music they want to hear. A wave of teacher Wubai's last Dance》!

(分析研究经验做出结论) sum up

HuaweiSound X platinum version with a brand new fashion style, can easily integrate into the modern family environment, and even to an ordinary family, add a sense of nobility, sound quality and last year's release of the black version of the consistent outstanding performance.


If you have already bought a black version, with sufficient funds, buy a platinum version, and the two HuaweiSound X can be linked together to form a stereo, bringing a more immersive audio experience. Whether it is Huawei itself, or Diwale patent blessing ,HuaweiSound X in the 1999 yuan smart speaker market, must be a tough role to play. Choose it, make some romance for ordinary life, surely.

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