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Oppo ACE 2 Evaluation: This is probably the fastest charging mobile phone I have ever seen

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Oppo ACE 2 is the second mobile phone to adopt the latest Qualcomm processor when manufacturers are competing to release the annual flagship mobile phone equipped with Qualcomm 865. At the same time, oppo ACE 2 is also the first product after ACE series announced its independence from Reno series.

Last October OPPO the launch of Ace first-generation products, people have been positioning OPPO Reno Ace

185 g The fuselage is the top priority

Light, it's my first feeling after I started oppo ACE 2. In the warm-up period, oppo ACE 2 can't wait to tell you that this is a mobile phone with only 185g, which really weighs less than the 200g of the original Reno ace. In terms of thickness, oppo ACE2 has reached 8.6MM, which is a normal level when placed in 5g flagship, and the radian treatment of the glass back cover also reduces the visual heaviness to the greatest extent


The back cover is a relatively popular ring camera module this year, with flash next to it and a logo at the bottom. As a mobile phone for game players, there is no pompous modeling, no RGB light, and no gradient and light texture processing on the back cover of glass, which gives people a simple feeling, but at least as the main machine, it will not appear abrupt in many occasions


The simple back cover reflects the amazing feeling of the front screen. Oppo ACE 2 uses a 6.55 inch OLED screen with a resolution of 2400 * 1080, pixel density of 402ppi, and supports screen refresh rate of up to 90hz and touch sampling rate of 180hz.


OLED screen with 90 Hz refresh rate has been widely used by middle and high-end mobile phones. With high touch sampling of 180 Hz, the most intuitive embodiment is that it is smoother than 60 Hz screen display and more handy when sliding the screen.

A high refresh rate screen, of course, also means an increase in power consumption. If you are worried about the power consumption of the 90 Hz refresh rate, it is recommended that you choose the screen refresh rate setting


OPPO Ace 2 screen can achieve up to 500 nit brightness, and through the HDR10 certification and Rhine global eye care certification, can make your eyes more comfortable when looking at the phone.


The earphone and sensor are arranged in the top frame. The earphone also has the function of loudspeaker. In addition, the bottom loudspeaker brings the Dolby panoramic sound effect to oppo ACE 2, making the audio-visual experience more stereo.


Oppo ACE 2 has cancelled the 3.5mm headphone hole this time, and the package is equipped with headphones with type-C interface. When the headphones are connected and the game is played, Dolby panoramic sound can bring more accurate sound recognition effect.


More stable high frame rate game experience

OPPO Ace 2's not a game phone, but it's properly configured

On the storage side, provide 8 GB LPDDR4x and 12 GB LPDDR5 two memory specifications ,128 GB、256GB of storage are UFS3.0, and support for the technology, in file transfer, game data reading speed also has no less than UFS3.1 use experience.


5g has become one of the necessary conditions for mobile phone selection. Oppo ACE 2 supports SA / NSA dual-mode 5g and roaming in more than 25 countries around the world. At the same time, it supports the superposition of 5g network and Wi Fi network to achieve the maximum link speed of 2.95gbps when the network signal is good.

Because I still use the 4G package, I can enjoy the network experience of far exceeding 4G network speed after connecting to 5g network through oppo ACE 2. With the 360 degree surround antenna design of the mobile phone, it can intelligently adjust the signal reception according to different holding positions to ensure the best signal effect when holding the mobile phone vertically or horizontally.


In order to give full play to the optimal effect of the 90hz refresh rate screen and get a smoother experience in the game, not only the hardware support of the mobile phone, but also the optimization cooperation of the game manufacturer is required.

For this reason, oppo ACE 2 is combined with many games to adapt to the 90fps mode, avoiding the embarrassment that 90hz can only increase power consumption in addition to sliding screen.


Thanks to the joint optimization with the peace elite professional league official, oppo ACE 2 can run smoothly with a 90fps picture, and the 180hz touch sampling rate can also make screen operation more handy, faster response and better chicken eating.


Oppo said that ACE series is not a game phone, but still made a number of optimization upgrades for the game on the software and hardware of oppo ACE 2.

In terms of the internal heat dissipation design of the mobile phone, oppo ACE 2 has a new multi-layer heat dissipation structure and uses a new type of heat storage material, which can quickly absorb a large amount of heat generated by the mobile phone in a short period of time, and slowly release it, so as to avoid obvious local temperature rise and hot hand of the mobile phone. The matching area is increased by 6.1% with super large T-type VC soaking plate and multi-layer graphite cover, which can enhance the internal heat conduction and heat dissipation capacity of the mobile phone and cool the mobile phone in an all-round way.


In order to enhance the game experience, oppo ACE 2 adds a Z-axis vibration motor, bringing a new 4D vibration sense 2.0. According to the actual experience, shooting games for peace elites can obviously feel the difference of vibration when shooting with different gun types.

Of course, it depends on your own technical level whether you can eat chicken in the end.

Probably the fastest triple charging combination

The charging of oppo ACE 2 alone is due to the great step of oppo's upgrade. It is equipped with double cell battery equivalent to 4000mAh. Considering that 90hz screen and 5g are large consumers of electricity, can oppo ACE 2 support in daily use? Let's look at the actual test results.

Insert the phone into the phone card, connect Wi Fi, the power and brightness are both 50%, and the screen refresh rate is set to smart switch. After tiktok, micro-blog and jitter were 30 minutes each, and the headset listened to music for 30 minutes online, the 30 minutes of the 30 minutes of the elite and the king's glory. The online video of 1080P was 60 minutes, and the standby time was 8 hours. The OPPO 2 2 was filled with 49% electricity. This power control has been able to meet my daily needs.


Of course, many gamers are heavy mobile phone users, in charging, OPPO Ace 2 switching ideas, bring may be the fastest current charging combination ,65 W SuperVOOC2.0 super flash charge 40 W AirVOOC wireless flash charge 10 W reverse wireless charging.

After the actual test, use 65W supervooc2.0 super flash charge to shut down and charge the oppo ACE 2 with 0 power, charge 13% power in 5 minutes, charge 50% power in 15 minutes, and then start up to continue charging. The power is displayed as 100% in about 38 minutes.

The charge of 65W charger in 15 minutes is enough for emergency use. When you wash, wash and dress, the mobile phone is fully charged, which is really a very cool experience. But if you're worried that your mobile phone doesn't have power when you're outside, it's not as comfortable to take the charger with you to find the socket. When will the next generation of oppo fast charging mobile power come on the stage?


Oppo ACE 2 also brings us the fastest 40W airvooc wireless flash charge at present. It needs to be equipped with a special wireless flash charger. The official data is that the fastest 56 minutes can be filled. This speed is comparable to the vooc4.0 cable fast charging. In addition, it also supports 10W wireless reverse charging, so it is not a problem to use it to other devices in a hurry.

48 million master shots

In terms of camera, oppo ACE 2 adopts four camera combinations different from other mobile phones, namely, 48 megapixel main camera, 8 megapixel ultra wide angle lens, portrait lens and light leakage lens.


The main camera is the 48 million pixel camera of Sony imx586 sensor, with the aperture of f1.7. This camera covers the high, middle and low end in 2019, and many oppo products are repeatedly polished. With their own camera algorithm, the overall performance is relatively stable.


In the daytime environment with sufficient light, turn on HDR and color AI, which can keep the details well. The overall color restoration of the picture is also good, which is enough to send directly to the social platform.





OPPO Ace 2 main camera can also be synthesized by super-resolution algorithm.


The samples of 48 million pixel mode and 100 million pixel mode are captured respectively. Although they are composite high pixels, the samples of 100 million pixel mode do retain the details better. However, it takes about one second for the system to synthesize large pixel photos before they can be previewed normally. From the perspective of color, the photo does not use oppo's camera algorithm, and the photo taking experience is not as convenient as the automatic mode. How to choose or not depends on your personal preferences.


When shooting at night, oppo ACE 2's night view mode can cover all the focus segments from the super wide angle to the maximum 10 times zoom. Through the AI engine image noise reduction, theoretically, it can improve the overall brightness of night shooting, control the environment light better, and ensure the image is pure and clear. If you have higher requirements for night view quality, it is recommended to match tripod and turn on tripod mode to take better night view pictures.





In the aspect of video shooting, the rear camera of oppo ACE 2 supports super anti shake function, which can well suppress the picture shake after being turned on. Unfortunately, the front camera does not support anti shake, and an additional stabilizer is still needed for vlog shooting. The real-time virtual human image function can bring better virtual effect when using the front and rear cameras to shoot video.

More samples:







The biggest feature of the OPPO Ace 2 is the adoption of perhaps the fastest current charging combination ,65 W SuperVOOC2.0 super flash charge 40 W AirVOOC wireless flash charge 10 W reverse wireless charging, each charging mode is the industry's fastest, this experience is not used back.

In daily operation and game experience, Xiaolong 865 processor, ufs3.0 and 90hz high refresh rate screen all lay a good foundation for the flagship performance of oppo ACE 2. Good heat dissipation, z-axis linear motor, coloros7 have done enough homework in the details of the experience. These are the most important parts of game phones. Although the appearance design is standard, it will be a good choice for those users who pay attention to the game experience and more use scenarios.


However, although oppo ACE 2 is based on a good hardware configuration, it brings users a very rich entertainment experience. However, in the face of the increasingly fierce competition in the mobile phone industry, it is not a long way to attract users by game experience alone. As a brand-new and independent series of oppo, it seems to be the key to continue to explore ace series to find differentiated selling points that can attract users to pull out their wallets.

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