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Why is the sales of Xiaomi 65W Gan fast charging suspended?

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In addition, Xiaomi's public relations team has not yet published an official announcement. There are many fans and big vs on Sina Weibo, the domestic social media, who are discussing and paying attention to the suspension of sales, and attracted many speculators and melon eaters. It has become an industry event on the weekend and a topic after tea.

After receiving the consultation, the charging head net learned the whole process of this event through multi-verification, and sorted out the information obtained to restore the background of this event. The next part will refresh your perception of the charger and make your brain open.

Before reading this article, you can dispel the biggest concern of readers and confirm that it has nothing to do with product quality. What's that got to do with? Here, we do not sell the key points, but go straight to the theme from the following three aspects: the cause, process and result of this event.

Cause of events

So the problem comes. The premise of high-voltage output risk is that the chip manufacturer's burning tools and development environment are needed to modify the charger output logic and change the output voltage. It is speculated that the charging head network is to adjust the charger to the maximum output voltage of 20V, so that some devices without built-in OVP, such as bracelets, headphones and other devices may be damaged due to high-voltage input.

As mentioned above, all mobile phones that meet the standard will have built-in OVP hardware. After the charger outputs 20V, only the OVP hardware over-voltage protection at the mobile terminal will be triggered. The function is implemented by independent hardware, and the mobile phone will be protected from intermittent charging or non charging without permanent damage.

regarding the problem that the charger is burned twice, the PD protocol chip is divided into two types, one is the original factory single burn (OTP), the other is (eFlash/MTP), which can be burned many times; the first OTP is only burned once before the protocol chip is shipped, and will not be modified again. That is, there is no burning to modify the output voltage problem. A second eFlash/MTP protocol chip because of its powerful, flexible configuration, large shipments, the corresponding development tools are relatively easy to buy, for personal reasons, brush a firmware, do something is not impossible.

Taobao platform has the Evaluation Kit of USB PD fast charging protocol chip on sale, which can upgrade the charger firmware and modify the charger output by rewriting the firmware. But these are the toys of engineers and geeks of manufacturers after all. The modification of firmware does not exist in regular players. Regular players will only care about the small heat and fast charging speed of the charger, and will not explore whether the charger can brush the firmware.

As for the firmware, it is just like the configuration file of self-made USB flash disk and mass production, recording the configuration information. For example, the modified configuration information such as output voltage and over-current protection point is not written to the charger, just like the power-z tester test, 5V PDO outputs 5V. The modified configuration may be 5V handshake with the charger. The charger thinks that the output is 5V, but actually outputs 20V. In this way, the equipment without OVP is likely to be GG.

In addition, the charging head network speculates that Xiaomi's charger did not encrypt the protocol chip core of the protocol chip after production. Of course, this is also normal. 99.999% of people bought the charger for use (the charging head network is for dismantling). Modifying the protocol explosion, which is laborious and thankless, is not in the consideration of the manufacturer.

In fact, the probability of this risk is very low. As long as you are optimistic that your charger will not be borrowed, you don't need to worry that your charger will be modified by the firmware. To say the least, even if the voltage is changed, the mobile phone has built-in OVP, which will not be damaged; the upper limit of power supply for the notebook is 20V, which will not cause problems. As for bracelets and earphones, I'm not sure. Just use a laptop to charge them.

See here, there are a lot of small partners concerned about whether because of their hands have already the charger, there will be back door loopholes, resulting in hackers remote attack on their own mobile phones. This can be assured, this discussion is charging, not remote attack, not to use the charger to launch remote attack.

Event passing

The introduction of the causes of events helps people to observe and think about the truth from another angle. The following is to see all kinds of speculation and discussion on Weibo. So which message is true? Which news is touch porcelain?

After learning about the problem, Xiaomi's mobile phone Department worried about the charging risk caused by hackers destroying the charger firmware, and communicated with the e-commerce team and the ecological chain team, and reported it to the VPS and Mr. Lei. The picture below is a screenshot of the internal email disclosed by Weibo netizen @ Jidi. The "potential risk of information security" mentioned in the email also confirms the introduction of the cause of the incident. At present, this picture can't be searched on Weibo.

According to the screenshot of Xiaomi's internal email, the charging head network knows that due to the potential risks of Xiaomi type-C power adapter 65W, Xiaomi USB charger 65W quick charging version, Xiaomi Gan charger type-C 65W product information security, the company should make a decision to suspend the sale of goods, and store goods are waiting for further operation guidance of the email.

The store mentioned here is Xiaomi's home in China from the time of receiving the email. The internal numbers of the three products involved are 25623, 23143 and 27138 respectively.

In addition to the suspension of sales, Xiaomi also disposed of the three chargers. For example, the store will withdraw the samples and commodities related to the above products from the display, and it is not allowed to expose them in the sales area of the store; the goods and samples will be sealed and placed in the warehouse, waiting for the mail to inform the further operation mode.

Through the content of the email, it can be seen that Xiaomi company attaches great importance to these three chargers, and gives a suspension of sales processing, which is immediately implemented in place. Under the premise of not informing consumers and the media, the search for these products of rice noodles could not be carried out normally, and there was no official answer, which caused misunderstanding and panic to rice noodles.

At present, millet home has nearly 1000 stores nationwide, and the sudden suspension of sales has also brought a significant impact on the sales of these three chargers, including millet 65W Gan fast charging.

The information obtained from the supply chain in the charging head network industry also proves the existence of "potential risk of information security". According to industry sources, this case involves the recent hacking incident against Android mobile phones, which leads to the communication problem between mobile phones and chargers. Relevant manufacturers have been upgrading the software of mobile phones and adapters, involving several different adapter products. Currently, the sales are suspended (not offline), and it is expected to be completed in a few working days.

Event result

Then, this incident introduces here, everybody has certain understanding to the cause of occurrence. However, there are still a lot of fans and practitioners have doubts, below we do a discussion, from the user, manufacturers, supply chain three perspectives to look at the trend of the problem.

For users, consumers are concerned about whether their chargers are used by malicious people to upgrade their firmware and cause malicious damage;

For manufacturers, standing in Xiaomi's position, because the charger firmware is damaged, resulting in equipment charging damage, is bound to cause public concern;

For the supply chain, chip manufacturers only provide chips. How to use and design them in chargers depends on the specific needs of each brand.

It is worth mentioning that we should give the adapter manufacturer more tolerance.

Manufacturers should not only meet the consumers' experience, but also join more fast charging agreements with the times, and improve the compatibility experience. At this time, it is an innovation to reserve upgradeable channel for USB PD charger, which can effectively repair the uncertain potential problems in the future. The upgradeable fast charging chip needs flash which can be rewritten repeatedly, so it is much more expensive than the one which can not be upgraded. But God opened one window and closed another. Especially after the operation is used by the malicious people, the original upgradeable channel becomes an attack object.

1. How to deal with Xiaomi's suspension of 65W Gan quick charge sales?

From the information we have learned at present, Xiaomi's suspension of sales is to update the firmware of the chargers that have not been sold yet. The purpose of updating firmware is to burn encryption key and block firmware modification of charger.

2. have sold millet 65 W gallium nitride fast charge how to deal with?

Xiaomi plans to add charger firmware upgrade equipment to Xiaomi home and after-sales service center, update the firmware for users who have purchased these three chargers, and block charger firmware modification.

3. consumer hand uses millet 65 W gallium nitride fast charge does not upgrade can have a problem?

We believe that there is no risk, because chargers and mobile phones are private use items, and normal use will not be confused.

4. are all USB PD chargers on the market at risk?

5. What to do if you are worried about the charger?

Then please use five blessings and one peace.

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