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Behind Shen Yiren's Resignation: oppo wants to bite the high-end market of mobile phones

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Li Yue, Tencent News writer

Oppo today announced the appointment of Liu lie as president of global marketing and CMO in China. He is fully responsible for oppo marketing and reports his work to CEO Chen Mingyong.

Liu li has been OPPO brand director, building OPPO Find、Ulike、Real and other mobile phone products series. Officials say,

OPPO officials say,

This is the second round of personnel adjustment of oppo this year, after on April 8, oppo announced the appointment of vice president Liu Bo as president of China on its official website. At present, affected by the epidemic situation, the Chinese market of returning to work and production will become the focus of all parties competing for sales volume. This year, two rounds of personnel appointments have started oppo elderly trading, which may further boost the operation and maintenance of domestic channels and supply chain.

In parallel with the personnel adjustment, oppo's product line improvement is also carried out. On April 7, the official Weibo of oppo released the ace super player spirit video. At the same time, Shen Yiren, vice president of oppo and President of global marketing, published an open letter to ace players on Weibo, officially announcing that ace has become a product series of oppo.

More earlier, in march 2020, OPPO officially launched G brand new 5 all-powerful flagship series, once again hitting the high-end market.

Since 2015, oppo has simplified two flagship product lines of N series and find series at one go, focusing on creating R series at the middle end, and achieved considerable results in the market: R7 series with sales volume of 15 million units, R9 series with sales volume of 20 million units, and R11 series with the first offline sales volume in April in a row.

At the beginning of 2017, IDC released a data report that oppo surpassed Huawei, apple and Xiaomi to become China's market leader with a year-on-year growth of 122.2%.

Nevertheless, the gathering of many stars, together with Zhejiang Satellite TV, wearing the concert cover of the R11 press conference has become a major turning point in OPPO development. Huawei, vivo、 Xiaomi and other manufacturers have launched a comprehensive screen after the introduction of mobile phones, missed the full screen mouth OPPO finally launched its first full screen mobile phone R11s. in November Wu Qiang explains

After deep cultivation of the middle end of the market, encountered bottlenecks OPPO began to have a new decade of thinking.

The lost r Era

In 2016, oppo, under the leadership of Chen Mingyong, won the title of China's smartphone shipment. It was an incredible thing for the outside world at that time to achieve such a success with only one series.

However, it has always been emphasized

It is also because of the close relationship with channels and agents that oppo can survive the biggest disaster in history. In 2011, the rapid popularization of 3G network in China was far beyond oppo's expectation. Millions of 2G mobile phones almost cost the company's life. Large and small counters have 3G as a selling point, but oppo agents are still selling 2G mobile phones at a low price, spending all the money earned in the previous year in a few months.

OPPO continues the two characteristics of step by step: one is to infiltrate the countryside, the other is to hold OPPO part of the shares of agents. But at the time of Xiaomi's most popular Internet play, Wu Qiang once doubted his agent model and prompted OPPO to learn from Xiaomi and start investing more energy online than offline.

But as more and more Internet mobile phone brands enter the competition, the initial sales cost of 8 yuan is quickly raised to more than 200 yuan. Oppo found that the cost of offline channels can be lower, and began to expand the offline channels fiercely, so that in 2016, compared with 2014, the number of offline channels more than doubled.

OPPO's first-level agents have grown to 36 in 2016, controlling more than 200,000 outlets and about 5300 stores. First-level agents and factories hold shares, share risks, share profits, and are said internally

Through the brand building road of encircling the city in the countryside, oppo accumulated high profits and then it successfully subsidized the brand and promoted it.

As the third and fourth tier cities set off a new generation of smartphones, OV relied on the absolute dominance of the core streets to fight a beautiful turnaround.

The positioning of the R series, the OPPO choice of bets on the middle end of the market, obviously closely related to the situation at that time. Decorate the mighty green flag, huge star posters, tall inflatable balloons, o

At the beginning of 2017, IDC released a data report that oppo surpassed Huawei's apple millet by 122.2% year-on-year growth in sales, and became China's market leader; vivo's year-on-year growth rate reached 96.9%, nearly doubling, ranking third in the Chinese market.

OPPO R9 sales are as high as 20 million units, the figure is still around 2500 yuan in domestic mobile phone sales peak.

Huawei launched nova series of phones in September 2016, initially thought to be

Due to the success of oppo and vivo offline models, Xiaomi also suffered from sales Waterloo in 2016. Lei Jun began to take charge of the supply chain and actively prepared for the millet house project under the line. Also that year, red rice invited three spokesmen, Liu Shishi, Wu Xiubo and Liu Haoran.

Yet OPPO and vivo at this time also see hidden crises.

Also, with the popularity of the mobile Internet, the third and fourth line of mobile phone dividends are gradually disappearing, mobile phone giants have turned around to fight the shopping mall, of the first and second tier cities

In order to capture the first and second tier cities, oppo has built its flagship stores in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. No matter the Qihua Road store with an area of 2300 square meters or the Nanjing Road store with an area of 560 square meters, the SKU has less than ten models of mobile phones. Different from the huge distribution system in the past, this is a completely strange battlefield.

In 2019, the mobile phone industry ushered in an unprecedented reshuffle, and the situation of polarization is more obvious. With the withdrawal of manufacturers such as Jinli from the historical stage, the original situation of a hundred schools of thought gradually evolved into a fight between several leading manufacturers.

At the same time, the overall volume of smartphone shipments is still declining, consumers are gradually rational. It is difficult for mobile phone manufacturers to awaken consumers' desire to buy a machine through regular iterative products or popular marketing methods.

The new Reno family

The first quarter of 2019, OPPO vice president, shen yiren, announced through microblogging a surprise decision for most people: to suspend updating the R series and launch a new Reno series.

Many people are puzzled because they don't understand some changes made within oppo in 2018. An industry person told shenzhen.com that oppo has abandoned the consistent spokesperson system since R17, which is mainly related to the decline of sales conversion rate of spokesmen. Oppo plans R17 Pro because it expects to enhance its brand image through technology research and development and increase the price range of R series. Oppo R17 Pro is the first mobile phone equipped with TOF 3D camera in the industry, and it also inherits the super vooc flash charging technology of find X series.

The fact is that OPPO may have made up their minds to overhaul their product lines even earlier than they were in R17Pro.

OPPO can fight the world by R series before, that is because at that time the vast majority of domestic manufacturers mainly occupy the middle and low-end market, has not been able to stand firm by apple, samsung long dominated the high-end market. Unsurprisingly, in Huawei2017, P9 was by working with Leica, the luxury camera brand

Huawei has made great progress in the high-end market, on the other hand, it has copied the OV method at the pixel level in the middle and low-end market, and at the same time, it has the honor of hard picking millet and other Internet brands. With the coverage of all price segment products, all channels and all market segments, oppo, which focuses on R series, feels the crisis. Although the organization's data show that oppo's sales volume is still in the lead until 2018, it is just the calm before the storm.

Therefore, if oppo continues to push only R series according to the previous strategy in 2019, it is tantamount to drinking poison to quench thirst. In addition, after several years of popular building, the inherent image of R series has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and oppo has to push a new product line. So Reno was pushed to this position.

Reno has been subjected to criticism since birth, for example, the word is difficult to remember and does not know how to read. Later the family is huge, there are Reno digital series, Reno Z series, Reno Ace series, Reno 10 times the zoom version, Yuanqi version and so on, many people are even more confused.

In fact, Reno has undertaken most of oppo's tasks of expanding price segments and market segments in 2019, and a small part of the tasks have been assigned to K series with a price performance ratio of RMB 1000 on positioning line and a series of RMB 1000 off positioning line products.

Reno family covers a huge price range of 2000 yuan to 5000 yuan, among which there are many products with different positioning, such as offline mid-range machines, online price performance flagship, Omni channel mid and high-end flagship.

As to why a series should be made into a family, an industry figure mentioned his views to Deep. com.

Find x2 fighting high end again

Oppo has made a series of adjustments in the middle and low-end market by innovating its past best field. In the high-end market, the road is obviously much more difficult. For oppo, the high-end market is a bone that is hard to chew but has to be chewed.

Oppo is not short of money and the ability to build good products.

OPPO OPPO raised its R & D budget from 4 billion to 10 billion in 2019, OPPO founder and CEO Chen Mingyong said in November 2018. Chen said again in December 2019 that OPPO R & D investment will reach 50 billion over the next three years. To face 5 G、AIoT and other frontier trends, pay close attention to R & D, to create competitive products, has become OPPO development strategy in the next few years.

Oppo's investment in R & D is rewarding. In June 2018, oppo find x held a global launch ceremony in the Louvre, France. The two track hidden structure enables the mobile phone to truly achieve a comprehensive screen, which can be described as a stunning moment. The initial price of this mobile phone in the European market is 999 euros, and the official price in China is 4999 yuan. This mobile phone is also the first high-end mobile phone in the history of oppo with a price exceeding 4000 yuan.

During an interview with First Financial Weekly, the head of OPPO Find X research and development said:

Many of OPPO mobile-phone projects in the past have been evaluated by teams of experts to see if they need to move forward to avoid unnecessary consumption. Only Find X this product, no matter how difficult it is, is demanded by management

The choice to restart the four-year-old product line, on the one hand OPPO take into account the feelings of the Find series, on the other hand, have

As the high-end model of oppo, find x is not necessarily outstanding in terms of sales volume compared with the R series of the same year, but it does play a role in brand promotion, making many people have changed the oppo brand. However, it is impossible for oppo to rely on this product to stabilize the high-end market.

At that time, the insufficient capacity of the supply chain delayed oppo's pace in the high-end market.

The Find X didn't usher in its next generation in 2019 Find X2, with only two flagship models, Reno 10 times the zoom version and Reno Ace,, starting at 4000 yuan

Oppo said that after Liu took over as Shen Yiren, it has completed the high-level personnel transformation, forming a global coordination and strategic strengthening of personnel layout in China. At present, oppo has gradually formed a product line layout with find X series, Reno series, ACE series, a series as the core. Find X series will return to normal update, which will also help oppo seize the high-end market.

At present OPPO play and product lines have become clear.

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