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Li Guoqing staged "the temptation to go home ", Dangdang net: the farther you are the bette

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Li Guoqing, founder of dangdang.com, who claims to be "innocent, simple and cute, and silly and white and sweet", staged a "temptation to go home" on a normal work weekend. On April 26, according to several media reports, Li Guoqing took people back to dangdang.com to take away several official seals of the company in the morning of that day, and posted the "notice to all employees of dangdang.com" in the company. In response to the news, at about 16:00 on the 26th, Li Guoqing responded to the new China Jingwei (wechat: jwview): "it's too busy to take over dangdangdang according to law, so I won't be interviewed."


Dangdang subsequently issued a statement, proving that Li Guoqing "Zhang" is true. At about 1615 hours, Dangdang issued a statement that, at 9.34 a.m. on 26 April, Li Guoqing, together with five people, broke into the Dangdang office area and stole dozens of official seals, financial seals, the company has called the police.

When Dangdang said in the statement, Dangdang and associated company official seal, financial special seal out of control, any person using the official seal, financial special seal signed any contract, agreement documents of a contractual nature or any other written documents, the company will not recognize. The official seal, financial seal and financial department seal shall be scrapped immediately.

However, dangdang.com did not further explain the contents of the "notice to all employees of dangdang.com" which was transmitted online.

On April 24, Li Guoqing held an interim shareholders' meeting in accordance with the law, and made a resolution: the company set up a board of directors according to law, with Li Guoqing, Yu Yu, Pan Yuexin, Zhang Wei and Chen Lijun as directors. Li Guoqing was elected chairman and general manager to take over the company and be responsible for the operation and management of the company. Yu Yu ceased to be the executive director, legal representative and general manager of Dangdang Company and elected him as the director. Yu Yu has no right to exercise any authority in Dangdang Company, no right to give any instruction to Dangdang Employee, no right to express any intention or act on behalf of Dangdang Company. In addition, the author's letter lists Yu Yu's various "improper acts ".

An unnamed lawyer told Zhongxin Jingwei :" the act of robbing official seal is inappropriate, unreasonable, legally untenable, the company can complete the official seal through normal procedures ."

For the 24 day extraordinary shareholders' meeting, the lawyer said that the law has corresponding notice procedures, convening procedures and voting procedures for the convening of the company's shareholders' meeting and the board of directors, especially as a major shareholder, who must participate, otherwise the relevant resolutions passed are likely to be invalid or revoked.

In a telephone conference call on the evening of the 26th, dangdang.com's vice president min. Yi responded that none of the shareholders, including Yu Yu and him, attended or knew about the interim shareholders' meeting.

After dangdang.com was privatized from the US stock market, Yu Yu held 22.23% of dang.com's shares, Li Guoqing's 22.38%, and their children's 18.65% (held by their parents). The company is now in Yu Yu's hands, she said. Li Guoqing said that it is illegal to take over Dangdang as a selfish and ultra virile person. His announcement referred to the so-called interim shareholders' meeting, but the directors of the company did not receive any notice or participate in it. At present, Li Guoqing does not hold any position on dangdang.com. Dangdang strongly condemned and urged Li Guoqing to correct immediately and return the official seal. He Min said that the interim shareholders' meeting of Li Guoqing was unilateral and the contents of the letter of informing all employees were not true. He also said that at present, the management supports Yu Yu.

Zhao Zhanjin, a lawyer at Beijing Zhilin law firm, believes that whether Li Guoqing can finally "seize power" depends on whether the resolution of the shareholders' meeting is legal and effective. This involves the complicated problems of company law and marriage law. Equity is a kind of comprehensive right which has both personal right and property right, such as voting right and dividend right. Although Li Guoqing and Yu Yu set up the company through joint investment during the duration of the husband and wife relationship, according to the marriage law, the equity of the two should be the joint property of the husband and wife. However, in terms of the management of the company's affairs, such as voting rights, which are not within the scope of property, should be adjusted by the company law.

Zhao Zhanzhan believes that before the divorce proceedings of the two people are closed, the two people should independently exercise shareholder rights including voting rights in their respective names. The shareholders' resolution is likely to be held invalid. Generally speaking, whether Li Guoqing's act of robbing official seal is legal mainly depends on whether the resolution of the shareholders' meeting is legal and effective. Whether the resolution of the shareholders' meeting is legal and effective depends on whether Li Guoqing can exercise the voting right in the name of the so-called actual shareholding ratio before the divorce lawsuit is closed.

Zhao Zhanzhan believes that although there is a dispute over the validity of the resolution of the shareholders' meeting, Li Guoqing should go through in-depth study and comprehensive evaluation. "I think his strategy is that no matter whether the resolution of the shareholders' meeting is finally recognized as effective or not, he actually controls the company first and wins the support of employees. Even if Yu Yu brings a lawsuit on this, it will take a long time. While the two are fighting for divorce proceedings at the same time, the final divorce proceedings may divide the shares of the company jointly held by the two persons equally. "

A few days ago, Li Guoqing, the founder of reading in the morning and evening, said that Dangdang would lay off 100 people in the video program "speaking of Li." it's said that Dangdang would lay off more than 100 people after last year's layoff. Many of them even I recruited, even won the president's Recognition Award in my era, may be among the layoffs. " At that time, Li Guoqing also said that he was "only a shareholder" and "of course, I am only a shareholder now, and I will not interfere with the decision of being president."

When Dangdang has no layoff plan, only a few unsuitable people may leave the company. The layoff news is a rumor, and the company is planning to sue, she said. The farther away Li Guoqing is from Dangdang, the better.

On the afternoon of February 20, 2019, Li Guoqing announced to leave Dangdang by an open letter. "It's a real life choice for a 50 year old man," he said! I decided to set out again to pursue my dream again. "

Later, dangdang.com announced that since January 2019, Li Guoqing will no longer hold any post on dangdang.com, but will remain a shareholder of the company. Yu Yu, chairman of the board of directors, is Li Guoqing's wife, who is also the CEO of dangdang.com. Yu Yu leads the company's executives to make daily management decisions.

At that time, the relationship between Li Guoqing and Yu Yu had not yet reached a breaking point.

Li Guoqing revealed at that time that five days before the Spring Festival, he vacated his former office and paid the parking fee, leaving only a broken car that had been driving for eight years, seconded a secretary, and then left Dangdang.

In an interview with wechat group on February 20, 2019, Li Guoqing revealed that in fact, when the listed company of HNA released the announcement (acquisition of dangdang.com) in April last year, it was ready to leave, but the acquisition that he opposed failed in the end.

Although dangdang.com kept it, Li Guoqing still proposed to Yu Yu to end the "husband and wife shop" model. At that time, Yu Yu was the chairman of Dangdang and Li Guoqing was the president of Dangdang.

Li Guoqing, the president, was not happy or even miserable. "Because we've always been on a level playing field, the board of directors doesn't vote on major issues, they're all friends, and let's go home to discuss them," he said Obviously, Li Guoqing is not satisfied with the "husband and wife shop" model. He also mentioned in an interview on February 20, 2019 that he has been opposed to the husband and wife business, believing that when the enterprise develops to a certain stage, the management of the husband and wife shop must be ended. "Especially we are both very strong, unlike some husband and wife stores, the absolute one is dominant, so it's more time to end it earlier."

So before the Spring Festival, Li Guoqing decided to hand over the post of president.

It's not surprising that Li Guoqing left dangdang.com. Perhaps in many people's eyes, it's a matter of time before Li Guoqing leaves Dangdang, or it's time for Li Guoqing to leave dangdang.com.

In December 2018, Li Guoqing published his opinion on an entrepreneur suspected of sexual assault on his personal micro blog, and put forward the theory of "innocent extramarital affairs". Later, dangdang.com issued a statement strongly condemning it, and revealed a secret: Li Guoqing is the co-founder of dangdang.com, who has left dangdang.com's management and decision-making for a while.

In an interview on February 20, 2019, Li Guoqing recalled that he had a discussion with Yu Yu about division of labor four years ago. Yu Yu was in charge of the old Dangdang and he was in charge of the new Dangdang (physical bookstore, Dangdang literature and film industry, self publishing, online literature, e-book and other businesses). In July of last year (2018), Li Guoqing has handed over all business management rights. "It was said that it was quiet, and it was not announced internally, but later because dangdang.com posted a micro blog and exposed this matter, I had to make a formal explanation with the public." Li said.

Although he left Dangdang, Li Guoqing and Dangdang as well as Yu Yu's gratitude and resentment are far from over.

On October 10, 2019, Li Guoqing participated in an interview program recording. When recalling his wife Yu Yu's "forcing the palace", he fell into a cup of water angrily. This scene pushes the fact that he and Yu are "in a tense relationship" to the front desk.

At 6:30 on January 15, 2019, Li Guoqing received a letter from Yu Yu instructing the management to write, which is roughly the content of "new Dangdang, you don't have to worry about it, the office is reserved, the driver secretary is reserved, and the salary is reserved." Li Guoqing said, "on January 15, 2019, I'm not abdicating. I've been abdicating again and again, so I was kicked out."

At 7 p.m., Li Guoqing sent a wechat to Yu Yu. Yu Yu, I will not go home to live from now on. Let's separate. Later, Li Guoqing called several of his vice presidents and told them, "in the future, you will report to Yu Yu and the four vice presidents will cry on the spot."

Li Guoqing felt angry. "After I left, all four vice presidents resigned. Why did they resign? Yu Yu forces them to stand in line. As long as they say that the company can't do without Li Guoqing, they will be forced to leave. "

Today, Li Guoqing feels very hurt. "She's my wife. There are many ways to do it. Why do I use intrigue?"

In the early morning of October 19, 2019, Li Guoqing responded to the "cup falling incident" in the circle of friends. He said: "it has been 21 months since I separated on January 15 last year, and in 21 months, I have also gone from pain to sunshine, giving birth to the growing baby of" reading in the morning and in the evening ". The passion and sense of achievement of starting a business can ignite my morale and make me forget everything. Thank you for everyone who supports reading in the morning and evening, and thank me for the month when I went out of the house (took a teapot) to take my children in. "

Compared with Li Guoqing's "chattering", Yu Yu himself has never responded to Li's various statements before. But I didn't expect that once I responded, there would be a big surprise.

At around 22:00 p.m. on October 23, 2019, the above-mentioned contents of Li Guoqing's circle of friends triggered many responses from Yu Yu. Yu Yu said that Li Guoqing didn't leave the house purely, but "took away 130 million", including Yu Yu Yu's parents' deposits. He said it was 20 years ago to watch the Yongzheng Dynasty, and also responded to many statements from Li Guoqing.

Later, Li Guoqing announced on his microblog that he had filed a lawsuit for divorce with the court at the end of July 2019. On October 7 of that year, the two sides received the divorce leaflet from the court, but Yu Yu disagreed with the divorce on the grounds that his feelings were not broken.

"We've known each other for nearly 30 years and had a good time, but it's more about your plunder, your slander, your feminism, your bullying, my ignorance and my soft food. I've endured them, but my patience has been exhausted. I can't beat you in playing finance and equity these years, but if you want to delay time and take advantage of this opportunity to transfer common assets, I will never tolerate it again! The stock rights of overseas companies have been taken away by you over the years. This time, let's face it to the end! Up to now, it has to be. " Li said.

In addition, Li Guoqing forwarded his micro blog content in his wechat circle of friends and said: "the dog jumped the wall, the work forced the fictional facts, and the private life forced the prostitution. Psychopaths, psychopaths. I endure 23 years for my son. "

Yu Yu, in the early morning of October 24, 2019, further replied in the circle of friends that: the door is unfortunate, the customer is not in the way, so it is better to be a pawn. At noon of the same day, Li Guoqing once again said on his microblog: "at present, Yu Yu asked me to accept 25% equity for a peaceful divorce. I refused to agree, and I asked for a fair share. After the split, please wait for the decision of the court. "

At present, Li Guoqing and Yu Yu have not dissolved their marriage.

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