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Speed up game book NUC hyperx impact

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The urban housing price is high, the dormitory space is small, the traditional desktop computer is more and more unsuitable for users with limited space because of its bulky volume, but large software users need performance, and game players also need performance. How to balance these two points? As a result, more and more high-performance notebooks or Intel NUC Mini hosts are coming into the player's field of vision. With the recent 10 generations of core CPU's comprehensive level, as long as the configuration is properly matched, the performance is not inferior to the traditional desktop computer at all.


Memory in one step

The host is small in size, which always causes people to worry about the inherent shortage of performance. In fact, with the development of technology, the performance is more and more unrestricted by volume, and small body can also contain large energy. For example, laptop users, reasonable upgrade of high-frequency large capacity memory and solid-state disk, performance may be improved.

For today's laptops, players should focus their money on processors or graphics cards, because these hardware can no longer be upgraded. As for the memory or hard disk, you can get more cost-effective performance improvement through the upgrade day after tomorrow. If the notebook is still using the mechanical hard disk, it can be directly replaced by the solid-state hard disk. Some games would have reserved additional solid-state hard disk slots for users to upgrade by themselves. As for memory, you can upgrade it in one step. After all, the upgrade space of notebook users is limited. In most cases, there are only two memory slots, so one-step selection of high-frequency, large capacity, dual channel scheme is the most economical upgrade scheme in the future.

Memory selected hyperx performance for life


As for which memory to choose, you should pay attention to. If you choose the right memory, you can not only have excellent performance, but also use it for life. For example, hyperx impact DDR4 series hacker magic strip is the most worth upgrading memory at present. There are four main reasons:

First, a single capacity can be up to 32GB, and two memories can form a dual channel 64GB capacity. For high-performance notebook or NUC users, although there are only two memory slots, they can provide the performance of desktop computers, fully meet the needs of video editing, professional design and other studio level. Of course, there are single 16GB, 8GB, 4GB and other capacity specifications for users to choose from.

Second, the main frequency covers 2133-3200mhz, automatic overclocking, no need to set, easy to get surging power, and comprehensively improve the use experience. For the vast majority of players, overclocking seems to be as profound as Tianshu, but DDR4 impact series hacker magic bar can achieve the highest frequency without setting, greatly improving the memory playability.

Third, black PCB. For notebook memory, black PCB is very rare, because compared with green PCB, black PCB is more difficult to maintain, which requires more control over quality when making black PCB. Only when the manufacturer has enough confidence in their own products, can they use black PCB. Not only memory, including the motherboard, black PCB is often the flagship high-end products, of course, black PCB really looks cooler.

Fourth, life-long guarantee, free technical support. When many memory manufacturers put forward a five-year warranty, hyperx's lifetime warranty gives users more confidence and reassurance. After all, the performance of the computer in the future three years, five years or even longer will be a high probability event, which can provide lifetime warranty, so users will be more reassured.


If you are a notebook user, here is a purchase suggestion; 2 pieces of 16GB memory are the most cost-effective choice at present, and it is enough to deal with large-scale games. If the future game performance is insufficient, the video card must be the biggest bottleneck, rather than the processor, memory, hard disk and other accessories. If you are an Intel NUC user, there are usually some large-scale professional software running requirements. Two pieces of 32GB memory are their best choice. After all, few manufacturers can provide a single piece of 32GB memory capacity.

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