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Xiaomi 10 mobile phone 5 G AI AR stunning appearance micro-beauty holography / open vision to create AI "micro-plastic" industrial chain

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Xiaomi 10 phones and new products

One of the more curious functions is the AI magic separation function. It is introduced that this function is a self-developed algorithm from Xiaomi AI laboratory, which deeply integrates AI technology and AR technology, and can take 5 pictures in the screen in the later stage of holding zero. With the special camera of film level, the time can be perfectly fixed.


Xiaomi 10 Youth Edition will use Samsung AMOLED screen. According to the data, the thickness is only 8mm. This time, it uses a full scene four camera system, which is composed of HD main camera, wide-angle camera, macro camera and periscope camera. Meanwhile, it supports Pro zoom image quality. It has a variety of mobile phones such as peach grapefruit, four seasons of spring milk green, White Peach Oolong, blueberry mint, Heiqiao storm and Doraemon limited The style can be chosen according to your hobbies.

According to the naming of Xiaomi 10 Youth Edition, this mobile phone is for young people, and according to several functions disclosed by the official, this mobile phone belongs to the camera phone.

Camera is the focus of grinding. Xiaomi 10 Youth Edition is equipped with a 48 million pixel main camera and an ultra wide angle three camera module. Thanks to the powerful kernel driver, it brings faster film forming speed. Excellent algorithm tuning can also help users get more in-place photo resolution in the environment with sufficient light in the daytime. After turning on the night shooting mode, the appearance will be appropriate. Of course, the Xiaomi 10 Youth Edition actually uses 50 times long focus, which is a bright spot that we should not ignore. In addition, the pre shot of Xiaomi 10 youth version is 16 million pixels, supporting a full set of beauty algorithm, and people who like to take selfies have benefits.

Lei Jun, founder and chairman of Xiaomi Group, said he was

Cui Baoqiu, vice president of Xiaomi Group and chairman of the Group's Technical Committee, introduced Xiaomi's many core technologies, including AIoT 5G、 mobile phones, MIUI、 fast applications, multi-terminal content platforms, IoT、AI ecology, new ecology of the Internet, application and game ecology, Internet commercialization, financial technology, security privacy and compliance, information security and many other fields.

Lei Jun threw out a new concept 5 G AI IoT= Super Internet, and proposed that Super Internet brings not only the number of connections concentrated, but also the deep structural changes, which must be the upgrading of platform, operating system, chip and network communication technology, in this era

As a technology enterprise focusing on the field of artificial intelligence, Kuangshi also expects and firmly believes that AI will be applied to every corner of the human world in the future. In order to promote the process of AI universal, Kuang Shi has explored the development path of building the intelligent Internet of things. In the field of personal IOT, Kuang Shi has created a series of innovative intelligent terminal solutions starting from the mobile phone and automobile terminals closest to Volkswagen. Kuang Shi shows the most representative and leading original technology, which has been widely concerned by the industry.

At present, with the continuous development of AI technology, more and more mobile phones are integrated with artificial intelligence elements, and become the personal device brain connecting the physical world and the digital world. In the field of terminal, one of the major applications of AI technology is to enrich the application scenarios of smart phones through computer vision technology. The more mature mobile AI application scenarios focus on Intelligent photo taking, portrait beauty and voice search. Therefore, the technology of wide viewing and super image quality can be said to be a milestone of AI technology in promoting the field of intelligent photography. At the forum, Lin Xi, director of Kuang Shi products, introduced the core functions of super image quality technology and its specific application in the terminal field to the participants in detail.

Specifically, the technology of wide view super image quality is a new technology based on neural network and artificial intelligence. Through the detection, analysis, noise reduction and fusion of the original image taken by the mobile phone, it can solve the problems of image quality such as dim brightness, too much noise and poor dynamic range when the user takes photos in the night and low light environment, and improve the user's night shooting experience.

Portrait beauty is a kind of technology to beautify the portrait, including facial analysis, global treatment, local refinement treatment and beauty, etc., which provides personalized beauty for users from the dimensions of race, sex, age, skin color, skin quality and so on. According to the massive real face data training, combined with the real experience of experts in sculpture, human aesthetics AI medical plastic surgery, the technology of open vision and microplastic surgery will be applied to

In China, another WIMI. US technology has become one of the leading integration platforms in the field of holographic AI, integrating holographic AI cloud mobile software developers, service providers and operators. More than 4654 holographic content IP reserves, 224 related patents, technology is becoming mature. In order to realize the strategic landing of multimodal AI chip, in addition to voice technology, micro beauty holography (WIMI. US) has made great progress in visual AI. Among them, WIMI. Us has created the third generation of holographic AI technology products through years of original research and development, with a simulation degree of more than 98%. The user experience can be described as amazing. With the help of multimodal technology based on face information analysis, the functions of face / object recognition, expression analysis, tagging, lip movement state tracking, etc. have been realized, which can provide more playability and flexibility for product interaction and user experience. AI related enterprises, such as WIMI. Us and Kuang Shi technology, have built the industry chain of AI micro shaping industry.


China has a large number of Internet users and mobile users. With the introduction of the underlying tool platform by system vendors such as apple and Google, it becomes more convenient for developers to create and apply various ar content, which enables AR technology to rapidly expand to a large number of users. In addition, stores that provide augmented reality experience are rapidly infiltrating into Chinese shopping centers, and consumers can enjoy the augmented reality experience at low cost, which promotes consumers' recognition of augmented reality. Ar has been widely used in the beauty industry. Many camera software have integrated AR technology, which can simulate makeup by uploading photos, just like the processing software. For example, polaroid and metu have jointly launched their ar effect.

The holographic image processing function of WIMI. Us is regularly optimized and improved, including two core technologies: holographic AI face recognition technology and holographic AI face change technology. Due to the development of video processing and recognition technology, micro American holography (WIMI. US) based on image detection, recognition, template matching, image dynamic fusion and replacement of holographic ar advertising and holographic imaging services is currently in the leading position in the industry.

Holographic face change technology is based on 3D layer replacement technology, including AI based image recognition and dynamic fusion processing technology, real-time tracking image and face replacement with other faces. This technology replaces the face in the video frame, synthesizes the video and adds the original audio. WIMI. Us has verified these technical modules in holographic ar plug-in advertising application, and will continue to develop and upgrade these technical modules. Weimei believes that this technology will bring new business growth to celebrity advertising, film distribution, live video streaming and other applications.

In the era of endless scientific and technological innovation, AI is still the focus of CES and even all over the world. With the development of 5g and IOT technology, AI will continue to derive amazing capabilities on more terminal devices. The empowerment of AI to the terminal industry may become the source power of the next round of technological and innovation changes in the terminal industry. As a leading AI enterprise in the world, in the future, enterprises such as WIMI. Us and Kuang Shi will deeply research and develop new technologies in the field of AI terminals, and work together with a large number of partners in the industry to jointly promote AI to open a new era of terminals.

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